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♛ Morgan le Fay + quotes {7/ ∞}

“ ‘There! I told Mordred he had nothing to fear!’ Nimue gasps a little as she finds her voice. ‘I told him Morgan would not change. I told him nothing could undo her hate for Arthur.’ 
I, Taliesin, am speechless with amazement. Can Nimue really not feel the truth? Can the night so bewitch, so distort, so deceive her senses? Or do we find each in this story what we want to hear? Morgan the wicked witch, Arthur the noble king. Their tragedy is our misunderstanding.”  

Taliesin’s telling (Morgan le Fay Book Four) - Fay Sampson


♛ Morgan le Fay +  books  {3/ ∞}

daughter of tintagel - morgan le fay series (fay sampson)     

“Morgan uses her womanhood like a warrior who seizes the nearest weapon to her hand. She could have matched Arthur, strength for strength. Instead, she is the converse of his shape, the darkness to his light. She fills the space he cannot. Because he is a man, she is a woman”. - Taliesin’s telling [Morgan le fay series book 4] 

[author’s note] “In physics, Dark Matter forms an unseen world that is the inverse of the matter we observe. Matter and Antimatter were created to exist in equal proportions. Together they hold the universe in balance. But when they come into contact the result is mutual destruction. Morgan’s story is the Dark Matter of Britain”.

[synopsis/prologue] “I am what I am. I am eternal. I am the shape-shifter. I am Morgan the Fay. Yes you may recoil. If you have heard of me at all, it will be nothing to my credit. I am the half-sister of good King Arthur, and his arch-enemy, am I not? The wicked witch, the embodiment of evil. And yet… Others call me Morgan the Goddess. After battle of Camlann a silk-hung comes to fetch the morally wounded king away to Avalon. I am the queen who takes Arthur in my arms for healing.  How could you understand? You do not want to live with this ambiguity. Some editing of the story will clearly be necessary” (x).  


Katie McGrath as Morgana in ‘Merlin’ (2008-2012).

It’s a shame more people don’t know who Jack White is. He was born to an Irish Protestant military family but became disillusioned with the British Empire during his service and joined the burgeoning Home Rule movement in Ireland, later becoming good friends with James Connolly and becoming involved in the socialist backed labour movement.

It was actually White who suggested to Connolly the formation of the Irish Citizens Army to protect striking workers from the police. When Connolly was sentenced to death for his role in the Easter Rising, Jack tried to instigate a miners strike in Wales in order to pressure the British government. Post 1916 he helped found the Republican Congress, a far left Irish Republican organization, in 1934.

He then travelled to Spain during the Spanish Civil War as a medic with the Red Cross, and while in Barcelona was impressed with the CNT-FAI’s revolution and was drawn into the anarchist cause, partially due to his own growing anti-Stalinist and anti-statist views which made him a misfit among the orthodox socialists in Ireland. Upon his return he wrote a great first hand account of the ‘37 May Days and campaigned in Britain and Ireland for the cause of anarchist Spain. He remained involved with the anarchist cause for the remainder of his life, dying in 1946.

I made a Zelda-esque timeline for the Star Fox franchise, since not all of the games can co-exist in a linear timeline, but fans still want them to be canon in some way, and don’t want Star Fox: Zero to end up invalidating everything.

Star Fox: Zero’s place is tentative, and I can actually think of three ways it could be incorporated depending on how the game plays out.


♛ Morgan le Fay +  books  {1/ ∞} 

the mists of avalon (marion zimmer bradley)

“ In my time I have been called many things: sister, lover, priestess, wise-woman, queen. Now in truth I have come to be wise-woman, and a time may come when these things may need to be known. But in sober truth, I think it is the Christians who will tell the last tale. For ever the world of Fairy drifts further from the world in which the Christ holds sway. I have no quarrel with the Christ, only with his  priests, who call the Great Goddess a demon and deny that she ever held power in this world.  [….] 

And now, when the world has changed, and Arthur-my brother, my lover, king who was and king who shall be-lies dead (the common folk say sleeping) in the Holy Isle of Avalon, the tale should be told
as it was before the priests of the White Christ came to cover it all with their saints and legends. […]  This is my truth; I who am Morgaine tell you these things, Morgaine who was in later days called Morgan le Fay.” 

[Synopses] In Bradley’s novel the arthurian legend is retold by the lives of women, bringing a new light to the fantastic story of King Arthur. From the perspective of female characters, the book follows the trajectory of Morgaine, a priestess of the Goddess who struggles to save her faith and culture in a country where christianity threatens to destroy the pagan way of life. Besides of Morgaine, the story is also focused on the lives of other arthurian women, such as Gwenhwyfar, Viviane, Morgause, Igraine (x). 

Space and Half Drunk Secret Spilling - Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warning: couple of swear words, alcohol, drunk bucky

A/N: double post ayeee :D

It wasn’t very great that you barely got any days off, without any training, no fighting goons, nothing, but when those days did come your way, you tried to enjoy it as much as possible by doing absolutely nothing.


You’d bring all the food you’d need by ordering takeout or eating cereal, but the rest of the day you’d just sit around and watch Netflix or something.

And so far, your day had been going fucking spectacularly until you reached the home stretch of the day.

That’s when you got the phone call.

“Heyyyyy there,” Bucky drunkenly giggled into the phone, making you sigh.

“Where are you right now?” It took all your effort to push yourself off your couch and not cry about it.

“I think I’m in space. There are so many sparkly lights.” He gasped. “So pretty.”

