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Time for a change, epilogue

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 3333 (love it!)

Warning: None but the fluffy goodness that it is

A/N:  I wasn’t so sure about this story when I started it. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the feedback of some of you I know I would not have continued it.  But I am so glad I did.  It turned into something I enjoyed writing and I just hope it made every a few of you smile.  Thank you for reading my first series.  I hope to write many more in the future.

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You looked at yourself in the floor length mirror.  A small smile appeared as you smoothed your hands over the skirt of your wedding dress.  It was not much, but it fit perfectly.  Not just for the beach ceremony but also for the relationship you and Jim had developed over the last year.  It was white and flowy that stopped just short of your knees with just one strap that crossed over your cleavage and tied in a knot over your left shoulder. It was light and fun and wonderful.   There was little time for extras during the Enterprise’s five-year mission but a weeklong shore leave was just what the crew needed. As well as it was just enough time for you and Jim to get married and have a short honeymoon in paradise.  This was the one time you both wanted something that did not belong to Starfleet.  Everything in your lives was duty and work.  It left little room for anything else. When the two of you discussed how you wanted the wedding to go it was easy to agree on something tropical with your friends.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Now here you stood staring at your reflection in the mirror, with all the nervous butterflies fluttering in your stomach.  There was not a cold foot to be had, though.  This is something you wanted more than anything in the galaxy.  Jim had become that piece of you; you did not realize was missing.  Every moment since that day he asked you to stay on the Enterprise with him had shown that. You smiled thinking about the day you had your first fight.

The away team, which included you, had returned to the ship after a rather difficult mission.  Two of the security crewmen had been injured defending the group from a tribe of rather unhappy beings.  You job there had been merely to monitor some of the geologic formations and tectonic plate movements.  However, the team had been ambushed and had to make a run towards the rendezvous point.  When you returned Jim was furious and demanded to see you immediately in one of the conference rooms.

“What were you thinking?!  You could have been hurt or killed.”  You looked at him with a fiery temper that was starting to burn within you.

“I was doing my job!  There is no way I could have known we were being watched.  The scans could not detect any life signs.  How was I to know until I got back to the ship that the readings were being distorted?  I can’t predict how these missions go.”  The volume on your voice had increased towards the end of your statement.

“You have to be more careful.  I have a mind to prevent you from going on any further away missions. Especially without me.”  His voice had raised to match your own.

“Prevent me?  Oh no. That is not going to happen.  This is Starfleet and there is always going to be some danger to it, Jim.  You will not keep me from doing my job.”  Jim raked his hands through his hair as he paced in front of you.

“I can’t lose you!  Do you understand that?  I love you and I refuse to have to watch you injured or dead on Bones’ table again.”  Your heart stopped in your chest for just a moment as your mind processed what he had just said.  All traces of anger and temper disappeared as you whispered.

“You love me?”  His blues eyes looked up to yours as the anger and frustration left his features. That beautiful half smile of his appeared though he kept his distance across the room.

“I am so head over heels for you, [Y/N] I can’t think straight. When I heard your communication from the planet… I thought I would lose you.  I couldn’t take it if I did.”  You stepped close to him wrapping your arms around his neck and kissed him slowly. It had been two months since you had been aboard and met Jim.  Three weeks in you knew that you loved the man.  It frightened you so you kept it to yourself.  

“I love you too, James Tiberius Kirk.  Don’t you ever forget it.”  The kiss that followed lasted until the next morning.  The fight had been forgotten, you and he were inseparable from then on.


Nyota popped her head in the door to check on you.  “You look beautiful, [Y/N].  Jim’s jaw is going to drop when he sees you.  But I think you are missing something.”  Looking confused, you searched around the room for something you may have missed.  Scared that it was something important.

“Oh no, what did I miss? Ring, hair, dress…  What am I missing?”  She beamed at you as she entered the rest of the way closing the door behind her.  In her hand was a large white flower that she carefully placed in your wavy hair.  She kissed both of your cheeks before hugging you.

“You can’t get married in paradise without a little local flora.”  Nyota had become one of your closest friends in your time on the Enterprise.  Bonding over a love of martial arts and training, you had become fast friends.

“Thank you, it’s perfect.” As you looked in the mirror, she adjusted your hair and back of your dress.  You opted to go barefoot, wanting to feel the sand between your toes.

“Are you nervous?” You grinned at her through the reflection in the mirror.

“Honestly?  Not really.  I mean I am nervous that something is going to ruin it but not nervous to marry Jim.  He is… He is the other half of me.  I need him to breath.  I am more excited to be Mrs. Kirk.  Or Lieutenant Kirk, whatever.”  You both laughed as a soft knock sounded on the door.

“Can I come in?” Leonard called out from behind the door. Nyota moved to let him in and he stopped dead at the moment he saw you.

“[Y/N], you look… too damn good for that man.  Good thing Jim knows that.”  All of you laughed as he walked over to hug you.

“You checking up on us, Leonard?”  Nyota asked as she made sure the flower bouquet was just perfect.

