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Shopping trip bonding

They’re shopping when it happens. Kara gets a text and her face lights up, Connor can hear her heartbeat pick up and the way her step gets lighter.

“Is that Lena?” 

Kara’s grin answers his question even before her nod. 

“Yeah, she’s lonely and wanted someone to talk to.”

“You two are such girlfriends.” Connor jokes, ducking when Kara swots at him, scrunching up her face as she shakes it off.

“Shut it Kent.”

He grins, holding his hands up in mock defence before sliding them back into his pocket. Kara hums as they walk and when she tells him that Winn and James are five minutes away he stops. His fingers toying with the hem of his over-sized hoodie (it was Kal-El’s that Kara talked him into giving Connor). He stops walking and Kara turns to look at him so fast, he sometimes forgets that she has superpowers.

“I know you’re scared but it’s going to be okay, I promise. It was their idea, they both want to help you out. I would but I’m not exactly a style guru.” 

He barks out a laugh as she adjust her glasses with a dorky smile. 

“No but I am. Did Lena like the blazer I picked out for you?”

“You’re lucky I can’t punch you now!” 

He grins delighting in how she blushes and mumbles for him to stop teasing. They wait around for another minute chatting quietly when James shows up with Winn. 

“Hey Kara, Little Kent.” Winn greets them first with a wave as James greets them both with a smile. Connor waves awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his pocket as his anxiety sky rockets.

“Try to relax, okay Connor. It’s just us here, we’ll get you some clothes and if you feel uncomfortable at any point just let me know and we’ll leave. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you.” 

Connor nods looking up at the genuine concern and compassion in James’ eyes. He follows them into the first shop and he can see the shop assistant watching them with a judging stare. Kara wraps an arm around him and together they rifle through some shirts hanging on the rack. Together they find two shirts he likes. As he turns around Winn hands him a pile of clothes. 

He stutters but then Kara is bouncing around excitedly telling him to go and try them on. He can’t find it in him to protest when she’s looking like an over eager puppy so he relents and shuffles to the changing room.

He feels awkward when he emerges from the changing room sporting a plaid shirt and jeans. The same assistant from earlier looks at him with disdain but Kara and James are immediately blocking his view as they smile encouragingly at him.

“I knew Winn would pick out plaid shirts! He’s so predictable.” Kara laughs as James rolls his eyes but then their attention is back to Connor.

“That looks awesome man. I have something that will go with it.” 

Connor smiles as James hands him a brown leather jacket and he pulls it on, letting James fix the lapels.

“That is so perfect for you Con. I guess James is more of a style guru then I am. All I got was this hat.”

Kara pouts, shoving James’s hands out of the way as she places the faded black beanie on Connor’s head, adjusting it - her tongue poking out in concentration as she brushes his messy bangs out of his face, twisting the hat until it sits right on his head.

“There. Now you look perfect.”

He glances at his reflection in the mirror and a smile forms on his face. It’s instantly replaced by a blink of confusion as he hears a click and then he spots the phone in Kara’s hand. 

“I have to show Lena! She’s dying to see what you picked out,” Kara reasons before he can protest and she’s clicking send before he has time to process it. When she looks back up she’s grinning more and Connor doesn’t have to ask before she’s rambling with an adoring gaze in her eyes.

“Oh Rao! Lena’s here, she just text me and said she was with Winn- she thinks you look great by the way. I should go say hi, maybe she can help us out. Lena has a great style, she can totally help me out…I mean you, she can totally help you out. I’ll go grab her.” 

Then she’s whizzing off in a mad dash. Connor chuckles as James shakes his head with an amused smile.

“You’ll get used to her doing that.” James laughs.

“Somehow I don’t think I’d be able to talk her out of it even if I wanted to.” Connor simply shrugs with a content smile.

Lena does help them, she takes one look at Connor and then she’s pulling Kara to a different rack with a determined smile on her face. They return moments later followed by Winn, with Kara giggling as Lena smiles affectionately, handing James some clothes before her attention turns back to Kara. 

