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  • Teddy calls Harry dad one day and he doesn’t really know what to say.
  • Teddy Lupin crying when someone accidentally lets it slip that his biological parents are dead.  He’s 4 and the thought never occurred to him that Ginny and Harry weren’t actually his parents.  Harry holds him until he stops crying.
  • They figure out that now’s good a time as any to bring out old photos of Remus and Tonks.  They substitute bedtime with any old stories they remember from their Hogwarts days.
  • “I can still call you Mum and Dad right?”
  • Harry and Ginny waiting until Teddy’s about 6 years old to start having their own kids.  
  • Sirius’ spoiling godfather nature is evident in Harry because he spoils the boy beyond belief.  
  • When James Sirius is born, Teddy vows to protect him and be the best brother ever.
  • The first couple of months after they bring him home from the hospital are pure murder.  Harry asks, “How do you turn him off?!”
  • One day when Harry and Ginny are too tired to function, James Sirius begins his crying routine.  Teddy walks by the room before he gets too loud and starts changing his hair color among other things.  Harry comes into the room to see Teddy leaning into James’ crib with the latter laughing for the first time ever.
  • Edward Remus Lupin is sorted into Hufflepuff without a moment of hesitation from the sorting hat.
  • The marauders each hand Tonks 5 galleons apiece.
Lea Michele Joins ABC's Daveed Diggs Comedy
The actress will not return to Fox's 'Scream Queens,' should the anthology be renewed for a third season.

Lea Michele has booked her next act.

The Glee and Scream Queens favorite has joined the cast of ABC’s untitled city mayor comedy pilot, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

From ABC Studios and Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs, the comedy explores what happens when an outspoken, idealistic rapper Courtney (Search Party’s Brandon Micheal Hall) runs for office as a publicity stunt. When he actually gets elected, he surprises everyone (including himself) when he has a natural knack for the job and slowly transforms city hall.

Details on the role Michele will play were not immediately available as the part is being adjusted to specifically accommodate the actress. The character originally was planned to be Courtney’s chief of staff. It’s unclear if that will remain as the part continues to shift with Michele’s commitment to the project. The ABC comedy marks her first pilot since Fox’s Glee and first TV series regular outside of the Murphy universe.

For Michele, meanwhile, this marks her follow-up to Fox’s Scream Queens. The horror-comedy anthology from exec producer Ryan Murphy remains on the bubble and awaits word on its third season. Sources say Murphy released Michele from her deal for Scream Queens. Michele’s casting does not have any bearing on if the series returns. Instead, it means her character of Hester is not going to be returning for a potential third season.

Jeremy Bronson (Speechless) will pen the script and exec produce the ABC Studios comedy alongside Diggs, Jamie Tarses, Scott Stuber and James Griffiths, with the latter set to direct the single-camera comedy.

Michele, whose credits also include New Year’s Eve, is repped by WME and Untitled Entertainment.

Life in Color (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Modern AU. An artist in every sense of the word, Bucky sees color in everything, vibrant as they fill his world with magic. What happens when the colors fade?

Word Count: 1154

Originally posted by bovaria

Wanda had warned you that James probably wouldn’t be awake at a normal hour, but knowing Tony Stark, he’ll be calling to ask about the painting by noon. Not wanting to tell your boss that you hadn’t even tried yet when his inevitable phone call happens, you decide to take your chances showing up at 10:30. You pass an attractive man with blonde hair and blue eyes in the hall. He gives you a small smile and you can’t help but wish that you were here to see him - whoever he is - instead of James.

When you reach his apartment, you knock on the door only to be met with no response. You knock once more, harder this time, causing the door to fall open a little. It feels a little intrusive, but the door was unlocked and opened on its own. There’s nothing stopping you from pushing it open just enough to step inside, so you do. Besides, with the way his lifestyle is often reported, you wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered him overdosed in the bathroom or murdered by a vengeful lover in the bedroom. You’re doing a civil service by walking into the apartment.