“Bucky, I’m sure you’re not in space. Where are you? And where’s Steve?” you mumbled tiredly, rubbing your forehead.

“I’m in space! I’m an assss-tronaut.” He giggled uncontrollably like a small child. “My name is not Bucky. It’s Becky. Beck. Christopher Beck. Because Chris is a nice name.”

“Where’s Steve?” You resisted to urge to make a pun, which came out anyways. “Tell him to bring you beck home.”

“He went off with this really pretty girl who had fire for hair. Like, her hair was on fire. It was so red. She didn’t like it when I touched it though.” The only explanation you had for this was that Thor had probably spiked his drink with some godly alcohol and Steve went canoodling with Natasha.

“Is anybody else there with you?” You turned off the TV, yawning a bit to yourself.

“My bestest friend- what’s your name again?” He asked someone behind who you heard give him an answer -“my bestest friend Asher is here with me. She’s the best. Like, the best friend I’ve ever had.”

You could faintly hear someone say their name was Ashley, not Asher.

“We can talk about your best friends later, Bucky.” You grabbed the keys before leaving your house.

“WE CAN TALK ABOUT [Y/N]?!” he let out a deafening yell which made you flinch, but smile all the same.

“Sure. Now give the phone to Ashley,” you demanded, smiling when he noisily handed over the phone to ‘Ava’ who grumbled about her name.

“We’re on the 52nd street. Funky Buddha nightclub,” she informed you as you thanked her, starting up the car to drive to there.


You soon reached there and were met with the face of poor annoyed Ashley who looked so done with Bucky that you gave her a $20 tip just for putting up with him.

“Alright there you big baby. Let’s go home.” You gave out a small ‘oof’ as you draped his gigantic fucking arm over your shoulder, almost immediately feeling his muscle weight take a toll on you.

“Are we going in a spaceship?” he asked in wonder as you navigated him through the people.

“Well, close enough.” You stopped outside the car, fumbling for keys.

“This is so cool!” he squealed, stumbling over himself to touch one of Tony’s shiny ass cars. 

“It is,” you agreed, opening up the door for him on the passenger side, almost stuffing him inside before joining him but in the driver’s seat.

“Are we going to Budapest?” he asked you, eyes wide open. You genuinely had no clue how the fuck he assumed that you both were going to Budapest of all the fucking places.

“Noo?” you tried carefully, unsure of his reaction, “we’re going home so you can sleep.”

“Oh my God, yes!” he exclaimed excitedly. “Home!” 

“Home,” you agreed, leaving you both in silence.

“I like home,” he mumbled after some time. You didn’t respond to that, because you didn’t actually know what to say.

Instead, you pulled up into the driveway of Stark Towers after giving a finger print scan and voice recogniser, watching as the basement gate opened up. You parked the car and got out, checking the time. 

1:24 AM. Dammnit.

“Come on.” You opened the door and he jumped outside, almost immediately tripping over his own feet and fell to the ground.

You facepalmed and shook your head, grabbing a hold of his hand, helping him to his feet as he laughed again, almost unable to breathe.

After what seemed like an eternity, you managed to get him to his room and to his bed, after about 10 stumbles and 500 giggles.

“Thank youuuuu.” He stretched it out smiling like a dork as he planted a large kiss on your cheek, lingering there before he pulled back and brought a finger to his lip, telling you to ‘shh’.

“Don’t tell [Y/N],” he said seriously before grinning again.

“Why not?” you played around, helping him to pull off his jacket.

“Because I really really really really-” his eyes got wider and brighter with every word which got louder and louder- “like [Y/N] .”

Even though that part was softer than the rest, you still heard it clearly as your heart sped up incredibly.

“I’m sure [Y/N] likes you too.” You assured him- and it was true.

“Really?” he asked you in surprise as you ruffled his hair, “Like, [Y/N]’s really really pretty. And funny. And makes the best waffles.”

“I make the best waffles huh?” You gave him a smug smirk.

“Oh my GOD, [Y/N]!” he shrieked, attacking you in a hug, knocking the breath out of you, “I missed you so much, baby!”

“I missed you too, Bucky.” Your heart thumped loudly at the nickname he gave you.

“Where’d that other pretty person go? They were very nice.” He looked around, genuinely confused.

“We’ll look for them in the morning,” you assured him as you helped him to get into his bed, tucking him in.

“Are you sure?” he asked you, yawning.

“Yup. Now go to sleep.”

“Goodnight [Y/N]. I love you.” 

“I love you too, James.”


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♛ Morgan le Fay +  books  {2/ ∞}

morgana trilogy  (alessa ellefson) 

“Though fairies may exist, and knights in shining armor are still around, there is no such thing as a prince charming!” —  Blood of the Fey (Morgana Trilogy Book 1) 

[Synopsis] Morgan Pendragon just wants a normal life. But on her last year at a Swiss boarding school, one of her classmates is found mysteriously dead. Before she knows it, Morgan’s called home to Wisconsin, for the first time in her life. There, not only does she have to deal with her crazy-weird family, but she’s forced to attend a strange school set in a magical world under Lake Winnebago. To make matters worse, she must train with the others to become Knights of the Round Table and fight in a secret, millennia-old war against the Fey–fallen angels with unimaginable powers who’d do anything to destroy humans. And if that wasn’t enough, she must do the impossible: learn to make friends. As the world is falling apart, Morgan must adapt to her new reality before she either goes nuts… or finds herself dead. (x)