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Crackpot: The Master Bait

[cue immature giggling at title]

The message from Church reminds me a lot of another strange message that was used to get a sim trooper out of hiding: Specifically, the message from “Command” that the Meta put together in Reconstruction to get Sarge out of Blood Gulch. It sounds like a bunch of different audio bits put together and redacted with static, most notably, “This is Church, from…(Blood Gulch Outpost)…Alpha.”

So, if this is a fake message, who put it together, and why?

Someone with the resources.

Someone with the motive.

Someone with the lack of scruples.

Someone…like Dylan Andrews herself.

She has all of the Blood Gulch footage. She has an AI assistant. Between Blood Gulch and Chorus, she had plenty of time to make a message (around two weeks), and we know she has ample contacts for underhanded dealings. Maybe one of her contacts can bounce communications off enough satellites that a message’s origins become obscured.

Dylan Andrews also really needs the Reds and Blues to come out of hiding. She’s on the ropes both professionally and personally, with Carlos having dropped his funding and James Adler expecting a divorce to come through any day now. She needs this story to come to fruition because she has already spent so much. She needs to write the story of how the Reds and Blues were brought out of hiding by a mysterious cry for help, discovered what others had been doing in their name, and made peace between Chorus and the UNSC by setting the record straight, by revealing the truth, and that she was the only reporter with the skill and foresight to be there when it happened.

However, I don’t think Dylan’s going to get out of this one unscathed. First off, Doctor Grey knows she shot her cameraman. And then, at some point—probably when the Reds and Blues are tearing their hair out over Church in an empty field on Chorus, or perhaps when they’ve managed to get themselves into real danger by following Dylan who-knows-where—Dylan is going to have to tell them that she tricked them in order to get them back in action, and in order to get her story. And…that’s not going to go over well. Not with Kimball and Santa, not with Carlos and James, and definitely not with the Reds and Blues.

In other words, the whole ugly truth is going to have to come out. Dylan is going to have to give up all her currency. And instead of getting the story she wanted so very badly…she could lose an awful lot.

As some sjw will like to tell you transgender people make up less than 1% of the population.  The default attitude is that minorities such as this will have little to no power or representation and that they will have their issues ignored.  Why is it then that so much public discourse is focused on this tiny minority group?  Atheists make up 14% of the population in the US for example and rare is it that think pieces on making things less “exclusionary” for atheists.  Catholic schools are not being forced to drop the word “God” for the comfort of an atheist student, language is not being altered to avoid making reference to god in hopes of being more inclusive of this minority.  I have read very few think pieces on destigmatizing the image of atheists in America when in some places telling someone you’re an atheist is just as scary and could have the same violent implications as if you told them you are gay.

So is it that this extreme minority has so much influence?  Why is the language being altered to suit so few?  Why is the issue of this minority in public bathrooms become a major national issue when it affects so few?   Why is that on this site during LGBT history month that so much attention has been given to trans people when gays and lesbians have far greater numbers as homosexuals are roughly 10% of the population? Why is it that the North Carolina bill that stripped lesbians and gays of employment, housing and education protections the bill was reduced down arguable the most insignificant part…that males have to pee with other males?

This should all give us pause.  Unlike how transactivists frame the trans population they are not the most marginalized people on earth as a group.  81% of transwomen are white middle or upper class and educated.  This is not a minority like any other.  This is a minority with a lot of money and a great deal of political power who cynically use the other 19% to guilt everyone into shutting the fuck up while doing nothing to improve the lives of those people. And the money is there. Jennifer(James) Pritzker could personally fund the transition of every impoverished transwoman in the US and not even make a dent in the fortune that the Pritzker’s have amassed.  But that wouldn’t do.  They need the black trans straw women to guilt the rest of us into upending any and all accomplishments made by women and gay and lesbian activists over the last century.  Often with the completely ludicrous story that those accomplishments in rights were made solely by transwomen.  The implication being therefore it’s their “right” to take those rights away since women and homosexuals haven’t been grateful enough.

