james holmes defense team

The insanity defense is a valid legal defense, not a ruse or a ploy to avoid responsibility as the media has implied. The media’s coverage of this issue has been anything but advantageous to Mr. Holmes.
—  James Holmes’ defense team, May 21, 2014.
Deadline to File CMHIP/Death Penalty Motions Up for James Holmes Defense Team

The Deadline for the Defense to submit Motions pertaining to CMHIP and the Death Penalty is up.  

  • November 8th, this past Friday, was the deadline.
  • The Prosecution now has until November 25th to file their responses to what is most likely 4 motions filed by the Defense regarding their defendant James Holmes stay at Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo and/or the Death Penalty he is facing.
  • The Defense team will then have until December 3rd of this year to file any replies they might have to the Prosecutions responses.  
  • If a hearing is needed or requested for any of these documents/exhibits, that will take place in December before the new year comes upon us.  

It is my assumption that D-184 through D-188 are the documents filed pertaining to CMHIP/Death Penalty, so if I am correct, the fact that only four motions were filed appears to be a good sign for the defense team.  If the Mental Evaluation done on Holmes at CMHIP did not turn out in his favor I can only assume we would have had a flurry of motions filed and a potential attempt at a change of plea.  There is still time for an attempt at a plea change for Holmes as the deadline for documents has just passed, but in my eyes that doesn’t seem likely given what I think is such a small number of CMHIP and Capital motions filed by the defense.  December should tell us more.