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Things I want to see in Gotham (lowkey in s4)

• More Jerome Valeska
• BatCat actually comunicating
• Oswald coming back
• Oswald calling Ed out on his bullshit
• More sassy Bullock bcause hell yeah
• New characters who are interesting
• Alfred’s Parenting Skills
• More Mad Hatter
• Jervis, Oswald, Ed and Jerome interacting
• Oswald and Bruce interacting
• More Babs and Tabs
• Can we see more Jerome pls? I NEED!
• Bruce evolving
• Again. More. Jerome.
• Cool storyline
• Character development
• Bring back mr.Freeze
• Shit going down (lowkey started by oswald)

Gotham Preference: How he kisses you.

I am so ignorant in this area…this is going to be hilarious. Here goes…

James Gordon:

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Jim is very serious and has to be because of his career. His job will tend to make him exhausted by the end of the day, most of his kisses will therefore be quick, chaste and absentminded. He will want to curl up on the couch with you and play with your hair, sneaking kisses here and there. Soft, sweet, caring - and most importantly, genuine. Despite his preoccupied mind, you will always know how much Jim loves you, and each kiss is like him reminding you that no matter how much his career absorbs his life, you will always mean the world to him. Jim does, however, have a very playful side. When his mind is not dedicated to work, or when he feels especially alive, he will definitely chase you around the house trying to kiss you. There will be gentle lip biting and lots of giggling. He’s very strong so there won’t be much chance of an escape once he has you in his arms.

Harvey Bullock:

(Here’s a gif of Harvey kissing Jim. Hehe. He lurrrvs him.)

Harvey gets around. There had to be a reason why Fish Mooney associated herself with him - and by that, I don’t only mean through business. Despite his usual brash ways, Harvey is actually a very genuine man; his selfish mask only hides his caring character. His kisses will be gentle and loving. Every day, when he comes home from work, he will gather you in his arms and give you a long, sweet kiss - glad to see you safe and far away from the horrors that plague Gotham. When Harvey does allow himself to love, he loves well and true. He is actually one of the most loyal men you could ever find. His kisses will remind you just how much he loves you, and what he will do to make sure you are safe - which tends to be quite worrisome.

Oswald Cobblepot:

Let’s be honest, Oswald will be really awkward when it comes to kissing. Most of his kisses will be a little shaky, and his intentions will lean more towards showing others he is capable of getting what he wants, and that he can be successful in his endeavours. He will always greet you with a chaste kiss when he isn’t trying to impress others (kind of like the kisses he gives his mother). It will take him a little time to learn how to kiss properly, and how to go about maintaining a romantic relationship.

Alfred Pennyworth:

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Five words: whenever Master Bruce isn’t around. His kisses will range from fleeting - with a trace of panic whenever Bruce’s footsteps are approaching - to passionate. Whenever he does have the time - and privacy - to kiss you, he will try to make the most of it, for both him and you. But there will of course be instances when Bruce catches you two, no matter how hard Alfred tries to keep it secret and private.

Edward Nygma:

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Despite Edward’s eccentric habits, his kisses - though awkward and shaky - will be quite sweet. He will blush more than you ever will and will end up stuttering after the kiss has ended, even if he was the one to instigate it. He will most likely not know what to do with his hands; beyond your closed eyes, he might even be flapping - flailing - his arms around, as if your kiss is going to cause him to fly. The poor man will be nervous, but that just makes his kisses sweeter - because you know just how much they affect him, and therefore how much he adores you.

Harvey Dent:

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You will never know when to expect sweet and caring Harvey, or possessive and a little violent Harvey. One moment he will be kissing you like you’re the most delicate and beautiful China doll in the world, and then the next he will be kissing you with an almost frightening hunger. He will, of course, never hurt you; but the sudden switch between his two characters tends to be a bit alarming. Not that he does not ever make you feel unloved, quite the opposite, actually. But he is someone you should be careful of.


Hobbit out!

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My Fat Asian Ass (TG Caption) [Part 1]

“Are you fucking kidding me?” James yelled. “You spent all your money on that piece of shit?”

               “I’m sorry!” Clarice whimpered. “I thought you wouldn’t mind!”

               “Clarice!” James growled at her. “We needed some of that money to pay for food and the apartment!”

               “I’m sorry! What the hell’s the matter with you James? Why are you getting pissed with me over something like this? I just wanted to get something for myself for once!”

               “So, you fucking decide to spent it all in one place! Especially on something as useless as some shit purse.”

