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Lennie James first look with the cast and crew of Fear The Walking Dead

There’s a major change coming to The Walking Dead universe! Lennie James, who has played Morgan Jones since the series premiere, is taking his talents to another series. At the end of Season 8, Morgan will leave The Walking Dead, and he will appear as a series regular in the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead.

James reported to the Fear set in Austin, Texas on Monday morning, where he began his first day shooting on his new project. To celebrate, AMC streamed a live video from the set on Monday afternoon, where fans got their first look at Morgan in his new surroundings. Additionally, the network released two official photos from the location.

The first image released shows Lennie James at his first table read for Fear the Walking DeadSeason 4. Sitting beside new co-stars Frank Dillane, Colman Domingo and Alycia Debnam Carey, James is seen combing through a brand new script. The other image shows James near a trailer, talking with showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.

“Lennie James’ brilliance and humanity in his portrayal of Morgan Jones has been part of the DNA of what makes ‘The Walking Dead’ so fantastic since the very beginning,” said Scott M. Gimple, executive producer for both series. “Morgan’s story will continue in this season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and then, it begins again in the upcoming season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ pushing the series – and the ‘Waking Dead’ universe itself – into new directions and possibilities.”

In addition to adding James to Season 4, Fear cast veteran actors Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman as series regulars.


Reasons to watch Broadchurch: the cinematography 

A series of Broadchurch appreciation posts (x)


Bare with me, this might be a long one:

So, overall 806 was by far the most subpar episode of this season. The lone bright spots were the Queen Of Everything Ms. Danai Gurira being back across my screen, displaying her greatness again (I need more of her next week), Carl and Sadiqq (I like him, so far) and Carol assisting King Zeke (who’s in need of a good prayer circle) in his quest for forward movement.

I’m still confused as to why you would send Rick to Jadis and her people alone. He could’ve at least had a few folks waiting in the wind in case things went south (I know they’ll come looking soon but damn, safety first). It’s obvious that TF doesn’t necessarily need her group and before you say (well the kingdom is wiped out) Rick going here was always a part of the original plan. Their betrayal got some of his ppl killed and almost killed his family. Now Rick is in danger because he tried to reason with that fool again. I thought I’d gain more clarity as to why in last night’s episode but again, it fell flat.

Which brings me to my guy, the magnificent Lennie James….I really want to know TWD/FTWD/AMC, What. Are. Yall. Doing?…How in the hell are you going to make this work and have this move make sense? Maybe I’m missing something but this makes little to no sense to me. The only thing that I’d look forward to is seeing Lennie James and Colman Domingo share a screen.

This brings me to my next point, I didn’t think Morgan would survive this season 8 on TWD and I’m also afraid for Father Gabriel making it out of this season. With that being said, with Lennie all but out of TWD and Gabriel’ fate hanging in the air. TWD is losing a lot of its melanin in regards to its main cast. Removing Lennie James, you better have someone waiting in the wind that can somewhat fill the void he’s leaving behind, that man gives a WEEKLY MASTERCLASS. You’re losing a very strong black character and IF Father G goes too, that’s a lot of power, influence, morality, and wisdom gone from the screen.

All I can say is, I hope they know what they’re doing. I’m not the only fan who’s starting to lose some of my patience. Peace and blessings to yall.


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