james came out of hiding!

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For your Jegulily prompt. Can you make something that has to do with them meeting in a bakery one of them owns or something?

“Hey James, your boyfriend is here,” Lily teased, nudging him as Regulus stepped into the bakery. He gave them both a little wave and headed to his regular booth. They both knew he was just there to steal the free wifi but neither of them would ever kick him out, mostly because he was so pretty and they loved staring at him.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” James said, tugging his fingers through his hair and leaving behind trails of flour. 

“Yes, obviously, James,” Lily retorted, rolling her eyes. “As your girlfriend, I’m pretty sure I would know if you were dating Regulus.”

James huffed. “I wish,” he said, going over to check the peanut butter cupcakes in the oven. James would never admit it, but he knew the peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate frosting were Regulus’ favorite and so he always made sure to have some ready around the time Regulus came into the bakery. 

Regulus came in almost every day to use the wifi and order a cup of coffee. He’d sit for about two hours working on whatever it was he did there. Neither of them had gotten up the nerve to ask him as of yet. He never ordered any of the sweets but James always gave him one on the house. He’d quickly sussed out which ones Regulus liked best to give him.

“Stop staring,” James said, poking Lily in the side as he passed.

“I can’t help it,” Lily said, sighing dreamily. “He’s just so handsome. I mean those eyes. Who the fuck even has grey eyes?”

“Hot guys,” James deadpanned.

“Hey, I like you hazels just fine,” Lily insisted, wrapping her arms around James’ neck and kissing him sweetly. “But even you have to admit…”

“Yes, he’s gorgeous, I’m well aware,” James said, kissing her again.

“Doesn’t mean you aren’t too,” Lily told him, helping him straighten his glasses. “Now, are you going to ask him out on a date, or am I?”

“What?” James sputtered, blinking at her incredulously.

“Oh come on,” Lily whined, stamping her foot. “We’ve been ogling him for months. Let’s just do this already.”

“You want to ask him to date us?” James asked, shaking his head.

“Yes and so do you,” Lily said knowingly.

A smile slowly spread onto James’ face. “God, I love you.”

“I know you do,” Lily said, patting his cheek lovingly. “So are you going to go over there?” 

“Fine,” James said, swallowing hard. “Fine, I’ll go over there. Fine.”

Lily snorted and shoved him out from behind the counter. “Go on, loverboy.”

James shot her a look and made his way over to Regulus. He couldn’t believe he was about to ask some guy out on behalf of himself and his girlfriend. “Hi there,” he said, giving an awkward little wave.

Regulus smiled up at him. “Hey James.”

“What are you up to?”

“Oh, you know, just looking for a job,” Regulus said with a heavy sigh. “Unfortunately there’s not much out there at the moment. At least not anything I want.”

“You can have me,” James blurted out like the absolute human disaster he was. “What I mean is you can work here and have me and Lily.”

“You want me to work here?” Regulus asked with a bemused grin. “I don’t know anything about baking.”

“That’s okay,” James said quickly. “It’s not the baking, it’s the business end of things. Lily and I have been doing our best and our friend Remus helps out now and then, but mostly we don’t know what the bloody hell we’re doing. Are you good with business stuff?”

Regulus grinned and turned the laptop around, showing James his CV. “Pretty good,” he said, resting his cheek in his hand as he stared at James.

“Wow,” James whistled, impressed. “You’re hired. I mean, if you want the job.”

“Yeah, I want the job,” Regulus said, holding out his hand. 

“Good,” James said, shaking it. “When can you start?” 

“How’s tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is great! We’ll work out all the details and stuff later, right?”

“Sounds good.”

James walked back behind the counter and bypassed Lily to go straight into the stock room. He covered his face in his hands and groaned. Lily entered a moment later. “You fucked it up, didn’t you?” she asked, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at him.

“How did I ever get you to agree to a date with me?” James asked miserably. “It’s impossible!”

Lily walked over and gently rubbed her boyfriend’s back. “Oh James, sweetie. Leave it to me.” 

Lily made her way out of the stock room and over to Regulus’ booth. He was packing up his stuff but he stopped the moment he spotted her. “Hey Lils,” he said, beaming at her. “Did James tell you he offered me a job?”

“No, he didn’t,” she said honestly, wondering just what the hell James had been thinking.

“Oh, well I hope you don’t mind,” Regulus said, looking around nervously. “Maybe he should have talked to you first.”

“Oh no, it’s fine,” Lily waved him off. “I’m sure you’ll be a great fit in here.”

“Oh good,” Regulus said, looking relieved. “So what can I do for you?”

“Okay, well, James came over here with the intention of asking you out,” Lily informed him straightforwardly. 

“Wait, I’m confused, aren’t you and James dating?” Regulus asked, scratching his cheek.

