the tcc works better than the US government when there is a new shooting

out of nowhere someone find 20+ childhood photos of the killer, before the shooter even dies the shooters autopsy report has been reblogged 3790 times a group of people screen shot every social media they have and find them on ,in the corner people are hurrying to make side blogs and change their name to the shooters name before someone takes the username, next thing you know they have a massive tag for the shooter  flower crowns, poems and their 3rd grade essay that they wrote including their elemantry school drawing they did in art class is trending

The Struggle We True Crime Lovers Go Through..

“Why Are You Condoning This?”
“You Need Professional Help.”
“You’re Going To Become A Serial Killer.”
“Why Do You Like Serial Killers?”
“You Have Serious Issues..’
“Did You Know They Killed People?”

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Homicides: 1/? Mass Murderers 

Mass murderers are defined as killing four or more people in a single event and single location with no “cool off” period.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold: Columbine High School Massacre, 15 Dead, 24 Injured.
Seung-Hui Cho: Virginia Tech Shooting, 33 Dead, 17 Injured.
James Holmes: 2012 Aurora Shooting, 12 Dead, 70 Injured.
Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooting, 9 Dead, 1 Injured.
Matti Juhani Saari: Kauhajoki School Shooting, 11 Dead, 11 Injured.    
Adam Lanza: Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, 28 Dead, 2 Injured. 


“He fooled everyone. He fooled me…he fooled his probation officer, his attorney, the police…He had bodies in the next room when the police were standing in his outer room.” - Lionel Dahmer

Aurora theater shooter James Holmes submitted this photograph of himself feeding a llama a piece of straw to the University of Illinois. He submitted the bizarre picture along with his university application, much to the staff’s amusement. He was accepted onto a course in Neuroscience and was even described as an “outstanding candidate”.