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221: Cat Grant said “Resist”, so Resist.

What an episode, what an episode ! An episode that reminded me the good old days of season 1.

Cat Grant returned to National City and the show is back to its main strength: Women.

Recap (sorry it is a long post again):

Kara: “Miss Grant.” Yeah Kara, Miss Grant is back. I loved Kara, in this episode. It’s the Kara/Supergirl I fell in love with in season 1. The one who leads, the one who tries to find the best solution, the one who needs advice, the one who resists, the one who stands up, the one who saves and loves.

I gotta say that Melissa is a lucky woman who had in this episode at least one scene with each of these amazing women: Chyler, Floriana, Calista, Brenda, Teri, Katie and Lynda.

Alex: “I am evacuating the DEO.” Alex as the director of the DEO, I say YES. Besides, being in charge put her in a situation in which she had to face several choices. Follow orders as Agent Danvers, or follow her heart as Alex Danvers. 

It’s complex and even if she’s scared, she is strong enough to believe that she can be both: being The Agent and being The Woman who loves Kara and Maggie. Alex Danvers is a Heart.

By the way, the scene where Alex jumped out of the DEO, Chyler just WOW.

Winn: “Oh my god the president is an alien”. Winn was great in this episode. He cares so much about everybody; Maggie, Kara, Alex, James and Cat. Winn is the little brother.

His scenes with Cat Grant were amazing. Their little hug when Cat arrived in the bar was really sweet, and also the way he protected Cat at CatCo. I need more Winn and Cat.

James: “You’re safe now Miss Grant.” From all of us, thank you James. We didn’t see him a lot, but the scene where he saved Winn and Cat is great. I loved it.

Jonn: “What would Jonn say?” Well, we didn’t really see him, but we did see David as Cyborg Superman.

PrinceMon: “I can see why Kara loves you”. Episode 221 and Mon El finally said something that makes sense. However, he’s still useless whatever he’s with his mother, Lena or Kara. Anyway.

Clark: We saw Superman at the end, he didn’t really look like himself. I gotta say, I didn’t see that coming.

Jeremiah: He was mentioned, but nobody knows where he is…. weird.  

Eliza: Talking about Jeremiah, where is Eliza? I hope she is in a safe place.

The President: “I suppose I owe you an explanation.” Finally we know more about her, and her intentions. Her scenes with Cat Grant were priceless. Lynda Carter rocks.

Rhea: “Welcome to new Daxam”. Rhea, the kind of villain that I love to hate. And seriously, Teri Hatcher is just freaking perfect.

Lillian: “What? not happy to see me”. Oh My God, you gotta love Brenda Strong for the way she plays Lillian. As a real Luthor, we don’t know what she’s up to.

I really liked the moment where Lillian talked with Supergirl about the fact that she knows she’s Kara. It was intense.

Lena: “Yeah I’m fine”. Yes Lena is fine, thanks for her. I love Lena Luthor since the beginning and with this episode I love her even more. She was so done of everything on the Daxam Ship, it was so funny. But she’s there, standing, being strong, speaking, holding a gun to save Mon El (love that moment). When she escaped with her mother and CyborgS, she keeps standing, standing for Supergirl. 

Maggie: “The first time we meet”. So National City became Star Wars. Everybody is scared, fighting, in a hurry panic mode, but our favorite detective is there, being relax, soft, romantic, badass when she needs to be, and everything is cool. You gotta love Maggie Sawyer, she is really something else. 

I liked that she didn’t put more pressure on Alex shoulders about pushing the button. She’s there, standing next to Alex, to support her whatever the decision she’ll make.

Cat: “I’m Cat Grant, not going anywhere”. In one episode, we saw that Cat Grant is the character that brings this show to another level. She makes it feminist, deeper, and more powerful. Only Cat Grant can does it, no one else. 

I loved her scenes with Kara, Winn and Olivia. I also loved the fact that she called Winn “Winslow”, mentioned Kara as “Kiera” and the way she said “Thanks James”.

“We are Women”, “At least tell me you’re still a democrate”“And seeing E.T but I thought it was the pot brownies”, “Tiara woman”, her whole “RESIST” speech with the line “Everyone needs to be a superhero”… I don’t know how many punch lines she had during that episode but I do know that Cat Grant is A Legend. Cat Grant is AN Icon and Calista is Fabulous.

Karamel: Their kiss reminded me that Karamel as canon still exists. Why Karamel still exists? I don’t know.

Sanvers: “Full circle”. I love Sanvers. But it’s not because I love them that I can’t be a bit critical. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the bar scene, mostly because of the writing. 

Having Maggie on the phone saying “Danvers I need you” and Alex being at the bar while Maggie is outside was not… them. I won’t talk about the kiss….Then Maggie left with Guardian and Alex just let her go without saying anything. Okay…

But, everything gets better after, when they’re working together “Trusted agent on my six”. Team Sanvers is the best team. Sanvers is a full circle, Sanvers is endgame.

Supercorp: “Likewise”. Kara Danvers loves Lena Luthor. Lena Luthor loves Kara Danvers. What a development. Like I said before, everybody thought it was impossible for a Super and a Luthor to get along, Kara and Lena build the possible.

Now, we don’t know what’s going to happen, but to me, Supercorp is the most fascinating relationship on the show. I would love to see for the season finale a cliffhanger that focus on Kara and Lena connection. It would dare and it would be great.

The Danvers Sisters: “I know you’re fast but be faster”. We had some beautiful, emotional, Danvers Sisters scenes again in this episode and I am so happy about it. 

From “I’ll meet you outside”, well that is a freaking meeting full of trust, to “Come on Kara”, the Heart and the Soul of the show are still beating and strong. It always comes back to them.

I loved when they flew together at the begining of the episode, because last time we saw The Danvers Sisters flying was when they were teenagers. Their hug before Kara left, with Alex being worried and crying, it felt like season 1 again.

SuperCat: “I really missed your advice Miss Grant” - “And I missed giving it. Now shoo, up up and away. No time to lose.”

I really missed Miss Grant too and the Kara/Cat moments. From the scene where Supergirl saved Cat (not to mention she chose to save Cat and not the President) to that talk scene outside the bar, it felt like Kara was home again.

Cat and Kara are both powerful women. They inspire each other, they admire each other. Besides, Melissa and Calista are such a great team.

Next Episode: Season finale, it looks intense. I hope we’re gonna see everybody again, and that it’s gonna be as feminist as “Resist”. It would be perfect if Megan could come back as well.

Oh and I almost forgot: “The future is female”

Questions for Katie

Hey guys, I know we’re all SUPER (😜) excited about seeing Katie McGrath this weekend and the opportunity to ask her questions, but let’s not forget to ask Mehcad and Teri questions as well so that they don’t feel excluded 🤗.

Gentle reminder of what NOT to ask/say:

-Questions about sexuality

-Questions about dating life

-Questions about Katie’s birthday

-Coerce her in to getting a Twitter

Thanks. Let’s have some fun at our girls first Supergirl event.

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Hey peeps turns out a friend I was planning on going with will not be able to make it after all. So if anyone that still needs a ticket, I’m willing to sell it for $35. Please DM me and we can go from there.

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