“Jim wanted to make sure you hadn’t run off.  I don’t think I have ever seen the man so nervous.  I told him if he didn’t calm down I was going to sedate him.”  The laughter you all shared helped the nerves that were making your heart race.

“Tell him I’m not going anywhere.  He better be down on that beach waiting for me.”  Leonard smiled kissing your cheek.

“He will be there.  No doubt about it, darlin’.”  Leonard left you and Nyota to head back to wait with Jim. Twenty more minutes and you would be walking through the sand to start the rest of your lives together.  Off to one side of the small room sat a couch, where you proceeded to sit and stare out at the water.  Nyota joining you after a moment.

“I never thought I would get married.  Mind you, I wanted to but I never thought I would have what my parents have.  It’s crazy how much they love each other. Knew from the time they were kids that there wasn’t anyone else for them.  Now here I am marrying Jim, and I am completely in awe of him.”  There were tears forming in your eyes as she stared at you.  A bit of a smile forming on her lips.

“He has changed so much in the time I have known him.  I met him in a bar years ago, the idiot started a bar fight after trying to get my name.  To look at him now, a captain in Starfleet and marrying you, whom he absolutely worships. He is a man I am glad to have as a friend.  I am so happy for you both.”  Jim had told you about him drunkenly trying to sleep with Uhura before he joined the academy.  It was something you had both laughed over dinner one night while sharing embarrassing stories.  It was something that you loved about him.  He was brutally honest with you.  Would tell you things about himself even if they were not in the best light. Jim did not want any secrets between you, especially his secrets.  You meant that much to him.

“Thank you for being my friend.  Without you I know we wouldn’t be here.”  Nyota smiled squeezing your hand.  The memories came flooding back of the night that Jim proposed.

Three months ago, there had been a party for Scotty’s birthday. Everyone was having a great time laughing and drinking.  You had been curled up under Jim’s arm feeling completely at home.  Throughout the night, Jim had been exceptionally quiet. It was an odd occurrence for him, pairing that with his refusal to drink any alcohol, you were worried.  You had asked if he was all right multiple times.  Every time he said, he was fine and would kiss your forehead.  It sobered you up quickly, as you worried and knew something was not right with him.

When you returned to your shared quarters, you stopped him, asking once more, what was wrong.

“Jim, talk to me.  You haven’t been yourself all night.”  He pulled you close as he cupped your cheek, grazing his thumb over it.

“You know me so well.  I’ve just been thinking about us all night.  Actually, I think about you every moment I can.  Do you know how much I love you and how much you mean to me?” While Jim told you, he loved you all the time this was more than his usual show of emotion.

“I love you too, Jim.  So much.”  He smiled stealing a quick kiss.

“Marry me…  Make me the happiest man alive and marry me.” You mouth went dry and your mind went blank.  Did he actually just ask you to marry him?

“Jim…”  Your shock was growing, as was the anxiety that was threatening to erupt at an incredible pace.

“We are so good together.  I love you and you love me.  I don’t want to live my life without you in it.  Marry me.”  Jim was so sure of his love and his intent.  You could hear it in every word.  All of the emotions behind them and it scared you to death.  There were no thoughts as you ran from the room and down the corridor.  No thought at all until you ended up at Nyota’s door banging loud for her to let you in.

“[Y/N]?  What’s the matter?  What happened?”  Your frantic disposition frightened her.  Pushing past her, you sat on her couch putting you head on your knees crying loudly.

“He asked… I’m not good enough…  I don’t know if I can… Oh my God… he must…”  She could not make sense of the drabble that came out in between sobs.  Sitting next to you, she held you until the cries finally ceased.  

“So let me get what you are saying here.  Jim asked you to marry him and you freaked out then ran here?” You nodded wiping your face.  It sounded worse hearing it out loud.  In your mind, it had not sounded as bad.

“He must hate me.  Nyota… He is James Kirk.  This amazing man that has done so much.  I can’t live up to that.  I’m just me.” Nyota had to refrain from rolling her eyes.

“You are an idiot.”  It hurt hearing the words that you already knew were true.  “That man fell in love with you.  Hello, you saved the entire damn crew the first day you were here. He fell for the smart, beautiful weirdo that you are.  It’s not as if you ever hid yourself from him.  He knows you are way too good for him but you still love him, right?” Nodding again, you sat straight trying to wipe the rest of the tears from your eyes and cheeks.

“I love him so much.”

“I know you do.  Then stop this nonsense of not being good enough.  It’s hard enough finding friends in this galaxy.  Love is something that doesn’t come every day.  Now stop being an idiot and go apologize to him.  I know he has to be losing his mind right now.  Go.” She all but pushed you out of her quarters.

By the time, you got back to your quarters Jim was a mess.  He ran to you as you entered the room.  “I’m sorry baby.  I’m so sorry.  I should have done it better.  You deserve better than that.  You deserve everything.  I know I’m not the greatest guy out there.  I’m sorry… I promise…”  Your heart broke listening to his desperation.  Jim did not know how amazing he was and how much you love him. You stopped him midsentence with a soft lingering kiss.