Lily giggled and nodded. “Yeah, we are, but we’re also both really attracted to you. And we haven’t been able to figure out your sexuality as of yet, but you’ve flirted with both of us and we’ve taken that as a good sign.”

Regulus gave her a hard stare. “No offense, because you and James are both really attractive, but I’m not interested in being the one to fulfill your threesome fantasy.”

“Oh no, no!” Lily said quickly. “That’s not what we want. We weren’t looking for just some cheap thrill with you Regulus. We wanted to take you out and fall in love with you. Honestly, I don’t think it’ll be too difficult for either of us.”

Regulus took in a deep breath, letting it out shakily. “So you both want to date me.”

“Yeah,” Lily said, giving him a small reassuring smile. “If you want to date us.”

“I’m getting a boyfriend, a girlfriend and a job all in one day?” Regulus asked, laughing softly. “Must be my lucky day.”

“Oh no, we’ll show you a lucky day,” Lily said, giving him a wink and was absolutely thrilled when Regulus blushed. “James, honey, can you come out here?”

James came out from hiding with an apology cupcake. He handed it over to Regulus and stood next to Lily awkwardly shuffling from foot to foot. “Thank you,” Regulus said, smiling at him. “Lily’s just explained everything.”

“She has?” James asked, glancing between the two. “And?”

“Regulus has agreed to go out on a date with us!” Lily said excitedly.

“He has?” James asked, his jaw dropping. “You have?”

“I have,” Regulus said with a nod. 

“That’s great!” James said, pulling Regulus into a hug. Regulus laughed and patted James on the back. James broke away in favor of giving Lily a hug as well. “God Lils, you’re a godsend. What would I do without you?”

“It doesn’t even bear thinking about,” Lily said, giving him a quick kiss. “Because you do have me and now we have Reg.”

“One big happy family!” James said, putting his arms around them both.


Four years later.

Regulus chased little Harry around the bakery, trying to keep him from making too much of a mess. The three-year-old was an absolute menace and even with three parents, they could hardly keep up with him. He’d managed to get into the chocolate frosting and was currently covered in it. 

“Sirius, will you give me a hand, please?” Regulus begged, trying to snag Harry by his little overalls and missing him by just a little.

Sirius stood up and managed to scoop Harry up into his arms. “Hey little sprog,” he said, tickling Harry’s side and making him giggle. “How’s my favorite person in the world?”

“Good,” Harry said, giving Sirius a chocolatey smile. 

Sirius laughed and used a cloth to wipe Harry’s face off. Regulus dropped into a chair tiredly. “Lily is going to kill me when she sees this mess.”

“No she won’t,” Sirius said, blowing raspberries on Harry’s cheek. “Just flash her that dazzling smile of yours on her. That always seems to work.”

“That works on James,” Regulus corrected, scrubbing his hand over his face. “Lily isn’t so easily won.”

“Well, you managed it somehow, eh, little brother?” Sirius said teasingly.

Lily waddled out from the back room, her pregnant belly protruding out from her skinny frame. “What the hell happened in here?” she asked, her eyes bulging as she saw the trails of frosting.

“Harry got up onto the counter,” Regulus explained, wincing slightly as he waited for Lily to go off on him.

“Oh Harry,” Lily said in exasperation. “We talked about how you were going to be a good boy for mummy this morning while she went to the doctor.”

Harry hid his face behind Sirius’ hair. “Sorry mummy,” he said quietly. 

Regulus got up and helped Lily into a chair. “What did the doctor say?” 

“The baby looks good,” Lily said, beaming up at him. “She’s right where she’s supposed to be. Now we just have to wait for her to come out.”

James came out from the back room with a frown on his face. “Has anyone seen my bowl of chocolate frosting? I could have sworn I left it on the counter.” 

“Yeah,” Sirius said with a chuckle. “It’s there and there and there and here.” He ended by poking Harry in the side.

“Oh god,” James said, taking in the sight. “How did he even get on the counter? He’s not tall enough yet!”

Regulus sighed. “He moved a chair over when I asked someone to watch him,” Regulus said, staring pointedly at his brother. 

Sirius shrugged. “He worked so hard to get it, it didn’t seem fair to take it away from him.” 

“Well in that case, you can clean up his mess,” Lily informed him, going over and plucking Harry out of his arms. She carried him over and dropped Harry onto Regulus’ lap. “And you can clean up Harry for the stupid decision of leaving him with your brother.”

Regulus huffed. “Fine, come on you little monster. Into the bath with you.”

James walked over and put his arms around Lily from behind, gently rubbing her pregnant belly. “I love our little family,” he murmured, pressing kisses to her neck.

“Me too,” Lily said, leaning back against James. “And it just keeps getting bigger.”