S+S: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Gerard: Probably jumping over a 6 foot barricade to a 10 foot drop to concrete in a bear costume. In a bear costume is probably what makes it a little crazier.
That was on the Reggie tour and they have a bear come on stage with them. They didn’t have their bear, so the first day James said, “Hey, bro. I got a job for you if you’re interested. If you want to, start our set and say ‘Let’s get it on’ then kind of do whatever you want.” I was like, “Alright.”

So, I got in the bear suit, jumped, and nobody caught me.I’m thinking, “Dude, they’re definitely going to catch a guy in a bear suit. Who wouldn’t want to catch a guy in a bear suit?”
I thought I was going home in a helicopter. That was the last time I did that. That was in Florida too, and Florida kids can’t catch for shit anyway. That’s been my experience.