Can we get a prompt where Q and Bond were together before spectre, when Bond left with Madeline Q just seems to fade away in depression, overworking and not eating or sleeping. Basically, he ends up passing out and in medical and Alec tells James what happened. How he responds is up to you <3 - anon


I enjoyed this tremendously, thank you anon! :) Jen.


Bond opened the door to find none other than Alec Trevelyan staring back at him, looking distinctly unimpressed.

“So your Quartermaster is in Medical.”

It took a moment to register, Bond patently confused. “Sorry, what?”

“Q,” Alec repeated. “Is in Medical. And it’s entirely your fucking fault, so get your head out of your arse and into my car, so we can go sort it out. I know you and Madeline have split up…”

“… how…”

“… because I’m your best friend and a spy,” Alec retorted, looking mildly miffed that Bond had even asked the question. “Car. Now.”

Bond did as he was told. Alec had his patented Don’t Fuck With Me expression, and with a nasty hangover, Bond was not stupid enough to cross an angry 006.

Oh, and he was also deeply concerned about Q.

Alec drove like a maniac. Bond hated being a passenger in any car, always did, and Alec’s psychotic driving was distinctly not helping; he screamed to a halt outside MI6, and chucked Bond out of the car, with orders to go directly to Medical and not procrastinate in any way or form oh, and please, apologise profusely.

As though Bond needed any encouragement.

“I’m here to see Q,” Bond said simply to the Medical staff reflecting, as he did so, that this was quite possibly the first time he had voluntarily entered the Medical bay with no intention of breaking out.

They let him in.

Q was propped up in bed with a spiral-bound notebook and pen, having quite evidently not been allowed anywhere near a laptop until he was well enough to work. He didn’t look up as Bond entered.

Bond stood uncomfortably for a moment.


Q’s eyes shot up, abruptly widening. “… Bond?”

“Afraid so,” Bond replied, as the pen all but fell out of Q’s hand. “… you weren’t expecting me, then?”

“Are you kidding me, Bond?” Q yelped - yes, yelped - back. “You fucked off to wherever in a car I made for you, leaving me without a single fucking word of explanation. You went. Why the fuck are you back?”

Bond smiled very slightly. “I was told you were ill.”

“And that matters to you why, exactly?” Q challenged. “You left. You chose to leave.”

“And now I’m back,” he replied, as though it was the easiest thing in the world. “I’m returning to MI6. Returning to you.”

Q let out a cold, unpleasant laugh. “To me? Bond, I don’t need you.”

“I hear you started going downhill after I left?”

Q stared at him, hardly able to believe what he was hearing. “Bond, you broke my heart. You led me on, you gave me everything I hoped for and you fucking left me.

Bond smiled so slightly, “and I’m sorry,” he said honestly. “I got it wrong. I got it really, really wrong. I want to try again.”

“Well maybe you don’t get that option,” Q parried, razor-sharp cheekbones and hollow eyes watching Bond with something like hatred. “What if I don’t want you any more? Or simply don’t fucking trust you?”

Bond sat in the chair by Q’s bedside.

He didn’t talk.

Q watched him.

“… why are you just… sitting?” he asked, after a moment.

Bond shrugged. “Well,” he said, “I need to prove that I’m staying. So I’m staying. Until you’re well enough to leave the Med bay, I’m staying by your side. We are going to have to work something out. I am sorry, Q, and I’ll spend as long as I need proving how sorry I am.”

Q stared at him levelly, pulled his notebook and pen back towards himself, and set about ignoring Bond as best he could.

(and if he was secretly glad - not just glad, delirious - well. He certainly wasn’t going to tell Bond that).

“Jimmy Kimmel has gotten too political these days!” Me: “He is just saying ill children should have health care. Literally, that is *all* he is saying.”

If you’re arguing with him on this then you are most likely an evil Bond villain with a white cat. In which case I’m impressed your vast underground Paleo-Asian ocean volcanic lair gets the ABC feed at all. 


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