               “Fuck you! You wouldn’t understand what it’s like to have to live without buying something for yourself every once in a while. Don’t get all angry with me when you spend all of your money at that damn smokehouse!”

               “Well at least I spend my money on that something that helps keep me sane, while you spend all your money on shitty clothes!”

               “All yeah right! I’d love to see you survive as a girl without ever having any nice clothes to wear!”

               “Whatever, I’m getting the fuck out of here. You better have returned that damn purse by the time you get back!”

               James stomped out from their apartment, and made his way outside. Rain was coming down hard that day. He had trouble seeing his way down the sidewalk, but eventually was greeted by large lit-up letters that made out “Seth’s Smokehouse” with a couple of the letters flickering on and off every couple of seconds.

               James stepped into the dimly lit smokehouse, and made his way over to the bar. The bartender walked over and greeted him.

               “What can I do for you,” The bartender asked.

               “I’ll just have a few beers,” James said. “Leave it on my tab.”

               “You got it pal.”

               Over the next few hours, James had gulped down so many beers he could barely make out the face of the bartender. He finally decided he had enough, and stood up from his stool. James hiccupped as he stumbled across the smokehouse, and made his towards the exit. He nearly fell over a few times before getting a grasp of the door handle. James shoved his way, and tried to remember which way was home.

               Rain was still coming down like cats and dogs, and now with it being night James couldn’t make out a damn thing. All he could do was wander straight forward for a while. He eventually shook himself out of his drunken state, but didn’t have the slightest clue where he was. He looked around at his surroundings a couple times, but he couldn’t even figure out which way he had come from. He needed help.

               James figured he’d find the nearest house, and from there call Clarice to see if she could come get him. After walking down, the sidewalk for a little bit, James became unnerved by the feeling of someone following him. He could swear he could hear another pair of footsteps following behind him whenever he moved. Yet turning around, there was nobody to be seen. James became panicky, and eventually broke off into a run down the sidewalk as a pair of footsteps sped up behind him. He came up to an intersection where tried to run across, but was hit by a car that seemed to come out of nowhere.

               Two men existed from each side of the car, and approached James before he blacked out. As the two mysterious men dragged his body over the car and threw it into the trunk, and drove off, leaving no evidence of the incident behind.


               James woke up, even more confused than he was before. He was in a completely white room with no exits from what he could see, and more than that his clothes had been removed and he now was wearing a tight black bra as well as a tight black thong that was incredibly uncomfortable over his crotch with dick struggling to break out. He stripped off the thong allowing his penis to hang out, but then was scared shitless when a loud voice came out over an unseen speaker from somewhere in the room.

               “Hello there friend,” The voice bellowed joyfully.

               “I’m not your fucking friend!” James yelled back. “Where the fuck am I?”

               “That doesn’t matter much right now friend. I know you are probably scared and confused, but don’t worry. We’ll finish this up quick so you can be on your way.”

               “What the hell are you going to do to me?” James yelled, looking down at the bra that was still on around his chest. “No… NO!”

               “No worries friend, like I said it’ll be done quick so you can be on your way.”

               “No way! You fucking pervert! You’re not changing me into a girl!”

               “Please friend, we must do this experiment to test out our serum’s effects on the human body.”

               “You fucking get near me I’ll kick your ass!”

               Suddenly, a loud high beeping began that forced James on the ground where he covered his ears. A door opened from the other side of the room, and two men in white hazard suits holding needles slowly made their way towards James who tried to get up, but the loud beeping was hurting his ears too much for him to move. The two men stood over James for a moment, before shoving him up against the wall, and injecting him with a strange purple serum in his chest, stomach, face, legs, arms, ass, and finally his dick.

               The two men quickly left the room shutting the door behind them. When the beeping finally stopped, James ran over to where the door was and tried to smash the wall to break out, but the wall was made from metal. No matter how hard he tried hitting it, he couldn’t even make a dent. James eventually grew tired from doing this and fell over onto the ground, laying straight up on his back James began to feel a strange sensation fill up his body.

               James’s back tightened up, as it curved inwards, shortening James’s body by a few inches. He squirmed around on the floor, breathing heavily, as he tried to stand up. He could here his body snapping and cracking all over, as it rearranged itself. His shoulders snapped downwards multiple times until they were completely curved out.

               “Stop this right now!” James demanded. “I don’t want to be a… ungghh…”

               James stretched his head out leftwards clenching his eyes and teeth. His neck was beginning to burn. He grabbed it trying to stop the burning, while he grasped his neck he could feel it begin to shift around as his adam’s apple melted away down his throat. The burning had finally come to a halt.

