Imagine being pregnant with Bucky’s baby

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You were tossing and turning in your bed in the last few hours because the little girl in your belly was way too active. It was the last month, the last week, more over the last days of your pregnancy. Your baby girl was kicking and moving around in your now huge belly, not letting you a moment of sleep. You hissed when she kicked again, making Bucky turn and reach out for you. He was moaning quietly when he couldn’t hold you as you were sitting, resting your back to the headband of your bed. 

‘Doll, whats wrong?’ He asked quietly, slowly sliding his palm up on your tights to your tummy. 

‘Your daughter wants to fight herself out of my belly.’ You moaned impatiently. Your hands were on your baby bump, desperately trying to calm your daughter to get some sleep finally. 

‘I’m sorry, doll.’ Bucky sit up pulling you to his arms, kissing the top of your head. ‘I never thought that the serum will affect my children too.’ He sighed pulling you even closer. 

‘It’s not that. It’s just… I’m very very pregnant now, Buck. Look at me!’ You pointed to your huge belly, looking him in the eye. ‘I just want her to be born finally. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat properly, I can’t go anywhere… It’s just enough for now.’ He kissed your forehead trying to comfort you. He understood why you were upset, even if he didn’t feel what you did, and he didn’t carry a baby on his own body. He agreed with you a hundred percent. He could see you being sleep deprived, tired and sore all over and he also knew that you were extremely impatient about seeing your baby finally. He was waiting for it too. 

‘I know, but it’s just a few more days.’ He whispered, slowly sliding his flesh hand on you belly and the metal one to your forehead and cheeks. You sighed and relaxed in his arms as the cold metal immediately helped with your headache. 

You could feel your baby scooting closer to the place where Bucky’s hand touched your bump. She did this every time when Bucky touched your belly with his warm hand. It comforted her too. You stayed like this for a few minutes when your daughter probably fall asleep and let you rest. The cold metal against your skin eased the pain in your head and your body got more and more relaxed in your husband’s arms. He slowly lift you a little to make you lay down, leaning to his side while he was laying on his back. He didn’t turn you to your side because he remembered that Ana somehow didn’t like it, and woke you up immediately. So, he just let you lean to him a little, but you were still laying on your back.

‘You are doing great, doll! God, if you knew how do I feel right now.’ He whispered into the darkness. ‘I always thought you are beautiful, but now… Now you are carrying my baby, our baby and you are even more beautiful and I’m so, so proud of you. It makes you the most amazing, strongest woman on the planet for me, and I promise if our daughter will be here with us, I’ll do anything to help you and make it easier for you.’ He promised pulling you closer and placing a gentle kiss on your lips. ‘I love you, both of you.’

Criminal | Bucky x Reader (Preview)

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The sound of his fingertips lightly drumming on his thigh quietly echoed through the room as he stared at a scuff mark on his shoe. The ticking of a large clock on the wall was driving the pace of his fingers. He wondered how much longer he would be sitting here, but he was also grateful for the time to gather himself. He knew as well as any cop that this was a dangerous place to be. The Morello crime family was a rising star in the streets of Boston, causing terror wherever the name arose. This is what he signed up for. This is why he became an officer. ‘…I will see and cause our community’s peace to be kept and preserved and I will prevent, to the best of my power, all offenses against that peace…’ he recited in his head.

“Sergeant Barnes?” the sound of his name snapped him out of his stupor and caused him to look up. “The boss’ll see you now,” the man said, Bostonian accent think. Bucky stood up from his chair and walked towards the man who was holding a door open for him. He nodded his head towards the man in thanks as he passed by, stepping into the office. The door shut lightly behind him.

The figure in front of him was leaning back in a chair, facing the window looking out of the room. He couldn’t even see any of his body, as the chair blocked the entire view, except for an arm with a cigar dangling from the hand. He cleared his throat, anxiety bubbling up from his stomach. “Mr. Morello, my name is Sergeant Barnes from the BPD. I have a few questions on your whereabouts yesterday evening.” The figure in front of him stood up from the chair and turned around.

“Mrs. Morello,” you corrected in your soft voice, toying with the cigar in your hand. “My husband died. Three weeks ago.”

Bucky’s face flushed, palms starting to sweat. ‘Why didn’t we know about that?’ he thought to himself. “My apologies, ma’am.”

He turned on his heel to walk out of your office but you stopped him in his tracks. “Sit,” you commanded firmly. Bucky rubbed the beads of sweat off his forehead and turned around, walking to the chair in front of your desk. You waited until he sat down to walk around the desk and lean along the edge of it. Your black dress creeped up your thighs and you could tell the young police sergeant was nervous. You smiled wickedly at him.

“So, do I have to ask myself the questions too?”

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30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Twenty-Four: Making up

Note: Arguing and Fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader; Steve x Tony

Words: 1290

Thunder cracked loudly as rain poured down soaking Bucky’s shirt and jeans, walking through the rain without an umbrella. He was upset, how could (Y/N) think he was controlling her actions for only wanting to keep her safe. He sighed sitting down on the bench, wanting nothing more than to cool down before he returned to the tower. His eyes fluttered shut as he forced down more tears with an angered sigh when he heard footsteps. He looked over to see (Y/N) standing there with his jacket in her hand and an umbrella in the other. He looked away from her as hurt boiled back in his chest, but he refused to argue anymore, refused to use words against her. He had harmed her with his own fists, never would he use his words, because they cut deeper than any knife.

