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Sara Forbes Bonetta

Lady Sara Forbes Bonetta was a West African Egbado Omoba who was orphaned in intertribal warfare, sold into slavery, and in a remarkable twist of events, was liberated from enslavement, and became a goddaughter to Queen Victoria. Born: 1843, Ogun, NigeriaDied: August 15, 1880, Funchal, PortugalSpouse: James Pinson Labulo Davies (1862–1880)Residence: London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Lagos Colony, Colonial Nigeria

Homes Of The World’s Top-Earning Celebrities

In conjunction with Forbes’ just-released Celebrity 100 List, we’ve compiled a round-up of where these stars lay their heads, focused on the top earners.

Cast & Crew shaing their congrats/love on Tatiana winning the Emmy! (more of the cast) (other reactions)

Hotline Bling (Calum Hood Imagine)

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Summary: ‘Just because we used to fuck, it doesn’t mean we’re friends’.

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Warnings: Mentions of sex and swearing

A/N: This is to celebrate mine and Calum’s birthday :). This is so bad, forgive me!  Based on this song: Hotline Bling - Drake

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Pace - “non-Brit most perfect to be cast as James Bond”

BoTFA LA Premiere After-Party

Jackson spent most of the party sitting in a private area with his family and cast members, trying to relax while gamely smiling and shaking hands of those stopping by to offer congratulations (including yours truly). Some cast members walked the room and did their duty as ambassadors for the film, with Lee Pace and Evangeline Lilly winning the award for most friendly and inexhaustible when it came to indulging folks who wanted to chat or snap a photo. (For the record, Lilly also won the award for coolest hair at the party, while Pace won the award for “non-Brit most perfect to be cast as James Bond”).

Mark Hughes, Forbes

Forbes: Highest-Paid Athletes | June 10, 2015

Forbes has released their annual highest-paid athletes list and Cristiano Ronaldo comes in as soccer’s biggest earner and the third best paid athlete overall. He was also named the most popular athlete on social media with over 158 million followers. 

{03} Cristiano Ronaldo - $79.6 million
{18} Gareth Bale - $35 million
{27} James Rodríguez - $29 million