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“It’s just the feeling as though the entire, every axiom of your life has turned out to be false, and that there’s actually nothing, and you’re nothing, and it’s all a delusion. And you’re so much better than everyone else ‘cause you can see that this is just a delusion, and you’re so much worse because you can’t fucking function.”

The End of the Tour (2015) - Dir. James Ponsoldt


When I think of this trip, I see David and me in the front seat of his car. We are both so young. He wants something better than he has. I want precisely what he has already. Neither of us knows where our lives are going to go. It smells like chewing tobacco, soda and smoke. And the conversation is the best one I ever had.”

the love affair of the minds


‘The End of the Tour’, James Ponsoldt (2015)

It may be what in the old days was called a spiritual crisis or whatever. It’s just the feeling as though the entire, every axiom of your life turned out to be false, and there was actually nothing, and you were nothing, and it was all a delusion. And that you were better than everyone else because you saw that it was a delusion, and yet you were worse because you couldn’t function.


Great Yarns

A longish list of SUPER-long books.

Recommendations by Estelle, Hermione Hoby, Ragini, Mads Jensen, Monika, Jane Marie, Stephanie, Anna F.,Meagan, Naomi and Tova.

Ten Books for Short Story Lovers

The Steppe and Other Stories - Anton Chekhov

Collected Stories - Isaac Babel

Because They Wanted To - Mary Gaitskill

Girl With Curious Hair - David Foster Wallace

Selected Stories - Eudora Welty

Little Kingdoms - Steven Millhauser

Dubliners - James Joyce

What Was Mine - Ann Beattie

Like Life - Lorrie Moore

A Good Man is Hard to Find - Flannery O'Connor

by: juliettetang

Cocktail Menu for My New, Literary-Themed Bar

    The Ernest Hemingway

white rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, lime, simple syrup

The F. Scott Fitzgerald

gin, lime, club soda, Angostura

The Gabriel Garcia Marquez

aguardiente, absinthe, ice (seen for the first time)

The Fyodor Dostoevsky

the capacity for both white and dark rum in the same glass

The E.L. James

a Harvey Wallbanger, made poorly

The Dr. Seuss

brandy, Dalwhinnie, hatchberry, frinny, loads upon loads of bumbletongrinny

The Vladimir Nabokov

scotch - aged 12 years, honey

The James Joyce

Irish whiskey, Pernod, Cynar, crème de cassis, Hesperidina, several more ingredients you’ll have to look up

The David Foster Wallace

A non-alcoholic James Joyce

The Ernest Hemingway 2

any domestic tallboy, shotgunned

The Dan Foster

mostly bitters

The stories all have female narrators, and all (save one) are inspired by iconic short stories written by men. Galchen’s stories are witty and delightfully intelligent, riffing on works by David Foster Wallace, James Joyce and Haruki Murakami. Each illustrates how the presence of women, as authors and narrators, might have inflected canonical stories…The project as a whole is a lot like Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville,” the 1993 record that was a woman’s song-by-song response to the Rolling Stones’ album “Exile on Main Street.”