Eric Trump old interview resurfaces: 'We don't rely on banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia'
Eric Trump allegedly revealed in a 2014 interview that Russia funded the family's golf resorts "all the time". The President also reportedly told the same journalist that the family had “access to $100 million” for their newest course in North Carolina.
random marauder headcanons

because @aromanticspacemechanic and i started talking about the marauders and science and then it just collapsed into the marauders and everything

  • james is a tiny nerd baby who is completely IN AWE of muggle science like yeah he tries to act cool (spoiler alert: he’s not) with how much he knows on magic topics, but then when he’s introduced to science he’s completely blindsided by everything
  • so he spends his hols reading up on whatever he can get his hands on just rudimentary science textbooks, like primary school/ early secondary school stuff because everything is so amazing and he’s just a combination of charmingly befuddled and dazzled by the ingenuity of muggles
  • (lily doesn’t help ofc, because she’s always casually-except-super-slyly referencing muggle things like lightbulbs and telephones)
  • speaking of which, the thing he’s in awe of the most is the telephone because it’s an instantaneous form of communication and he’s super stoked about it because imagine not waiting 3 days for an owl to deliver your message
  • (quote from @aromanticspacemechanic: ‘i can’t believe james potter co funded skype’ me: *losing my shit*)
  • sirius doesn’t want to get caught up in the muggle knowledge because he’s actually ~cool~ but 1) it pisses off his parents and 2) yeah ok some of this is actually kind of interesting fuck you prongs for getting me involved in physics
  • sirius can hardly make fun because he catches onto math like some people catch the flu! Arithmancy, and eventually mechanical work (for his bike) come along easily
  • really, all the maths + mechanics from physics he’s a whizz at it (‘what? is it like hard?’ he asks elle woods style
  • lily is so in love because he’s incredible to look at yes, but he’s so intelligent and his eyes light up when he’s fascinated by something and THEYRE BOTH NERDS IN LOVE
  • and ofc fleamont and euphemia didn’t dissuade him (fleamont is an enabler because what do you mean there’s not a little bit of chemistry involved in potions making)
  • peter has a knack for geography, especially when it comes to map work so he’s the one who did most of the foundation work on the Map and the drawings too; he’s really good at sketching and has idle hands so he’s always doodling somewhere
  • remus is a history nerd he can spout facts about the British monarchy the way some people can spout song lyrics he would have been a huge game of thrones fan who would rant about how problematic it might be but in the end begrudgingly go back to it because of the fact that it’s based off the war of the roses, which helped found the Tudor dynasty
  • he prefers the books to the tv show but he can’t get enough of it and he cries because of george rr martin’s world building he’s also a lowkey literature nerd who’s like really into drunk history (modern au remus anyway) 
  • he’s the type to get the ~aesthetic~ covers of the booksand then he gets mad because a nicer aesthetic version comes out the next so he owns multiple copies of the same books 
  • his Instagram is delightfully pretentious and aesthetically pleasing full of his pretty self, pretty books, his pretty friends and hot chocolate dates with all of the aforementioned it’s pinterest worthy aesthetic 
  • peter tries to mimic it but he’s more of a food blogger/ art creator on his, and very rarely you’ll see a selfie, but you do see a lot of hastily done sketches of his friends
  • poor James, tho his Insta is a hot mess (like him ayyy) but it somehow works? there’s no rhyme or reason but he gets the most likes and it’s the worst™
  • it’s mostly blurry pictures, that are overexposed and you can’t tell what or who you’re looking because for someone so intelligent he just doesn’t GET social media it’s all a blurred mess with his thumb in the frame half the time and it drives lily and sirius up a wall
  • Lily has the prettiest Instagram you’ll ever see it’s kinda hipster-y but it works of course, she denies it being hipster-y but we all know the truth, Evans
  • it’s filled with flowers and sunsets, coffeeshops and books, cute outfits and shopping days, halsey inspired captions and her cat doing stupid things
  • sirius is kinda grunge maybe? but pretentious grunge that’s like 90% his motorcycle he rarely every posts but when he does tt’s pretentious af #motorcyclesexual
  • there are a few posts of lily’s cat thoug, a tiny little kitten in the pocket of his leather jacket. he’s leaning against a wall, hair tousled and artfully messy
  • it’s aesthetic and james is jealous because of course lily’s stupid cat likes sirius instead of him of course
  • lily just finds his jealousy funny and reassures him that she likes him don’t worry
  • (he still gripes about it for the next few days, only stopping when she finally grabs hold of his collar and pulls him down for a kiss. after that he’s like cat who? and too busy grinning like the dork he is)