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The Dream of the Foundling - Part 7

Summary: After tragedy strikes the kingdom of Agora, Prince James is faced with impossible task of finding a suitor for himself. Which only becomes ten times harder when he falls for his servant.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Bit angsty, things starting to shape, bit shit
Word Count: 924
Author’s Note: *Spongebob narrator voice* Ten years later… It’s short as hell I know. BUT LOOK WHAT I FINALLY FINISHED, after a massive block … but still. I DID IT!!
Playlist: Maroon 5 (Feat. Julia Michaels) - Help Me Out, Mario Jose - Heart of Gold (Anniversary Version), Aquilo - Thin

PREVIOUS PART || NEXT PART (coming soon)

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Fake It Til You Make It

JILY CHALLENGE | @ginevrashorcrux vs @lilypcttr
 social media!AU + “After a misunderstanding with his fans, james begs lily to be his fake girlfriend until this all blows over. which includes posting cute instagrams together and doing all the couple challenges.”

(nothing like waiting till the last second! I’m so sorry this took forever but its up!)


James’ fans were some of his favorite people in the world. But sometimes, he really wanted to punch them in the face. This is one of those times.

 It all started with one, stupid youtube video from one, stupid Sirius Black. At the time it seemed like a good idea. Do a ‘boyfriend tag’ video with your best friend, who is like a brother to you, as a joke.  And it was a good idea because both boy’s view count and subscriber count went up by the hundreds.

 It wasn’t a good idea, however, when everyone thought that it was true and thought Sirius Black and James Potter are actually dating.

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Wolfstar for “You’re too young to hate the world”

requested by @mrncwton

Pairing: Remus/Sirius

Word count: 2241

Warnings: Angst, a bit of kissing (idk if kissing needs a warning, but better safe than sorry), slight canon divergence* 

* The incident with Sirius trying to get Snape to enter the Whomping Willow is said to have found place early into their Hogwarts years. In this fic, it happens during their sixth year, sometime right before ¾ marauders become animagi, which I also moved forth a year. Sorry about this to those who prefer things to stick to canon 100%.

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ABC - (Young) Sirius Black one shot (slight smut)

“Oh please, you know I can do better than that.” Sirius teased as you, James, Peter, and Sirius were discussing what to do to a seventh year Slytherin who had picked on Moony and your only job for him was ‘bring James a big sheet.’

You rolled your eyes, “This is my plan, remember?”

“You’re an amateur, you’ll get caught.” He said, waving his hand as if it were obvious.

“Have hope, Sirius!” Peter exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s a good plan.” James stated, Sirius smirked,

“Well I can do better.” He sent a wink in your direction, which earned him an eye roll from you.

“Shut up, Padfoot.” You snapped. James snickered. You went over the plan again, putting emphasis on the ‘Sirius brings James a big sheet’ part. Sirius just spent his time scoffing at you.

That night before dinner the five of you got into position. Peter was giving the signal when to go, Remus was making sure no one else was around, James was the one doing the prank, and Sirius was bringing James the sheet. You were making sure everyone did their job right – or at least making sure that Sirius actually followed the plan.

You saw Remus leading a first year Ravenclaw into the great hall, away from where the Slytherin boy would be coming up from the dungeons. Peter gave the signal, and followed Remus into the great hall. That meant that Sirius would have been up to giving James the sheet by now, but when you looked over to James he only had a rope and a bucket full of glue. You quickly turned your eyes to the staircase leading up from the dungeons and saw the Slytherin boy coming up.

You tried signalling wildly to James to tell him you couldn’t see Sirius anywhere, but he was too busy looking around behind him for Sirius.

“Damnit Padfoot.” You groaned.

“It was a pretty shitty plan to be honest.” Came Padfoot’s voice from behind you. You turned and glared at him.

“You are the biggest shit ever.” When you said this he just smirked and pointed to where James was standing. You turned and saw that the Slytherin was gone and James was signalling to you to come out from your hiding place.

“I think it’s time for dinner.” Sirius stated, and walked to James, leaving you standing there fuming.

“Fuck you.” You mumbled as you followed him,

“Oh, please do.” He laughed; you glared at the back of his head as you followed him into the great hall.

Dinner was filled with you sitting there fuming, Sirius complaining about how your plan wouldn’t have worked anyway, and the others not sure whether to be made at Padfoot or laugh at how pissed off you were. James eventually chose the latter.

“Wow, you look like you could murder someone,” James laughed, as you sat glaring at your pumpkin juice.

“I just might.” You snapped, you gave Sirius a light tap on the head before storming out of the great hall and up into the Gryffindor tower.

You threw yourself onto the couch in front of the fire, lying on your stomach and mumbling into the couch cushion about how dumb Sirius was.

“It’s nice to know how highly you think of me.” Sirius said as he entered the common room and stood next to the couch.

