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Fluffy Headcanon no. 4

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4. Transformation

Q started going grey at 27. First, there were just a few sparklers here and there. A dozen at most, as far as he could tell. By 30, the number doubled. By the time he meets James Bond that day at the National Gallery, he’s taken to having his hair colored, because holy shit, he’s thirty three, and he’s not ready to be well on his way to salt and pepper. His stylist keeps the shiners covered, keeps the boyish yet tweed-wrapped image he presents to Mi6 in place for six, seven years.

Eventually, life gets busy as it does. He misses an appointment. Then, he misses three. His roots grow out, the scattered greying strands starker silver than ever. Silver curls mix with the dark ones between his legs, in his beard when he lets it grow. He forgets.

James notices.

And James loves it. Notably, James never mentions it to Q. He never asks why Q stopped covering it up, but shows his appreciation with his nose buried at the nape of his neck, his fingers gripping ropes of the blending hair as his body molds against Q’s back, tugging to the rhythm of the banging headboard. He brushes fingers through the streaked curls at his temples where he’s warm and vulnerable. Rich chocolate with bursts of tinsel, evidence of the privilege of growing older together.

I finished reading this a week or so ago, but I still want to do a recommendation for this one. It really deserves it.

The Inevitability of Time by @dhampir72

Rating: Mature
Words:  27,055
Pairing: James Bond/Q
Summary:  When they meet for the first time at the National Gallery, Bond has a strange sense of deja vu.

When I started reading this, I was pretty excited with the “soulmate-identifying marks” tag that was included. I rarely find a fanfic of 00Q with the soulmates element included that I liked. So at first, I was confused because it was never mentioned in the first couple of chapters. But when the mark showed up in the story, my mind perked up because I couldn’t think of anyway Bond would have a mark like that. And that part of not knowing really made me tingly, I just couldn’t wait for them to find those!

But little did I know the angst I signed up for. The moment the thing I’ve had waited for since I started reading, the moment that they learned about the marks, the road had gone crazy. The plot twist was too amazing, I was so affected with what’s happening. I was crying here and there. My emotions were all over the place. Sometimes, I had to stop reading for a while because it’s all too much. It was hard to see Q pining intensely for Bond. There were times I just didn’t want to think what Q must have felt when he first met Bond. It must have been mixed emotions: joy, love, the sense of finally finding your home, sadness, pain, grief?

I would love to say more and babble more, but I might spill the strong points in the story. And that is the opposite of what I’m doing here. I’m trying to convey how good this fanfic is without spoiling a lot, to excite you to read this fanfic. I’d really love if you give this fanfic a try, it’s worth all the pain and the angst you’ll feel. And I’m promising you right now, you will certainly feel the chemistry and the love these two have for each other. It’s madness, I tell you.

Why are you still here? Read it! Off you pop!

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Could you write prompt number 10 for 00q?? 😍

For you, nonny? Anything at all.

The key line in this fic (you’ll know it when you see it) is indeed from a web series: @bpdcecilpalmer‘s Backwards Compatibility. The line appears here in a short that destroys me every time I read it.

When you touch me, my mind is gone. The only words I know are lost inside your body.

Q doesn’t understand romance. It’s not that he doesn’t want it. He’d like a partner, someone to spend lazy mornings with, who would put up with with his constant tinkering and his odd taste in music and his inability to do the laundry correctly and his fixation for keeping a clean kitchen. He wants someone to go out to eat with, someone who will hold his hand in cabs and kiss him sweetly before he goes to sleep.

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