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vaguely touched up ancient piece I did for @coinelot‘s calendar (which omg I really wish I’d done more work on once I saw the other pieces on it!!). I tried to make something fluffy with Merlin creating a shade of Ygraine for Arthur but then idk Arthur got weepy I’m sorry I tried okay i really did

merlin art

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head canon time: imagine tony has a horrible nightmare in which rhodey dies. so the first moment he sees rhodey, in the morning, he basically throws himself at him, hugs him tightly, and doesn't let go for an entire minute or two

Rhodey is falling.

Rhodey is falling, one hand outstretched towards Tony, his eyes blown-wide with surprise and fear. Tony stretches forward, as best as he can and he almost has him, he almost-

Their fingers brush against each other.

But Rhodey keeps falling, and Tony is unable to catch him.

There is a terrible noise when the body of his best friend impacts with the ground and Tony is shouting, crying-

He wakes up.

Tony is shaking badly, his heat hammers painfully against his ribs and he’s gasping, sobbing. Everything hurts and his chest feels tight. He knows it’s a dream, nothing more than a terrible nightmare, but the images are still dancing in front of his eyes and he can#t shake them off.

He has to see Rhodey.

It might have been just a dream but what if it’s not-

Tony almost falls over in his sudden haste to get out of bed. His blood is rushing in his ears, drowning out every sound as he stumbles through the hallway toward the kitchen.

And there, right there-

There’s Rhodey.

Tony doesn’t even slow down and Rhodey, God bless him, has known him long enough to just react on instinct.

The conversation around them stops when Tony practically throws himself into Rhodey’s arms, almost knocking him over, clinging. It’s not close enough, his chest still hurts, still feels tight and Tony is clutching at Rhodey, trying to get closer.

For a long moment, there is nothing else.

Tony has his ear pressed into Rhodey’s chest, eyes squeezed shut and he concentrates only on Rhodey’s heartbeat.

Then, there are fingers gently running through his hair and Tony’s throat is closing up. He lets out a pathetic sound, half a sob. He doesn’t even mean to but he can’t stop it.

Rhodey’s arms close around him, forceful and safe and comforting.

“Shh, Tones, I’m here”, he whispers. Tony still doesn’t let go. He can’t.

The dream has been too vivid; the kind of nightmare that will follow him into the waking world for a while but Rhodey is here.

Rhodey is safe and warm and alive and Tony clings to him until his breathing has slowed.