james ception!

I have seen The Ruling Class several days ago, and let me just tell you… James is naked ¾ of the time, he rides a unicycle, sings, dances and explicitly touches several female leads. 

At the backstage door, after the performance, he does not need a bodyguard, as he effortlessly coordinates a group of 40-50 people waiting to get his autograph: ‘please, move away from this door, people are trying to pass’, 'can you make a queue?’, 'stand to the right please’. He is relaxed, natural and polite, he takes pictures and talks with everyone. He is also extremely domineering, Alpha-male type of guy and you can only imagine what it’d be like to have him order you in a different type of situation… I’ll stop there.

When I tell him that the play was brilliant, he seems surprised and says 'Really? It was pretty weird, don’t you think?’, so I reply that its weirdness was exactly what made it so special. 

Later on, when I pass in front of the theatre, I see James again, this time leaning on HIS OWN POSTER, talking to someone. James-ception. It’s the funniest thing ever, but obviously I don’t take a picture in order not to disturb his privacy. 

All in all, my Cherik-infused fangirl brain worked for once and enabled me to actually have a conversation, rather than just meaningless small talk. 

Also, if you’re wondering, I really do believe Michael Fassbender should’ve co-stared as one of his FEMALE leads.