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My favourite thing about this scene in particular (and all the others with these three in) is that this is an English guy putting on an American accent, a Scottish guy putting on an English accent, and an Australian guy putting on an American accent, in a movie that also features a German-Irish guy putting on an English accent. 

This movie may as well be called Days of Fake Ass Accents.

Little Wolvie fanart I managed to do some days ago! :) I tried experimenting with a “cleaner” style, with both lineart and colors… hope you like it! :)
(Please, go full view for good quality! I can’t seem to get the right size for my drawings when I post them on Tumblr haha!)


[…] I had a lot of fun with the Wolverine/Storm scenes in issue #2. I’m always interested in contrasts with characters, and Wolverine’s and Storm’s attraction despite (or because of?) their differences were fun to play with. I also liked that brief chance to write about a grown up romantic relationship that’s just a supporting part of the story and not its central driving force. I think those kinds of everyday moments can bring out character and make fantastical stories feel real in a very good way.

– Greg Pak (source)

but seriously tho, in the last movie, just imagine all the things logan won’t have any memories of since the 70s

“so lennon never died?”

“the planes never flew into the twin towers? what do you mean ‘erik helped’?”

“there are mutant olympics now??”

“wait i have a KID?”

“so it was i who helped scott to get here?”

“i got him together with jean??”

“i was scott’s best man at his and jean’s wedding?!”