“Piss off.” You growled and gave him the middle finger.

“You’re so feisty.” He laughed. You felt him join you on the couch; he sat on your lower back, practically straddling you there. His large hands were on your shoulders and back giving you a massage.  It relaxed you, but you were still pissed at him.

“I’m sorry.” He spoke softly, as his hands travelled from your shoulders to your upper back.

“You better be.” You quipped; he chuckled and continued massaging you.
You felt one of his hands travel up your arm as the other stopped moving and rested on your back. He hummed as his hand closed around yours. The humming got louder and before you knew it he was laying gentle kisses on your neck and shoulders. You didn’t want to stop him, in fact, you wanted more from him.

“Sirius…” you struggled to find want to say, “I want to teach you a lesson.”

Well that’s not what you thought you were going to say, but you rolled with it anyway. He climbed off of you and sat on the other end of the couch as you turned around and climbed off of it. You went onto the floor to look under the couch, trying to find what you needed. You knew James left a bit of somewhere in the common room. You grinned when you found the small length of rope under the couch, grabbed it and stood up to look at Sirius on the couch whose eyes had widened.

“Oh Merlins beard.” He muttered. You joined him on the couch again, he held out his hands for you already knowing what was coming. You tied his hands together with the rope and climbed onto his lap, straddling him.

You unbuttoned his white shirt and kissed up all over his chest, along his jaw and even left a hickey on his neck. You were glad to hear him softly mumble how he loved what you were doing. You could feel his erection pressing into your thigh, which was your cue to climb off of his lap. He whimpered as you stood up and smirked at him.

“That’s your lesson,” you quipped, “maybe next time you’ll follow my orders, Padfoot.”

You walked out of the common room, leaving Sirius groaning on the couch with his hands still tied up.

Madison, My Madison

Summary: Fem!Reader[16] and James Madison[18] are high school seniors who sit near the back of the class. Reader doesn’t understand how the future salutatorian got to the top like he did when he does nothing but waste time in his classes. Based on the manga/anime called Seki: Master Of Killing Time, follow these two journey through the rest of their senior year.


[F/Name] raised an eyebrow as she shifted her attention to James Madison, the quiet yet incredibly smart and handsome, young man who sat to her left in the back of the class.

James was wiping a finger along the surface of his desk, bringing his finger to his face then doing the process again.

The teacher was currently going over an equation in their AP Calculus class, a subject she should be focusing on since this part always gave her trouble, but the man beside her seemed to always divert her attention away from the lesson.

Today was no exception.

Not today, she thought, looking back up to the board. I have to understand this before the next test.

She picked up her mechanical pencil, ready to write her binder specifically for this class, until a thud from his side of the room caught her attention again.

Turning her head to look back at him, she noticed that he had no a small canister and a sponge now on his desk.

She waved a hand at him as insidiously as she could. His dark brown eyes flicked over to her for a mere second before looking back at the materials on his desk. He screwed open the can -when it turned, she could see the words ‘Wood Polish’- and dipped the sponge inside of it.

“James,” [F/Name] whispered, “could you please pay attention? I know you’re struggling with this too.”

He, as always, ignored your concerned comments and began to put wax on his desk. She sighed, turning back to take down notes. She would just let him do as he wanted.

A few minutes have passed since she even glanced at him. Sighing to herself (curse her curiosity), she stole a glance at James to be blinded by his now shiny desk.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead , smiling. He had the sponge sitting on top of the canister, the sponge filled with dirt.

[F/Name] reached a hand out to touch the desk only for her hand to be smacked with a ruler. She reeled her hand back, holding the appendage as she glared at James who held said ruler like a weapon.

“What was that for?” She hissed. James only pointed the ruler at her desk, picking up the sponge in the same moment.

She leaned over the desk, arms covering it. “No! Be satisfied with your own desk!”

They went back and forth for a few minutes before James admitted defeat, setting his head down on the desk top and exhaled.


He won’t get me with the guilt trip, [F/Name] thought to herself confidently, hurriedly coping down a equation written on the smart board.

That confidence soon drizzled as the young man kept doing that same, sad sigh every few minutes. Cursing herself, she peeked at him from the corner of her eye, notcing that he was looking straight at her, his left cheek flat on the desk.

He exhaled one last time, her resolve obliterated.

“Fine,” she whispered to him, scooting back some from her desk. “Have at it.”