Enemy of Man
An independent feature film of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth starring: 

Macbeth - Sean Bean
Ross - Rupert Grint
Duncan - Charles Dance
Banquo - James D’Arcy
MacDuff - Jason Flemyng
Kern - Neil Maskell

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【James McAvoy in fund pledge to help aspiring actors】

James McAvoy has pledged £125,000 to help aspiring actors follow in his footsteps.

The BAFTA-winning actor is funding a 10-year scholarship programme at his former drama school, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS).

The fund will help those aged 25 and under who would otherwise be unable to afford tuition at the school.

McAvoy, who graduated from RCS in 2000, said he wanted to help young people achieve their potential.

“There are few opportunities for young people to engage in performing arts,” he said.

“I see tons of young people who are vastly intelligent but because they have this ingrained humility; it gets in the way of them expressing themselves and showing how brilliant they are.

"Drama breaks through barriers and it can give people the tools to walk into a room and express themselves.

"I really believe in that; it’s why I believe drama should be taught in our state schools from an early age and it’s why I am delighted to be part of creating the opportunity for young Scots to help them realise their potential through drama at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.”

McAvoy said his time at the academy in Glasgow had a “profound effect” on his life. He went on to win acclaim for roles in films such as Atonement, The Last King Of Scotland and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
He added: “I had that opportunity and I want the same for other young people out there who may not have even considered going to college or any other kind of higher education.

"I would say to any young person thinking about drama, ‘Go for it, do it, don’t be worried about what people are going to say’.

"I come from a place where nobody had done anything like it and it worked out pretty good.”

Doctor Who star David Tennant, Tom Conti, Alan Cumming and Robert Carlyle are all former students of RCS, formerly known as the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD).

RCS principal Jeffrey Sharkey said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have James McAvoy enable and inspire young people to be part of the Royal Conservatoire.
"I have no doubt of the profound and long-term impact his incredible support will have on individuals, their families and their communities.”

Applications to the James McAvoy Drama Scholarship fund will open in mid-May, with applicants having to demonstrate that financial cost is the main barrier to their accessing pre-higher education drama training at RCS.

source: BBC Entertainment & Arts

gxldentrio  asked:

Jily stuck in an elevator after an argument?

Definitely AU.

Lily had packed her desk up in record speed, throwing all of her accumulated belongings into a box that she had nabbed from the copier room.

She didn’t like to, but she could admit when she was in the wrong. She could swallow her pride and admit when she had made a mistake, or said something that she probably shouldn’t have, and she had swallowed her pride on multiple occasions. This was not one of those times.

She had worked hard for years to push past on that bloody glass ceiling, slowly making her way up the corporate ladder, biding her time and making due with the ‘man’s world’ and the sausage fest that was- excuse me- had been her job.

And then lickidy split, Mr. trust-fund walks in and suddenly Lily is no longer needed on floor 32 any longer. And that bastard had the gull to tell her to check with his secretary for any open positions?

She pulled the clip our of her hair and threw that into the box as well. Five years of trying to be taken seriously, to be seen first and foremost as a coworker instead of a potential booty call, was all for naught.