“Bucky..” She broke the silence as called out to him, but his heart was heavy. “I-I’m sorry… I never meant that you were controlling my actions.” She said when his glaring gaze locked on her making her stop in place. “Really? Then what did you mean?” He tried to keep his voice level, but there was venom dripping with each word that trickled out of his mouth. “I meant… I don’t know what I meant. I was just upset. I want to protect you Bucky. Like you protect me, but I can’t do that if you won’t let me.” She said softly when he scoffs. “(Y/N), I told you that you were right. I said you could come on the missions when we needed you to, but you just ignored that and said that I wouldn’t let you. That’s what upsets me most.” He hissed as she looks down.

“I know…” Her voice trails off before she walked over sitting beside him as she held the umbrella over him so he couldn’t get wet anymore. “I don’t know what came over me… I was just tired of everyone underestimating me… and when you said that I just got angry. I wanted to be someone you could always rely on.” She said when his gaze softened when he laid his forehead against hers. “(Y/N), you are someone I always rely on. You forgave me when I almost killed you… You never gave up on me whenever I gave up on myself. You have always been home.” He whispered as she looked into his eyes. I need you always.” He whispered as she swallows. “You were the best thing that came out of all of this…” He spoke softly, closing his eyes.

“How?” She asked feeling a softball sized lump form in her throat. “How? Let’s see, you got me a service dog, you said yes when I asked you to marry me–” He cuts himself off by gesturing to the engagement ring on her finger. “You have stayed up with me when I have nightmares, you grounded me when I had attacks. You have been my best friend and my other half since I came to this tower. I never want to lose you. It worries me when you are on the field and I know you’re worried about me when I’m out there, but I can’t be me without you.” He said as she let out a sob covering her mouth when she pulled him into a hug dropping the umbrella. He wrapped his arms tightly around her as her fingers dug for purchase into his shirt, sobbing against his neck.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered against his cold skin as he pulled her closer when he felt her shivering from the pouring rain. “We need to go back–” He was cut off when she smashed her lips against his own as he immediately kissed her back, wrapping his fingers in her drenched hair that was madding against her scalp. “(Y/N)–” He tried, but she immediately forced her mouth back onto his when he pulled her back. “Wait.” He said sternly as she fidgeted in her place. “If we are doing… this I’d rather not being in the pouring rain as sexy as it sounds I’d rather not have you sick.” He murmured as she rolls her eyes. “Okay okay.” She mumbled before pulling his jacket over his shoulders as he picked up the fallen umbrella and reopening it.

He was about to speak when he heard a clearing of two throats before they looked over to see an angered Steve and Tony who held Steve by the arm. “Uh… Hey.” Bucky said as Steve’s eye twitched. “Car.” He said in a growl as Bucky and (Y/N) stood up. “Uh-oh… Pissed off mom.” (Y/N) mumbled quietly to Bucky who chuckled as Steve huffs. “What if you two got hurt? Oh my goodness!” He opens the door and pulls the seat forward. “But we weren’t .” Bucky defended. “You didn’t tell us where you were going. You both just stormed out.” He huffs as they got into the back while Tony looks back. “Alright Steve, calm down.” He mumbled as Steve got into the car looking out the window. “Listen you two, I know people have their ups and downs, but you have to work through them.” Tony explained.

“We did–” Bucky got cut off. “Without storming off. You can’t solve problems when you walk away from them. You have to work through them. For the good and the bad… You only have each other.” He said as Bucky and (Y/N) went quiet seeing Tony place his hand over Steve’s when Steve glanced over to him before smiling. “Because tomorrow… tomorrow is unknown. You don’t know what could happen. What if something happened to you? What if you two didn’t make up? Then the other would have to live with that for the rest of their lives. You are human, you make mistakes and that’s the good thing about partners. They look passed your flaws, your faults and see the you that sometimes you don’t even know, because they love you.” He smiles.

(Y/N) looks to Bucky at the same time he looks at her. They didn’t say anything, but merely leaned their foreheads together to have some sort of physical contact. They drove back to the tower while (Y/N) and Bucky got out, seeing Tony and Steve stand there together. “You’re right Tony.” (Y/N) piped up. “We should talk about our problems more instead of hiding by something or leaving.” She said as Bucky nods. “You two are the perfect relationship.” Bucky grins when both Tony and Steve laugh. “No, we’re not. We just know how the other works well enough.” Steve explained as Tony grins before kissing Steve’s cheek causing him to blush. “Come on, I’m tired and we need a shower. Thanks for the ride back.” (Y/N) dragged Bucky towards the elevator.

The moment the door closed (Y/N) looked at Bucky with a smile. “I promise if something really bothers me I’ll tell you.” She said as he nods. “Alright, I promise not to storm off or avoid you when things get bad.” He said intertwining their fingers together. They got off the elevator, seeing the others sitting around the couch minus Steve and Tony as they walked back to their bedroom. “I want to make it up to you.” She said before they opened the door as he looked at her. “You don’t have to–” He was cut off when she placed a finger over his lips. “I’m not giving you an option.” She said trailing the finger down his chest before she opened the door grinning. Gears finally turned in his head as he smirks before pulling her inside as the door clicked shut.

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Me: I’ll just have a quick shower 

Me 45 minutes later:

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i was busy thinking ‘bout boys

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always busy dreaming 'bout boys

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head is spinnin’ thinking 'bout boys

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two grown men getting tackled by a 15 year old


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