James happily made his way to her desk, moving so he was kneeling in front of it [he was at least a few inches taller than her], and began to scrub the desk.

[F/Name] folded her arms, watching him work diligently. She couldn’t help a small smile that formed.


Next to them was a female class mate who streched, her chair leaning back with her movement. Then she fell to the floor with a loud thud, the material on her desk following suit.

The teacher whipped his head back, arms raised as he was going over another problem. “What was that?”

The girl stood up quickly, scrambling for a proper footing. “It’s alright! Just clumsy me.”

The teacher raised an eyebrow. “Alright… Don’t hurt yourself.”

The girl nodded, smiling in embarrassment. She shifted her attention to, who she thought were a couple, [F/Name] and James. The latter was sitting in the former’s lap, her hands banging on his back trying to push him off.

  • no but guys
  • james potter
  • james potter who was raised by the loveliest parents
  • james potter whose skin colour was just another thing for him to be proud of
  • james potter who insisted on telling his indian name first because if some white person couldn’t even make an effort to pronounce it right they were obviously not worth his time
  • james potter who couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love with everyone he ever met
  • james potter who was genuinely nice to everyone till he got comfortable with them (from then on it was all inappropriate jokes and too hard hugs that left you a little breathless)
  • james potter who played his first prank on the then seventh year bellatrix black whose name he heard sirius shout in the middle of a nightmare
  • james potter who always knew exactly who needed a pep talk, and who needed a talking to (he told lily who needed the latter because james potter could be a lot of things; strict was not one of them)
  • james potter who loved everyone he ever dated, just not in the way they wanted
  • james potter who watched his two best friends fall in love with each other and then out of it
  • james potter who was so obvious about his crush on sirius literally everyone but sirius could see it
  • james potter who needed two bottles of firewhiskey and the threat of a hex from lily to finally gather up the courage to talk to sirius and no james not about quidditch 
  • james potter who woke up the next morning with a faint memory of warm arms leading him up the stairs and the same arms wrapped around him
  • james potter who had a kid with lily because sirius was so afraid of passing on the black genes and lbr who better than the fierce gay redhead
  • james potter getting the happy ending he deserved all along
Marauders x Reader- Bad grades

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“Come on, love”

“No, I’m never leaving this couch ever again” You got a bad grade. And you were tired of all this. Getting a good grade and getting excited just to be unhappy again in the next class. That was test season for ya.

“It was one bad grade” Sirius pulled you feet causing you to slide down the couch towards him. James took the opening and sat down. When Sirius released your feet, you crawled back up, laying you head on James’ lap, face hidden in his stomach, completly by his Quidditch jersey, which he was wearing for a practice we were almost late to. “And it wasn’t THAT bad”

“No point stressing over it now” Remus tried to be conforting, speaking softly from the armchair by the couch in the common room.

It was easy for them to say. You gave credit to Remus for his grades but James and Sirius got top grades in class without ever lookin gat their textbook.

They pranked, slept and sometimes played quidditch, and that was it. So, naturally, you were jeaulous.

You didn’t think they should get bad grades, or anything similar. You were best friends and didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. You simply wished that would be your case. You studied, but still didn’t get the good grades you wished for.

This time though, it wasn’t your fault. You were sick when you took the test, thinking it’d be fine. Turns out it wasn’t. To top it off, you were still sick.

It’s not like you can change it. I know, Remus” You told him before burrying your face further in James’ lap. You’d be worried, but James didn’t get sick and Lily was still in class so there was no problema.

“Fine. If you’re not leaving, then we’re not leaving either” After that, Sirius sat on top of your legs, then layed on top of you and James.

“Oof, Padfoot off. Get your fat arse off me. Bad dog” He chuckled.

“Did you just call me fat?”

“Does it help?” You couldn’t help but crack a smile.

Another body. And another one. You could barely breathe now. When you looked up, there was Sirius, Peter and Remus all laying on top of each other, laying on you and James, the latter seeming to be in even more pain than you. Probably because of his…private parts.

“Alright, fun is over. Out” He shrieked out and when you all got up, he fell to the floor, holding ‘Jamesie’.

“Well, that reminds me, We have practice. Come on!”

“So, you’re ok?” Remus asked.

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” You said before passing through the portrait hole.

In case you somehow missed that last line, I have a question.