When she had cleared out the last drawer, she kicked it shut with her blue swede flats, picked up the box, and spun around on her heel.

She was glad this had happened. She was glad they had fired her now instead of in ten years when she wouldn’t have been able to find another job, when starting over wouldn’t have been an option. It was good that they had done it now. She kept telling herself this as she made her way to the elevator, trying to keep the tears back until she at least got to the lobby, hopefully her car.

She went to jam her elbow into the button to call the elevator to her floor, but didn’t notice that someone else had gone to push the button as well and accidentally crushed their fingers.

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Okay but hear me out:

-Sam Wilson and James Rhodes hanging out

-Sam Wilson and James Rhodes communicating with each other while on missions with Steve and Tony respectively

-Sam Wilson and James Rhodes expressing mild irritancy at being stuck in a sidekick role by the public eye when they are powerful contributing members of the team

-Sam and James meet up for coffee on Thursdays and discuss the ridiculous superhero shit they put up with through the week (not to mention the shenanigans of Steve and Tony)

-Sam and James working together to set up various charitable organizations bent on providing military members, both serving and veterans, with grief counseling and PTSD therapy sessions as well as other factions aimed towards mental and physical recoveries

-Sam and James on double dates and being best men at each others weddings

-Sam and James funding underprivileged predominantly schools in impoverished neighborhoods

-Sam and James being positive and influential black role models and working together for even more intersectional representation


Metallica, Anthrax, Rob Halford, Doro, Killswitch Engage, Corey Taylor, Scorpions, Tenacious D, & More Confirm Contributions To Long-Rumoured Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album Entitled "Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life"; Album Officially Set For Release April 01st 2014 + All Proceeds To Go Towards Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund

While it’s been talked about for some time, it has only now been confirmed; the Ronnie James Dio tribute album now known as “Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life”, and is set to feature new covers from Metallica, Rob Halford, Anthrax, Scorpions, and more! Plus previously recorded tracks from Adrenaline Mob, Killswitch Engage, and Halestorm, and other new collaborations, featuring the likes of Glenn Hughes, Corey Taylor, and more. “Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life” has a confirmed release date of April 01st 2014, and proceeds from the album will go towards the Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund.

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, arrives at The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund’s Royal Film Performance 2015 of the 24th James Bond Adventure, “Spectre”, at Royal Albert Hall on October 26, 2015.

Out of the Ashes, Twist of Fate

Out of the Ashes, part 26/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)
Rating: mature
Beta: rudennotgingr
Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.
Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
tumblr A03 

A/N: portion of dialogue blatantly stolen with very little apology from David Tennant, bless his astrology hating soul.

Donna and Lee didn’t go on a honeymoon, since Donna’s unpredictable nausea made her hesitant about travel.  They said they’d save it for their first anniversary, and instead spent a week moving into their new flat that had room for them and the baby (the down payment of which was also funded by James, but they were determined to pay that cheque back).  By the end of the week, though, Donna said she needed to unwind with friends, which was why Saturday found the whole group–Donna, Lee, James, Rose, Jack, and Ianto–at a grubby pool hall.

“At least Ian’s finally getting a look through ‘Grandpa Wilf’s’ telescope,” Rose said, sipping at a pint.

“Yeah, not sure who was more excited about that,” James replied as Jack lined up a shot at the table.  “I heard plans for s’mores.”

“Well, now I’m jealous,” she said.

“Tell you what,” he said, standing as Jack failed to pocket his ball and bit back a rude comment, “we can roast marshmallows on your stovetop later.”

“Ohh, you know I love it when you talk about creating fire hazards in my flat,” she said with a grin, and he glanced at her with an answering smile before going back to analyzing the table.

“You know, you two are so cute,” Jack observed after a swallow of rum and coke.

“We know,” James replied, winking at Rose and leaning down to sink a ball effortlessly.

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