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11. Favourite series: Perfectly Matched! It's one of my favourite series ever! I love it so much. :D James and Rose are such precious idiots, and I love all of their children. (Though maybe I love Ainsley a teensy bit more than the others. And also Liam.) 12. I cannot pick one fic to reread over the others. I will just go into your AO3 account and read 10-15 of your one-shots in one sitting. I love your fic.

I’m still extremely proud of myself for my soulmates series. It grew to be much more involved than I ever dreamed (I’d originally intended for it to be a short multi-chapter, with me writing a thousand or so words of it a week… that quickly escalated). And a lot of it is thanks to you! Thanks for being an excellent sounding board, and for being patient with me as I moaned that I was an illiterate fake for about six months… :*

Their kids are my favorite. I love them so much. Ainsley especially (though I feel like I shouldn’t have favorites… I’m a bad fic mom). And Liam? Who’s Liam? When do we get to meet him? ;) ;) ;)

And oh. Wow. Really? :D Thank you! <3

tell me stuff you like about my fic?

Derrick Rose took a stand wearing a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt in honor of Eric Garner on Saturday night, and now other NBA stars have followed suit. However despite the uniform violation, the NBA has decided not to fine players for their political message. In regards to the issue, commissioner Adam Silver stated “I respect Derrick Rose and all of our players for voicing their personal views on important issues but my preference would be for players to abide by our on-court attire rules.”