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Host James Corden of the CBS Late Late Show dug deep into his shared past with Eddie Redmayne on Thursday’s broadcast. He unveiled Eddie’s early performing headshot and played a clip of him singing “Memory” from CATS (quite beautifully, of course) from when they both trained at the Jackie Palmer Stage School in suburban London, while Eddie writhed and winced. (My screengrabs)


EDDIE JUST ALWAYS GIVES 110% AND I LOVE HIS ACTING AND JAMES IS PURE COMEDIC GOLD AND TOGETHER YOU GOT THIS WONDERFUL ADORABLE FUNNY SKIT!! And the whistle part kind of reminds me of that hilarious Comic Relief skit that David Tennant and Catherine Tate did where he was a teacher and she was a troublesome student. And she kept interrupting him and they went back in forth really fast at one point and its just like the whistle part in this skit haha

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Films Seen in 2015 // Cinematography

#9: The Theory of Everything (2014)

Directed by James Marsh

Cinematography by Benoît Delhomme

Fantastic Beasts: Eddie Redmayne answers our burning questions
  • James Hibberd: What’s been your favorite spell to cast as Newt?
  • Eddie Redmayne: There’s one which basically stuns someone and sort of makes them kind of go almost statue-like. Shooting that, there was the most brilliant stuntman doing it, and he literally goes from fully standing to falling like a log and smacking on the ground and, I just couldn’t believe that he didn’t break his brain.
  • JH: In interviews you said you were into magic as a kid. What was your favorite trick?
  • ER: My favorite trick was this coloring book that you would open the pages, and the pages would be blank, then you’d then tap it with a wand, and you’d open the pages again and there would be like drawings, and then you’d tap in with a wand again and then all of the drawings would be colored in. That was my favorite trick. I bought it from a place from a place called Davenports Magic Shop and School. And it didn’t involved any skill, it was just a proper old-school trick.
  • JH: Who’s the one person from the Harry Potter universe that you would like Newt to meet?
  • ER: To meet in a future film? That’s really an interesting question. I think a Newt and Ron scene would be quite enjoyable. I think those guys would find each other quite intriguing. Ron and Newt would have quite a good time. I’m not sure a huge amount would be achieved.
  • JH: Have you done the Pottermore house sorting yet?
  • ER: You know what, I did the other day! And that would be really depressing for me to find out that like I’m not actually Hufflepuff and then it sorted me with Hufflepuff. I literally was by myself at home and I yelped with excitement that I got Hufflepuff. I was like, “the magic exists.”