Can you write a story where sirius has a huge crush on James’s twin sister bit couldn’t say because she is James sister. But latter both of them find out and the hilarity that happens coz even she likes Sirius( can I have ben barnes for sirius 😉)

*A/N: An AU where James has a twin sister named Elizabeth. Part One.

Sirius sat up a little straighter in his seat abandoning the work he had placed in front of him in favor of looking at the small group of girls who just walked into the Common Room.

Realizing they hadn’t seen him yet, he leaned back casually in his seat, placing his arm over the back of the spot next to him.

Remus looked up confused, “What’re you - ?”

Sirius shushed him before calling out, “You ladies look like you’re in need of something to do tonight. Might I lend a few suggestions?”

One of the girls nodded eagerly while the other two scoffed and rolled their eyes.

“No thank you,” one spoke, flipping back her long black hair, “We’ll be fine on our own.”

“Yeah, but think about how much fun we could have, Lizzie!” Sirius exclaimed.

The girl narrowed her eyes, “Don’t call me Lizzie. And mine and your definition of fun are very different.”

Sirius smirked, turning to look at Remus who merely gave him a knowing look.

Sirius gulped slightly turning back away from Remus, not wanting his secret to let slip.

Just a few weeks previously, Remus had discovered that Sirius had a not-so-big-just-a-little-tiny-small-really-not-worth-even-mentioning crush on the other girl. He’d been trying to convince Sirius that he should ask her out on a date, but he refused.

First off, he’s was completely convinced that she didn’t like him and that his advances would be shot down immediately.

While Sirius was confident in his looks and ability to swoop girls off their feet, he was not willing to rush head first into a situation that he suspected would have a poor outcome.

The second problem, of course, was James.

Speaking of which, the door leading to the boy’s dorm behind them opened and James himself came backing out of the room, looking intently at a piece of parchment in his hands, “Hey, Remus, I was wondering if you could take a look at - “

He looked up, realizing that there was a whole group of people there and stopped talking immediately.

He put his arms behind his back, hiding the paper and smiled charmingly, “Hello ladies. Having a nice evening?”

“What’s behind your back?” Lily asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“Just a bit of homework I was working on,” James answered immediately, “You girls have any plans tonight? I’m available, if you’re looking for something to do, Evans.”

Lily scoffed, turning to Elizabeth, “Your brother is persistent; I’ll give him that.”

“Among other things,” she teased, ignoring James grunt of protest, “Unfortunately for him, I got both the brains and the good looks. It’s the fortune of being the older sibling.”

“Yeah, well I’m more talented than you are,” James answered petulantly, “And you’re only 4 minutes older than I am.”

“And that makes all the difference,” Liz insisted.

“And on that note,” Lily said, looking back at their friend, “I think I’m going to head upstairs now. Coming Mary?”

“Yeah,” Mary answered with a sigh, waving good-bye to the three boys, “See you later.”

They all waved back as Liz called out, “I’ll catch up with you girls in a bit.”

As soon as they were out of sight, James growled, “Oh, come on! What was that? I thought you were supposed to be on my side! Aren’t you supposed to be talking me up or something?”

“Someone’s gotta deflate that big head of yours,” she replied seriously, “When you stop acting like a dunderhead, I’ll help you get a date with Lily. But, until then, you’re own your own.”

James grumbled, plopping down onto the maroon couch indignantly.

“So, what’s the paper you were hiding, really?” She asked curiously, leaning forward to look at it.

“What’s up with you going to Hogsmeade with Stephens on Saturday?” Sirius asked, snatching the paper up and holding it to his chest before she could take a look at it, trying to keep the jealousy out of his voice.

It didn’t matter what his feelings were towards Liz. She was James sister, so she was off limits.

Her eyes narrowed, “That’s none of your business.”

“Funny,” Sirius replied mockingly, “I was about to say the same to you about this.”

The both glared at each other for a moment before James interjected, “Hang on. Stephens? You mean Anthony Stephens? That tweed from Ravenclaw?”

“So what if it is?” Liz asked, folding her arms to turn to James.

“You’re kidding, right?” James snorted, “The kid’s a total tool. You really had to pick him to go on a date with?”

Liz opened her mouth to retaliate, but James continued before she could, “And what’s up with going this Saturday? You couldn’t have waited until after we played them in a couple of weeks? I don’t need my seeker distracted because some guy spouted a lame pick-up line at her and she melted to the floor.”

