james jean in manila

I’ve had three of my most tiring yet most fulfilling three days of work, prepping and following after James Jean’s activities. Meeting new people, watching his excited fans, being on my feet, squeezing in time to snap as any photos as possible, tweeting for the company’s account, running around for logistical arrangements… I can’t believe I was able to even sneak into his talks and take notes! 

So many thoughts to collect from what he said… One of my favorites was when he said that the point in one’s career (whether in art or not) is not to have an end goal. The point is having something you believe in, something to do everyday, and letting that lead you somewhere you realize is in fact a good place to be. I suppose these are also some words of comfort for me, the little 25-year-old in a quarter life crisis. 

Until now, I’m still on a high from how much respect I have for him. And I hope I never get over it. :-) 

Along with I’m sure many other people, I always think successful artists who churn out a diverse body of work are mysterious, wild and free spirits whose wavelengths we are too “normal” to be able to connect with and understand. But I’m quite sure that I have never met one that I admire that fits that profile. I’m pretty sure, now that I think about it, that every artist I’ve thought was brilliant and every artist I’ve admired has always turned out to be incredibly down to earth, very disciplined, and extremely diligent with his or her work. 

It’s a very exhilarating and inspiring experience to be around such talent. I’m so thankful and lucky for today. :-) 

James Jean in DLSU-CSB, Manila, Philippines, January 5, 2012.