               “Damn it you fucking…” James said, stopping to feel his throat again, his voice was no longer his own. It had changed to a woman’s voice. “Make this stop you bastards!”

               James’s head suddenly grew incredibly itchy. He began to scratch his hair, and as he did it began to stretch out down around his head. James then gasped as he felt his face begin to stretch out. It began to round out while his skin began to swell outwards. This was the same for the rest of his body. James skin swelled out slightly which his body hair to fall out leaving him with smooth skin. His skin then began to ripple like water as changed from a pale white tone to a much peachier tone.

               James’s cheeks had swollen out quite a bit, giving him a chubby face which paled in resemblance to the rest of his skinny body. He felt his long skinny nose grow shorter while its arch curved out slightly. His eyes were the next to change, they began to stretch out as his eyelashes lengthened by twice their original size.  Finally, his mouth began to stretch out as well. A smile forced itself onto James face as his teeth repositioned themselves, and his lips puffed out.

               More audible cracks sounded off as James’s hands and feet began to shrink down to better accompany his much shorter body. He rubbed his fingers together as he felt the skin on his hands smooth out as they lost most of the roughness they gained from James’s many years of work in the lumberyard. His nails grew longer as well as they self-manicured themselves.

               “Wow these look really nice…” James said, lifting up his hands to get a better look at them, “What the fuck am I saying?”

               James was able to move himself back upwards now, but being still foreign to his new body, he couldn’t get back up onto his legs quite yet, so he stayed on the floor bent over with his hands holding himself up. James now felt pressure beginning to build up in his legs.

               “GAH!” James screamed, as his legs beginning to thicken immensely.

               Both his legs grew incredibly thick within moments which began to travel up his body. James felt week while his thighs began to jiggle outwards. James turned his head around to get a look at his butt.

               “Oh fuck… no my ass,” James muttered, before he began to let out grunts and moans.

               James’s butt began to swell slowly until a jolt of fat forced it out becoming immensely thick. This forced James to fall flat on his face as hit butt had caused his back to curve out even more, which forced him to lose balance.

               The swelling continued up his body, his stomach gained some fat as well which resulted in James losing his strong six-pack. James pushed himself back off the floor with his arms that swelled out as he did so, causing him to fall over once again. All of James muscle was lost, leaving him a jiggly curvy mess. James eventually managed to lift himself off at the floor. His hands seem to act on their own as they brought themselves to James’s nipples. James removed his bra to reveal his massive erect nipples.

               “I better at least get some damn huge tits!” James yelled, which turned into a moan as his chest began to soften up.

               James’s chests blew out faster than a balloon, quickly outgrowing his chest’s support causing them to fold over becoming two massive D-sized breasts. He fondled them in her delicate hands, and softly pinched his nipples which emitted an intense surge of pleasure that shot through his body.

               James panted and wheezed as sweat came rolling down his face. He scrunched up his cute Asian face, as he felt a tremendous tug on his member. He began to give off long high pitched screams each time another tug yanked his dick back deeper into his body. After a few minutes of this eventually James member had been completely sucked back up into his body. Now James was left with a tight moist pussy in place of her dick.

               Aroused by her body, James was about to begin to play with herself when all of a sudden, a window faded in on the white wall and on the other side were three men staring down her naked body. James disgusted covered her massive breasts while she pulled back on her thong which now nicely wedged up in her asscrack. She struggled to get the bra back on, but she eventually managed to snap it on or at least she hoped it did.

               “Change me the fuck back now!” James exclaimed, placing her hand on her hip.

               “Please, please friend!” The man standing in the middle of the window replied. “Look at just how amazing you look. Why would you ever to change back?”

               “You motherfucker! Change me back now, and if not then I’ll call the police when I get out of here!”

               “Oh friend, I’m sorry but that won’t do.”

               The man standing in the middle tapped one of the men that were sitting down. He pointed down at something, and the man then pressed down on a button or something. Suddenly a loud beeping noise went off as green gas flowed into the room.

               “What the fuck…” James tried to yell, but the gas was causing her to gag.

               James tried to cover her hands over her mouth to block out the toxic gas, but she eventually grew woozy as she felt her mind go numb. James tried to stay awake, but she blacked out after a few minutes of inhaling the strange green gas.

               The two men in hazard suits came in and picked up James’s body moving her out of the white room. James while being knocked out, had no clue was she getting into.

               To be continued…


Henri Ducard:   Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.