Liz’s mouth dropped, “How dare you? I’m not some bumbling bimbo that falls at every guy’s feet, thank you very much. And how do you know I’m not the one distracting him?”

James rolled his eyes, “Same way I know that you went with the girls to buy a new outfit for your date. I know you sis, whether you like it or not. And you are falling into his trap, hook-line-and-sinker.”

Furious, Liz held up her hand, showing off a rude gesture to her brother before turning around and storming off, pausing only for a moment to flick the side of Sirius’ head as she passed by him.

“She is so infuriating,” Sirius grumbled, rubbing the spot where she flicked him, his eyes not leaving her figure until she was completely out of view.

“I thought you liked Stephens,” Remus turned to James, confused.

“Oh, I do,” James assured him, “He’s actually a pretty neat bloke. Doesn’t mean I want his grubby paws on my sister though. Besides,” James stood up and stretched his arms high into the air, “Now Liz is pissed off enough that she’ll break records to catch the snitch next game.”

“The dynamic between your sister and you astounds me,” Remus admitted, sitting back in his thought and humming curiously, “I wonder, would you ever find anyone you thought was worthy enough to date your sister.”

Sirius’ head swiveled so quickly to look at Remus it was a wonder it stayed on his neck at all.

Remus ignored him as he waited for James to answer.

“I dunno,” James said thoughtfully, “My first instinct is to say that no one would be worthy, but I know that can’t be true. There are some pretty great guys out there that’d be lucky to have Liz in their life.”

James hummed, thinking more about it before his shoulders stiffened and he looked down at Remus suspicious, “Why? You interested?”

Sirius’ eyes widened as Remus opened his mouth to answer, “I –”

“Cause that would be awesome,” James interrupted, “You and Liz would be great together. You both like books and you’re one of my best mates, so I know you’d treat her right. Plus, then we’d be brothers for real!”

Remus sent a look at Sirius who looked torn in between being completely panicked and astounded and shook his head, “No, I’m not interested in asking Elizabeth out on a date.”

“Why not?” James asked, folding his arms, his demeanor changing completely, “She not good enough for you?”

“You are a very difficult person to get along with,” Remus answered, rolling his eyes, “Your sister is a lovely person. I just don’t think we’re quite as compatible as you may hope. I was simply asking out of curiosity’s sake.”

James hummed, nodding his head, “Well, I guess there’s your answer. If it was a really stellar guy and a close friend of mine, I don’t think I’d have any problems with it.”

Remus nodded, his head slowly moving over to look at Sirius who was staring pensively into the fire.

Feeling emboldened, Sirius opened his mouth and asked, “What if – ” he cleared his throat and continued, refusing to look up, “What if I asked her out?”

There was a long enough moment of silence that Sirius finally looked up, hesitantly to see James face.

James merely looked confused.

“You…want to ask Liz out on a…date?”

Sirius nodded nervously, waiting for an answer.

James huffed out a small laugh, turning to look at Remus who raised his eyebrows expectantly. Realizing that this wasn’t a joke, James eyes narrowed as he turned back to look at Sirius.

“You’re dead to me.”

Sirius groaned, letting his head fall back to the back of the couch while Remus snorted.

“You two are the most dramatic people on the planet. James, why on earth wouldn’t you want Sirius dating your sister?”

“Because he’s my friend,” James whined, “it’s part of the bro code.”

“We’re going to ignore the hypocrisy of that statement, as I am also your friend and you just told me that I was more than welcome to pursue your sister, but no matter. Just because he wants to kiss Liz, doesn’t mean he stops being your friend. And Sirius, why do you want to date Liz?”

Sirius mumbled an answer.

“Speak up, dear, no one can hear you.”

Sirius shot him a dirty look, before answering more clearly, “She’s just really cool, okay? She’s funny and snarky and I like hearing her comebacks whenever I try to flirt and she’s really smart and tough and can handle herself and I – “

Sirius looked up, realizing both James and Remus were watching him with their mouths slightly open, “– I don’t know. I only like her a little. It’s cool. I don’t ever have to talk to her again.”

Remus turned to James, “I’m gonna take a look at this for you. When you both come up into the room, I want this resolved.”

Remus picked up the parchment James had brought him earlier and went upstairs to their dorms. James and Sirius both shuffled in their places awkwardly before James huffed a defeated sigh and plopped down into the spot next to his best friend.

