james hall nasmyth


The Moon: Considered as a Planet, a World and a Satellite


This book contains an interesting series of “lunar” woodburytypes: because photography was not yet advanced enough to take actual pictures of the Moon, Nasmyth built plaster models based on his visual observations of the Moon and then photographed the models. He worked in collaboration with James Carpenter, an astronomer.


by James Hall Nasmyth

Warren De La Rue (British, active 19th century), The Full Moon, from The Moon considered as a Planet, a World and A Satellite by James Hall Nasmyth (English, 1808-1890) and J. Carpenter (1874), 1851/1854 (negative); 1874 (print), Woodburytype

Portland Art Museum


James Hall Nasmyth & James Carpenter, ‘The Moon: Considered as a Planet’ (Three photographic illustrations of plaster models that Nasmyth and Carpenter fabricated based upon their observations of the lunar satellite), 1874.