“I’m sorry Jim.  I shouldn’t have left like that but I was scared.  I don’t know what you see in me.  But I love you more than words can say.  Will you ask me again?  Please?” He smiled down at you as he held you as tight as he could against him.

“[Y/N], will you spend the rest of your life with me, traveling the stars and exploring what’s out there?  Will you marry me?”  You were not sure if your face had ever smiled that much.  So much so you knew it was going to hurt later.

“Yes, Jim.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you and the stars.  I will marry you.”  The hoot that Jim let out hurt your ears but he spun you around kissing all over your face.

“I promise you won’t regret it, baby.  I am going to make the best husband.”

Now here you were months later, preparing to walk down the aisle to start the rest of your lives together. Looking over towards your friend, she smiled at you.  “Are you ready to go?  It’s time.”

You nodded standing from the couch before straightening your dress.  One last look in the mirror for a brief touch up of your hair and makeup and you were off.  Nyota lead you towards the beach where the many chairs were set up for the crew. Stopping just before anyone could see you under the covered awning of the building.  As you closed your eyes, you took a slow breath, smelling the salty air and hearing the water crash onto the shore.  You knew without looking Jim was standing down in front of everyone waiting for you.  It felt like your heart was going to burst with anticipation.  

The music began signaling Nyota that it was her time to walk ahead of you down the aisle.  Once she had reached the front, the music changed letting everyone gathered know it was your turn.  Everyone stood as you stepped out into view.   Jim’s face lit up and you could see him mouth “oh my god” to Leonard, as he stood next to him.  Beaming back at him, you tried to keep your pace steady, but in your mind you just wanted to run to him and kiss his beautiful mouth.  As you joined him at his side, he took your hand, kissing it before holding it in both of his hands.  He whispered in your ear, “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”  

Your cheeks pinked slightly as you whispered back, “I love you.”  The two of you turned toward the officiant grinning like mad.  The man smiled to you both, motioning for everyone to take their seats.

“I want to thank everyone for joining us to witness the union of these two loving people.  James and [Y/N] come together of their own will to seal their lives together as one.  With the promises today, they will share their lives, their love and their futures.

Many events in life have brought them to this moment.  Each one shaping and molding who they are as individuals that will support in binding them today as a couple.  Before I continue I ask you, James and [Y/N], do you wish to proceed with this ceremony knowing that you will leave here as one?  No longer separate…”

Jim looked at you and you him.  There was not a doubt in either of you.  Together you replied.

“Yes, we do.”  The officiant smiled brightly.

“Beautiful.  Now we move on to the good stuff.  James look at your lovely bride, and repeat for me.  I, James, take you, [Y/N], to be my partner, my love and my wife.  Always my equal, even when the dark storms pour down on us. To share our joy and pain, until all our days are gone.”

Jim turned to you taking both hands after you has given your flowers to Nyota.  He smiled but it was his serious smile as he took every word of his vows to heart.  “I, James, take you, [Y/N], to be my partner, my love and my wife.  Always my equal, even when the dark storms pour down on us. To share our joy and pain, until all our days are gone.”

There was no stopping the tears of joy in your eyes or the lone tear that slipped down your cheek. Jim wiped it away with his thumb as he teared up as well.  A few sniffles could be heard from the crew.  The officiant turned to you, with a smile.  “Now, [Y/N], I asked you to do the same.  Repeat after me.  “I, [Y/N], take you, James, to be my partner, my love and my husband.  Always my equal, even when the dark storms pour down on us.  To share our joy and pain, until all our days are gone.”

You took a deep breath, trying to keep from crying as you said the words you have been anxiously waiting on for three months. “I, [Y/N], take you, James, to be my partner, my love and my husband.  Always my equal, even when the dark storms pour down on us.  To share our joy and pain, until all our days are gone.”  Jim kissed your hand again as he looked to be growing more anxious to kiss your lips.

“The final step in this ceremony is the exchanging of rings.”  Nyota and Leonard handed the rings to the man as he looked between you two.  Holding up the rings, he continued his beautiful speech. “These rings symbolize an unending circle, love everlasting.  Choosing to give these rings is a vow that you will love the other all your days. James, please place this ring on her finger, as a vow of your love and commitment to her.”  

Taking the ring from him, Jim slipped the simple gold band on to your ring finger.  There was a look of relief on his face, as though he thought you would run before he could get it on.

“Wonderful.  Now, [Y/N] I ask the same of you.  Slip the ring onto James’ finger as a vow of your love and commitment to him.”

You were grinning like a fool as you took the matching ring from him.  It slipped easily onto Jim’s finger.  Both of you clasping your hands tightly together, not wanting to let go.

“It makes me proud to announce the joining of James and [Y/N] together as one.  Friends lets us celebrate them as husband and wife.  Seal this moment with a kiss.”

Everyone gathered jumped up cheering.  Clapping and screaming as Jim pulled you against him, kissing you as if his life depended on it.

“Save some for the honeymoon!”  Leonard called to you and he laughed and clapped his happiness for you both.

Jim pulled back grinning down at you.  It had really happened, you were married and this was the start of something amazing.

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