james greene jr


Dark Days: The Casting #1 

The metal Nabu’s helm uses?

Connected. Aquamans’ trident?

WW bracelets?

The material Batman’s car is made?


Turns out that’s short for metal-humans.

Fucking Nth metal! Nth metal is everything in the DC universe. I don’t know if I like this or not. The Batmobile was a joke but you see my point? Literally any unique metal substance or object you see now is connected to the nth metal.

Also batman literally created a fucking respawn point.


It may not have been planned, but #LetsPlayLive ended in a #RageQuit

Gavin Free’s favourite lyrics from Screen are probably “I can’t see past my own nose, I’m seeing everything in slo-mo” which also pretty much sums him up as a person.