“You know, you’re a really great guy too,” James admitted, playing with the fabric at the end of his shirt, “And Liz would be lucky to have a guy like you around.”

“Yeah?” Sirius answered insecurely, “You don’t think Remus would be better?”

“Nah,” James admitted, “Only reason why I could confidently say all that is cause I know that they’d never work out. I don’t think Liz would even say yes to a date with Remus. She thinks he’s a cool guy – but totally not her type.”

“What is her type?” Sirius asked.

“You,” James answered bluntly, “Tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, slight bad-boy edge, but really just a good guy deep down. She’d probably say yes if you asked.”

“I wouldn’t want it to get in the way of our friendship.”

James waved his hand as though he were waving the concerns away, “Nah, at this point, I don’t think that anything could get in between us.”

Sirius smiled, realizing that this was as close to James’ blessing as he was ever going to get.


James nodded, coughing awkwardly before patting Sirius’ shoulder, “Alright, let’s go back and see what Remus had to say about the map.”

Read Part Two Here.

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WOLFSTAR ANYTHING im such wolfstar trash tbh


  • OK so everyone seems to love pining!Remus but lbr we all know who the dramatic baby in this ship is
  • Sirius Drama Queen Black is actually his full name, where did this rumour about his middle name being Orion come from????????? Someone should tell JK
  • But seriously, Sirius is 100% a pining baby when it comes to Remus Lupin
  • He regularly hangs off of James’ arms, pretending to swoon when Remus walks past him in the dorms, trying to find his shirt in the sea of clothes that is their floor
  • Remus is mostly oblivious to Sirius’ pain, and so continues ‘being too cute for words’ without even considering the effect that it may have on Sirius, I mean, really Prongs, this is just unnecessary
  • Sirius spends 50% of his time alone with James hearing the latter babble on about Lily, and the other half babbling on about Remus
  • “Did you see him brush his fringe out of his face in transfiguration? That should be illegal.” “Pads, I really couldn’t give less of a -” “HE DID IT AGAIN PLEASE JUST END MY LIFE NOW”
  • James considering doing just that just so that he can experience some peace and quiet for once in his life
  • The Maruders playing truth or dare and Sirius a l w a y s picking dare in the hopes that someone would get him to kiss Remus (it never happens)
  • At Christmas, Sirius pinning mistletoe to every doorway in Gryffindor Tower in the hopes he could catch Remus under it, and when it never happens he sulks in his bed for a week
  • Sirius sulking in his bed for days on end when Remus tells him he has a crush on someone
  • Sirius not realising that person is him for several weeks, despite Remus dropping hints left right and centre
  • James and Peter getting so annoyed about it that they lock them in a broom cupboard and leave them there for a whole afternoon to ‘sort things out between them’
  • Mostly Remus just complains about missing Muggle Studies
  • “Moony, your mother is a muggle why do you even take that subject?”
  • “Shut up and kiss me”

This was just one long stream of conciousness I’m sorry I don’t even know where this went

James and Lily have a fight over James being jealous but they make up fluffily, for anon.

James had had that talk with Lily over and over again: he was NOT the jealous kind of guy. He really wasn’t. He had had girlfriends in the past, and he never really minded if they decided to go out partying without him or if they spoke to another boy. Really, he couldn’t care less, because he could trust them, right?

But Lily was not just a random girlfriend.

And at that party, when Lily started dancing with that absolute imbecile, James just couldn’t handle it. It was decent and in a perfectly reasonnable way, they barely touched each other, except for when he made her swirl. But she was so beautiful when she swirled like this. Her hair were like bright flames sweeping the whole party room. And Merlin, the way she laughed… he didn’t have the roght to make her swirl like that. 

“Do something, asshole. Do something before i make a jelly out of him.” James hissed, grabbing Sirius by his collar.

Sirius raised his hands in a surrendering manner, and James let go of him. He made his way smoothly between the young ^party population, until he reached Lily and her pathetic partner. He jumped between them, stretching both of his arms sideways and James could read a giant “Heeeey!” on his lips. The guy pushed Sirius aside to continue his dance with Lily, but James’ beloved best friend didn’t give up so easilyhe stepped between them once more, this time facing him, and punched him right in the face. Then Sirius turned to face a shocked Lily, and whispered something in her ear. That’s when she glanced at James. The latter walked over to her, and took her in his arms.

