james d. reid

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

“Jaaaames! Pack-up na daw!” I heard her say in a cheerful tone. I opened my eyes and found a pair of gleaming eyes staring back at me. My lips curved to form a smile.

People have said her eyes had always shined like that. Twinkling. Like stars.

Fair point, but ‘twinkling like stars’ doesn’t quite cover it.

Her eyes are my entire skies.

Oh, scratch that. That still sounded not enough.

She is my entire sky.

At night, when everything else turns black, she is the stars, giving you hints of light and sparks of hope. A constant reminder that there is something beautiful and worth looking forward to, even in the dark. She could also be a shooting star moving across the night sky. One in a million, beautiful to look at, and makes you feel like all your wishes could come true. She is a constellation, something almost unrecognizable and incomprehensible in a crowd of stars, but little by little you see little parts of her get revealed and suddenly everything else falls into place, ‘cause now you actually, finally see her, and she is so wonderful.

She is the sun. A big, ball of energy giving light to everyone she touches. She makes days brighter. She radiates a pleasant vibe that can send your insides into a frenzy and make you want to swim in endless currents of warmth.

Basically, she makes the world a better place.

And if she is the sun, I am the moon. Not because I depend on her for light the same way the moon does—the moon’s glow is astonishing in its own different way, and it’s not recognized as some mere reflection of the sun. The moon is the moon, and it puts people in awe of it’s mesmerizing light.

She is the sun, and I am the moon.

She is one major reason why I shine.

You make me happy when skies are gray

When I didn’t answer, she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes and spoke, “Okay ka lang? Narinig mo ba yung sinabi ko? Pack-up na daw!”

“I heard you,” I replied, my voice almost a whisper. “I thought we had to film another scene?”

“Okay ka lang, James? It’s raining really hard. OA sa pagka-hardworking ha.” Her voice was raised slightly especially on the last part.

Only when she mentioned the rain did I realize that it was pouring heavily. I think I was too focused on her that I forget almost everything. It happens frequently these past few weeks; that strange thing happening every time she’s in the room—the whole environment falls into my blind spot, and she’s all that I see.

“So, why are you still here?” Not that I don’t want you around. Just asking.

“Mom went to the mall to buy something. Pabalik na daw. Hinihintay ko lang.” She closed her eyes and leaned back so that her head was resting on the pillow behind her. She was sitting on the reclining chair looking completely peaceful with her eyes shut and tight-lipped smile.

“James, do you hear that?” she said softly. “It’s the sound of nostalgia. I really love the rain.” She swayed her torso from left to right, as if dancing to a slow song only she can hear.

She did tell me once that rain gives her happiness. Before, I thought it was weird because most people relate rainy days to sad, quiet songs and thinking about memories and people that you miss, but soon after I realized why. She is the sun, and she could turn gray skies into silver linings.

With my one hand tucked under my chin, I stared at her. She had stopped with the swaying, but occasionally she would wrinkle her forehead then let out sighs. “James?”


“How come you do not like the rain?”

“It’s not that I don’t like the rain.” My fingers started drumming against my thighs. “It’’s just that it brings out my sentimental side, and relive heartaches I thought were already irrelevant.”

Her eyes flew open and she gave me a full-blown smile. “Say, we change that now?”


And before I realized it, she was on her feet and I was being dragged outside. We were under the rain. She let go of my hand and started running around with her arms outstretched the way kids do when they pretend they’re airplanes. She looked up at the sky and I loved the way the crinkles and the creases on her forehead appeared every time a droplet falls on her face. I just stood there and couldn’t help but smile at this.

“James, gayahin mo ko! Look up!” she yelled, and water went inside her mouth. I laughed at what happened, but I did as she said.

The water was cold but it felt nice on my skin. I ran both of my hands down the length of my face, then through my hair. I stayed in that position for a while, enjoying the sensation of water droplets trickling down my face and my arms, until I felt a tap on my forearm.

I opened my eyes and looked down so I could see her face. She was smiling while staring at space. Her hand was steady on my forearm, and deep inside I was thinking of the best way to remove it from there without hurting her feelings, because I was dying to wrap my arms around her shoulders.

And then as if she read my mind, she withdrew her hand.

But wait, there’s more. She inched closer and placed her head against my chest. She was very near; I was pretty sure she could hear and feel my heart hammering against my ribcage.

I slowly lifted my arm and as planned, wrapped it around her shoulders. I felt her body tense a bit under my grip, but as I rubbed my hand down to her elbow, she relaxed. She even started humming a familiar tune.

I racked my brain to recall what the song was. She kept singing with her lips closed and after a few second, I finally remembered.

It was Who You Love by John Mayer and Katy Perry.

My hand slid from her elbow down to find her hand. Her head perked up and she looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Wanna dance?”

The smile on her face was already screaming, “YES.”

So I placed my other arm on her waist and started humming along with her. We waltzed, slow-danced, swayed to the rhythm of the song. She wore this big, toothy smile the whole time and I could not help but to return it with a genuine grin.

I raised our hands and she did a quarter-turn to the right. At the end of her twirl, we were face-to-face, and the thing happened again—everything else faded out, and the world zoomed in to her hair, her eyes, her nose, her face. Her make-up had been washed off by the water, and her previously styled and curled hair was now plain and straight, but she still looked lovely.

“You happy, James?”

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

“You have no idea.” I said as I slowly released her hand.

“Great!” Her face lit up. My sunshine. “You won’t be sad the next time it rains?”

I shook my head while smiling, “No. Not anymore.”

The rain had slowed down into a drizzle. We were standing side by side, and I don’t know about her, but I was having a hard time keeping my hands to myself. “Remember DNP? Yung eksenang-“

“Body heat?” I asked, my arms outstretched in front of me. She let out a giggle as she went into my arms. I snaked my arms around her waist and she buried her face in my chest while I rested my chin on her hair.

Please don’t take my sunshine away

We stayed in that position for I don’t know how long, and the whole time we were hugging, I was thinking of what I have in my arms.

This girl. My entire sky.

Some people might think I‘m already good without a partner, or I’m better off with someone else, but I firmly believe I’m my best and even better than that when I’m near to her.

She is one major reason why I shine. I will never get tired of admitting that.


Please don’t take my sunshine away.

- Hi loves! Tried something new today. The song is You Are My Sunshine by Johnny Cash, I think. =)) Although the song is really sad, sobrang kilig ng chorus. Crossing my fingers, seryosong kinakabahan ako dito. Anyway, thank you so much for the tumblr, twitter and IG love! :”> One big fandom hug! :D