A series of quick GOTG illustrations I created over the past two weeks. I frikkin’ love this movie! 

Here’s a compilation of all five images : http://goo.gl/0nlcEr

Prints  are available Here!


The fact that this even needs to be said says a lot about the state of the internet in 2015. The fact that people flocked to Joss Whedons twitter to send him fucking death threats and told him to kill himself over a plot point in a movie, which might I remind you all is a work of fiction. 

So apparently people seem to think that this type of behaviour is fucking right? I understand not being happy about whatever it was that happened in the movie, I don’t know what it is besides that it involves the character of ‘Black Widow’, because I haven’t seen the movie yet but have been doing good at avoiding spoilers. 

But no matter what it was, it does NOT justify sending messaging urging a man to kill himself over a fucking movie. 

The internet is a toxic place, and it makes me sick.