“I know i’ve said the exact opposite countless times, I know i’m about to make a fool and a prick out of myself, i know it’s bad to feel like this, but I’m fucking jealous. And that jerk was lucky that i sent Sirius after him, because if i had gone myself, he’d be dead.”

“Why are you jealous?” She asked, smiling in his neck.

“Because you’re mine.”

The Tyranny of King Strang

When the Mormon leader Joseph Smith was murdered in 1844, the Mormon Church suffered a massive schism as followers joined different church elders who claimed they should become the new leader of the religion.  One of those elders was an influential man named James Strang.  One of Joseph Smith’s inner circle, he became a rival of Brigham Young and set off to north to start his own Kingdom of God.  His reputation as a bonafide prophet was cemented when in September 13th, 1845, he discovered six mysteries brass plates of divine origin buried near Voree, Michigan.  In 1848, Strang and a few hundred of his followers landed on Beaver Island, a 55 square mile island situated in Lake Michigan in between the Upper and Lower Peninsula’s of Michigan State.  

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There the Strangites intended to build a New Jerusalem.  They built farms, houses, a commercial fishery, a sawmill, and a temple.  By the 1850’s the Strangites had built a prosperous Mormon community number around 2,600 people.  By then however, Strang’s behavior began to swing toward the bizarre causing cracks to form in the Strangite Kingdom.

On July 8th, 1850 Strang declared himself “King of the Kingdom of God on Earth”.  At his coronation he was crowned with a tin crown while wearing red robes.  Although he held the title of king, Strang claimed that he was a religious leader of his followers with no secular authority.  Despite this claim, Strang began to act like a true monarch issuing a number of decrees that governed everything from what was to be worn within his kingdom to the sexual habits of his subjects.  First he levied tithes (religious taxes) on the residents of the island and demanded the County Treasurer hand over 1/10th of the taxes collected on the island.  Then he issued laws prohibiting red meat, alcohol, tea, and coffee.  He mandated that  every man marry at least two women, introduced animal sacrifice, and outlawed adultery. Incredibly Strang demanded not only his followers abide by his rules but also the island’s  population of non-believers as well, many of whom had lived on the Beaver Island long before Strang and his followers had step foot on the island.  Whenever they refused, Strang had them flogged as punishment.  As Strangites took over political leadership of the island, those who were non-believers found themselves at the Strangite’s mercy.  Eventually the non-believers revolted against his rule, but were quickly defeated by a Strangite militia armed with a cannon.  At that point most of the gentile populace left the island.

In 1851 word of the bizarre exploits of King Strang reached the ears of US President Millard Filmore, who issued orders for Federal prosecutors to prosecute Strang for treason, tax fraud, counterfeiting, delaying the mail, and cutting timber on Federal land.  There were even rumors of piracy in which Strangites raided ships on Lake Michigan and businesses on the mainland, however no such charges were filed.  In May of 1851 the Navy warship USS Michigan, with a detachment of marines and US Marshals escorted Strang and 100 of his followers to Detroit for trial.  Incredibly Strang was acquitted of all charges after masterfully representing himself in court.  The trial against Strang cemented his power, and by 1852 King Strang was the unquestioned absolute ruler of Beaver Island.  At that point Strang began to expand his power.  After a large influx of Mormons to Beaver Island, the Strangites were able to take over all the political offices on neighboring Mackinac Island, essentially adding it to his empire.  This effectively made Strang the sole political authority of the Beaver Island Archipelago.  In 1853 he was elected to the Michigan State Legislature, giving him a degree of state influence as well as local power.  

At the height of his power, King Strang began to issue even more bizarre decrees.  One of the weirdest was a new law requiring that all women wear bloomers instead of skirts and dresses.  His bizarre decrees began to sow seeds of dissent among the Strangites.  Finally a follower named Thomas Bedford decided that Strang had to go after he had ordered him flogged for adultery.  On June 16th, 1856 Bedford and a band of 40 disgruntled followers ambushed Strang, mortally wounding him with three gunshots.  While this occurred in clear view of the USS Michigan, which was docked at the nearby harbor, the crew of the warship chose not to intervene.  After smelling weakness within the Strangite organization, a heavily armed mob of non-believers from Mackinac Island landed and forced Beaver Island’s 2,600 Strangite residents to leave.  The Strangites continued to live and worship, but slowly stagnated without Strang’s strong leadership.  Today only 300 Strangites are estimated to exist in the United States.