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“Darling, what is it?” James approached you, unaware that the speed of your heart was increasing with each step he took. 

“Your face, James,” you tried to explain, backing away from him.

“My face?” He looked offended as he placed a hand on his cheek, then realised he hadn’t cleaned the blood splatters off from his last victim. “Oh.” He reached out towards you, then instantly pulled away when he realised he’d just moved the blood from his face to his hand. 

“My apologies.” He looked down sadly, unable to say anything more. “I’m truly sorry.”

Theatre Aesthetics; Legally Blonde

“You must always have faith in yourself.”

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Recap pleaaaaaaaase?

  • Savannah and Cleo are hosting a fashion show with a punk rock theme, meanwhile they are the least punk rock people I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
  • Speaking of Cleo, can anyone tell me why the fuck she and Sean aren’t dating yet? They’re clearly into each other. You children disappoint me.
  • Harley’s finally back, and I’m feeling some vibes between him and Russel. Is ol’ Russ finally getting over James?
  • It turns out Emerald can’t afford to move out of town but already sold her apartment, so is now staying at Lark’s house. But what happened to her pets? 
  • Also, why didn’t Lark tell Andre? Homeboy is so out of the loop on everything.
  • Backtracking a bit (because I don’t remember whether or not I mentioned this in the last recap), Emerald told Ryann about kissing Jayden in Rome and they broke up. Now both of them have gone on sad hoeing sprees, which are the worst kind of hoeing sprees. 
  • And it would appear Jayden’s still not over her! Someone needs to set this kid up on a date.
  • Speaking of Jayden, after meeting Winter and Henry, the pair who aren’t quite exactly a pair are now looking into fostering. Coincidence? I think not.
  • There’s a new girl, Emily, in town, and from what I’ve seen so far, she has a really bad gaydar because she attempted to flirt with several gay men in one night. 
  • Also new girl Emily just so happens to be Silas’ ex, and they’re living in the same apartment building. The coincidence of all of this is almost comical. But how will Serena react? 
  •  Brett decided to go on an extravagant vacation with Carleigh, which I think is a little weird, as seen in a previous ask, but we’ll see how that goes. Ol’ Carls really does need to get out more, so maybe a getaway will be good for her. 
  • It turns out Rose is being shipped off to boarding school, so it looks like Jeremy is a single pringle again.
  • Ryan took Christie, Sophie, and Eli on a trip to Kansas, and it can now be concluded that a) Ryan gets his attitude from his father, and b) Cadys reproduce like fucking rabbits
  • Millie’s opening a hair salon (I think?) and Theo’s considering opening his own cat shelter, but where in the world is Braxton Vile??

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Tsf of James morning sex?

The constant roll of his hips against your rear had finally woken you, making you very aware of the erection sliding between your cheeks; James was already awake and wanting you.

“James,” you moaned as he began to turn your body to face him, eager to get started. “It’s so early.”

“I’m sorry, darling,” he whispered as he positioned his face between your legs. “I promise I’ll put you back to sleep right after… If you’re a good girl.”

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tsf on taking a romantic (later turning to smut) bath with james?

James had ended up moving his hand from your spine to your neck, lathering the soap on your skin but lowering down your chest.

Soon he had wrapped his arm around you so that he could pull you closer, his erection pressed against your lower back; the water splashed against the sides of the tub as his hands wandered.

“May I?” he asked as he rocked his hips against your rear, his breath hot on your neck.