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What the Emojis are Like in Bed


Gene would be super sweet and gentle, making sure he doesn’t hurt you. He’d be slow at first, but work his way up to a faster pace, leaving you a moaning mess. 


KINKY AF. Hi-5 is a mad man in bed. When you guys are going at it, make sure a safe word is involved, because he will not hesitate to pound you into oblivion.


Jailbreak would be real smug, making sure she takes care of you before herself. She loves watching you squirm while she goes to work on you. 


She would be very dominate, making you her slave in the process. Chains and leashes are always involved. She also loves making you with bruises on your ass, claiming you as her own. 


Poop has the stongest thrust out of all of them- this is both a blessing and a curse. Also, to no surprise, he like anal. A lot. 

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Went to see Chris Pratt get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. ⭐️🎬 

He and Anna Faris were funny, charming, sweet, cute, supportive, grateful, and awesome! I love their relationship! 💑 

Chris waved, winked, blew kisses as well as said hi and bye to us. So much love for this guy! 👋😉😘👍😻 
Wonderful recognition that is well deserved!
Congrats Chris ! 👏🙏🙌👍💕




My awesome selfie was ruined by these photobombers behind me. Go see #gotgvol2 today! #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 #marvel#selfie (from L to R - @thejudgegunn, #KurtRussell, @karengillanofficial, @prattprattpratt, @officialslystallone, me, @zoesaldanaaddict, #ElizabethDebicki, @michael_rooker, @davebautista@pomin8r.)


Chris Pratt - Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Anna’s speech starts at 11:00 and Chris’s is at 21:55. 

You can see James Gunn crying at Anna’s speech in the video, which he also tweeted about: 

A small detail in Alien: Covenant

The head part of the sleepsuits the crew wear in cryosleep have Roman Numerals on them.

For example:

Jacob, the captain, has “I” - which is “1”

Daniels has “III” which is “3”

Tennessee has “V” for 5

And Upworth (I think) has “XIV” which is 14.

I’m thinking that the numerals correspond as to their rank/the chain of command on the ship. Jacob, the Captain, is of course the first in command, Oram is second and then Daniels is third (this is confirmed in the prequel novel). This would mean Tennessee is fifth in command (after Karine perhaps? Maybe Lope or Faris?), and Upworth is fourteenth.

Anyway, I just thought that this was a neat detail! :)

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How are you a writer when your grammar and punctuation is atrocious and it looks like you've never heard of spellcheck? Writing bad fanfiction doesn't count as being a writer. You don't know anything about the craft.

The Emoji Movie is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated science fiction-comedy film directed by Tony Leondis and written by Leondis, Eric Siegel and Mike White, based on the emoji symbols.[4] It stars the voices of T. J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Steven Wright, Rob Riggle, Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Aguilera, Sofía Vergara, Sean Hayes and Patrick Stewart. The film centers on Gene, a multi-expressional emoji who lives in a teenager’s phone, and who sets out on a journey to become a normal mehemoji like his parents.[5][6]

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, and distributed by Columbia Pictures, The Emoji Movie premiered on July 23, 2017 at the Regency Village Theatre and was theatrically released in the United States on July 28, 2017. It grossed over $214 million worldwide but was panned by critics.[7][8]