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MCR Wallpapers

sorry I took so long, I kinda got carried away looking at pictures of Gerard

happy late valentines by the way, oh and I made like 11 of these but i’m gonna post them separately

The Five Types of People in a Group Chat

The “Gerard”: Always seems high though they’re not, since they’re constantly telling everyone about their weird (but kinda cool) ideas

The “Mikey”: Doesn’t say much, you can sometimes forget they’re in the group chat. The only things they say are the occasional “yes,” “no,” or something so off-the-wall and weird that people think the Gerard said it.

The “Frank”: The self-deprecating comedian, constantly making slightly concerning statements that are played off as jokes

The “Ray”: The memer of the group. Self-explanatory, some of the memes are good, some of them are outdated, and some are weird mom-memes from Facebook.

The “James”: The only somewhat normal one, talks about what they did that day, what they’re making for dinner, etc. Normal conversationalist.


And here we have Ray Toro making out on stage with James Dewees. And I thought Ray was the straight one in MCR.