james gray legacy

It could be a start...

“3:30… Tom, really?” He crossed his arms and looked up at him. Thomas wasn’t speaking, he just stood at his door and frowned a bit. “Tom… You’re hurting yourself in all of this!”

“She’s happy, Charlie. That’s all that matters to me.” Thomas rubbed his head and shrugged. “I… I just hope… That one day she’ll see it. By herself. I don’t want to tell her. I… I have a feeling it’ll make things weird between us and that’s the very last thing I want.”

 “If she loved you, what would you do?” Charlie walked towards him and he frowned. Tom wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Tom, ans-”

“I’d show her what I can do. I’d show her what love is. I’d show her… I’d show her what a true kiss is. I’d show her so many things, Charlie… But I can’t.” He frowned and Charlie grabbed his shoulders and shook him.

“You can. You just have to tell her!”

He shook his head and frowned.

“Why can’t you, Tom? Why?! I really don’t get it.”

“If… If I tell her, I’ll lose her. You think I’m broken now,” he chuckled. “Well you haven’t seen me without her. It scares the crap out of me to even think about it.”

Charlie frowned and he sat down on his brother’s bed, running his hands through his hair. Tom bit his lip and slowly sat down next to his brother, his eyes slightly watery. He knew his brother was probably right… He had to tell her. But at the same time, he didn’t want and couldn’t lose Alice. He’d wake up every morning with worry filling the whole that’d be in his chest, and with the pain of knowing he couldn’t go talk to her. He needed help… Didn’t he? He needed to hook himself off of her, or if he did lose her, he’d lose himself along the way.

“You want… Me to try to figure out if she likes you or not?” Charlie asked, breaking the silence.


“Well… I could just start by talking about couples, like… I don’t know, I could talk about my girlfriend or something. And then turn the thing around and be like ‘Hey! I think you and Thomas would make an adorable couple. Have you ever considered going out with him?’.” He grinned and looked back at his brother.

“She’ll know something’s up.” Tom whispered, frowning. He knew Alice… She was smart. She’d figure things out before Charlie could even finish his sentence.

Charlie groaned in frustration and laid down on his brother’s bed. “I’ll find something, I swear!”

Thomas smiled and stood up, changing into his pajamas. He laid down next to his brother and just stared at his ceiling.

“We could just… Wait. I guess.” He whispered under his breath. Wait was the best solution in his opinion, at least for now.

“No, waiting isn’t an option. I don’t like it. I won’t wait for her and watch you suffer, heck no, Tom. Not happening.”

“I’m not suffering. I’m not dying over here, it just… Hurts sometimes. And I repeat, sometimes.”

Charlie glared at him then looked up at the ceiling. “What if I wear your clothes… And-”


Charlie snapped his fingers. “Damn.” He started laughing and Tom rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help a smile. His brother… He truly was the most annoying person on this planet, but he didn’t know what he’d do without him. They were twins after all, they completed each other without even knowing so. Losing his brother, would be as painful as losing Alice. Hopefully, Tom wouldn’t have to lose anyone. Everything would be okay. They’d figure something out.