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Do you want to hear a story about how great my boyfriend is? I’ll tell you a story about how great my boyfriend is.

Right before we got in my car to drive to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, he stopped and looked at his windshield.

“Wait, someone left something on my car,” he said, and plucked an envelope out from underneath his windshield wiper.

I didn’t really think anything of it; I just assumed it was an ad or a flyer. But he frowned and went, “It’s for you.”

Puzzled, I took the envelope from him.

I turned it around and saw the Hogwarts seal and flipped out.

“What is this?” I said.

……Squealed, let’s be honest here. My voice went up an octave.

He shrugged.

“I don’t know,” he said. “You should open it.”

I did. It was a Hogwarts acceptance letter, but instead of the beginning term date–September 1 in the books–he included, as if Dumbledore had hand-written it, the dates of our vacation. At the bottom, Albus had written, “Excuse the typos.”

Needless to say, I launched into more squealing and hand-flailing and what may objectively be described as a mincing sort of potty dance. He’d penned it all with a fountain pen and ink several months ago, bought a wax candle and Hogwarts seal, hand-dyed the paper with coffee so it would look like parchment, and wrote the letter. He did it all for me.

Holy crap. I mean, holy crap. @jamesbousema
I love you so much.

And I’m keeping this letter forever as proof that HOGWARTS IS REAL AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE.

im here for the james who stopped asking lily out in fifth year because he realized how creepy and obsessive it was

im here for the james who realized that he didn’t actually know anything about lily and decided that more than anything he wanted to be civil and be her friend

im here for the james that slowly built up a friendship with lily based on respect and their mutual desire to create equality in the wizarding world

im here for the james that nearly passed out when lily told him that she loved him before he did, because now that he knew the real lily and not some idolized version of her, he stopped thinking of her in that way (or at least he tried)

im here for the james who constantly apologized for how much of a git he was in the past and even though lily always laughed it off, it always bothered him deep down

im here for the james that always stayed cocky and self-assured, but realized that his past behavior was disgusting and worked hard for the rest of his life to make up for it.

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.
Just in case it’s not clear that dude is from JGG...

I keep on seeing the pic of him kissing Louis on the cheek but not the one where he bestows the same affection on that gross James Arthur.

The marauders have to tidy their room
  • Remus: Okay, we have to tidy our room.
  • Sirius: wha- why? I don't see any problem with it?
  • Remus: You can't see the floor.
  • Peter, shoving clothes aside: Sure you can, see? oh, my chocolate frog, I though I lost that.
  • Remus: Gross.
  • James: What are you talking about, this place is our home, are you telling me that your room at home is tidy?
  • Remus: If by tidy you mean that that the mold hasn't started to become a person, and I don't have food on literally every surface of it, then yes.
  • Sirius: Honestly i would like to see this mythical room of yours that is always so immaculate.
  • Remus: That's not the point, the point is that I don't remember which clothes are mine!
  • James: Easy, yours are the ones that are knitted.
  • Sirius: And mine are the ones that are black.
  • Peter: And mine are the ones that say 'Peter' on the nametag.
  • Remus: Okay, how about his; last week we spent twenty minutes looking for Sirius and it turned out that he had been sleeping all along, and that we had just been piling clothes on top of him.
  • Sirius: I didn't mind.
  • Remus: That's not the point! Honestly, you three are impossible. Now clean up this room or... or..
  • All three: Or what?
  • Remus: I will bleach your leather jackets, Tell Lily that you're gay, and hide all your chocolate frogs.
  • Sirius: No.
  • James: He wouldn't.
  • Remus: I would. So I suggest you start cleaning.
  • All three: Monster.
  • Remus: Actually, not until next week, so you still have some time.
  • Remus: *Leaves with a smirk on his face*


you just know that both james and sirius would go through the stupid facial hair stage and compete to grow mustaches and beards and both would look equally as terrible. sirius would try to make interesting designs and totally have a pointy goatee during sixth year and james would just grow a full-on mountain man beard and remus and peter would hide their heads during meals because “no you look like bloody idiots why don’t you just shave?”


one tree hill meme: [1/5] relationships: nathan and haley

You know, my pride says yeah, that’s it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she’s clearly threatened by a sexual relationship. But my heart says, just forget about your pride you idiot. You love this girl. And even if you’re going to catch pneumonia, your ass is going to stand out here in the rain till you convince her to forgive you.