Connor takes the clothes watching as Kara giggles again, playfully shoving Lena’s shoulder as the woman throws her head back with soft laughter. He nods to James who gives him a knowing look before proceeding to go back to the changing room.

He tries on five different outfits and eventually decides on a pair of navy jogging bottoms, a mixture of different t-shirts, collared shirts and two pairs of jeans as well as the leather jacket James picked out and the beanie that Kara chose. He’s concerned about the money and it shows on his face when he hovers by the counter. It’s James that wraps an arm around him this time and leads him to the counter, nudging him with a smile. Connor smiles back albeit nervously and shyly pushes the clothes towards the cashier.

“Are you sure they’re right for you? These are very masculine clothes.”

The shop assistant has a patronising smile and Connor stiffens at her words. Looking away as hurt floods his face.

“Excuse me?!” Kara exclaims, gaze cutting into the woman, her nostrils flaring as Lena’s hand grips her arm, the touch calms her but only a little and Connor can tell that the Kryptonian wants to say and do a lot more but what surprises him is who speaks next. Watching with wide eyes as Lena moves infront of Kara, her arms folded as she stares down at the woman behind the counter.

“Here’s what is going to happen here: I am going to hand over my very expensive credit card and you are going to give us what we came here for. You will not utter another word unless it is to apologise to my friend and you will smile because if I have to speak to your manager you will regret it. Is that clear?”

The woman lets out a weak nod, shrinking under Lena’s gaze. Lena looks at her with disgust before she steps back, looking back to see four open mouthed expressions. She gives them a satisfied smirk before turning back to the cashier who hastily passes her the bags and her credit card. 

“We’re still waiting on that apology.”

The woman apologises and then Lena is strutting out of the store as the others trail behind her. They are out of the store when Kara speaks.

“Lena that was amazing!”

“Kara’s right, that was fierce girl.” Winn agrees and Lena laughs, shrugging it off as she speaks again.

“Don’t. No one deserves to be disrespected like that. I may not know exactly how it feels but I know a lot about being judged. Are you okay Connor?”

“Yeah. Thanks Lena.” 

Lena’s smile in response is soft and Connor can only smile back, he thinks that if Kara were to start dating the CEO he wouldn’t mind. 

“I can’t believe you paid for it all  though, you didn’t need to do that!” Kara is persisting, completely ignoring the amused looks as she addresses Lena. 

“Well I am rich, that money has to go somewhere.”

“Still…” Kara pouts and Connor watches as Lena shakes her head and actually leans in to tuck a piece of hair behind Kara’s ear.

“Fine, if you insist then you can buy my lunch and we’ll call it even.”

“You got it!” 

Kara’s excitement is contagious and Connor follows the two watching with a proud smile when Lena links her arm with Kara’s, bringing them closer as they lead the way. James bumps his shoulder and Connor lets himself relax, content with listening to the chatter around him, feeling more comfortable with each moment. 

Another one for you Quinn<3 @lenaluthorsbitch hope you liked it <3

One morning Sirius Black saunters into the Great Hall with his hair in a bun and tie loose as can be. And he plonks himself down at the table and everyone just stares. 

Because his neck is covered in hickeys. 

And he’s all grins and showing them off like nobodies business.

And all the girls in the Hall are eyeing each other up like ‘Which one of you bitches got to do that? Fuck you why wasn’t it me…’

McGoangall just stares for second before averting her eyes. She can’t think of any rules he’s broken but Jesus Christ should that be allowed?

And James walks in, hand combing through his hair before he see. And he just raises he eyebrow and smiles.

‘Merlin Remus, get a bit carried away did we?’

And Remus is just siting there, red as tomato, wanting to die because it’s so embarrassing and someone is laughing oh no.. 

But secretly he is really fucking pleased with himself. Like, damn. I did that.

I don’t know man.. Wolfstar with hickeys just makes me happy.