james beale

- the time in PP3 when Beca sings to Chloe during their final performance

[The lights dim as The Bella’s gather in a group in the centre of the stage, arms around each other’s waists, looking out at the audience for the final part of their final performance. Beca is at the front between Aubrey and Fat Amy, arm around Fat Amy’s waist, microphone in her right hand. She feels Chloe, who’s arm was also around Amy’s waist, reach over and give her forearm an affectionate 

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Taken Shake-Up: 6 Cast Members Exit Ahead of Dramatic Season 2 Overhaul
NBC giveth and NBC Taken-eth away. On the heels of Taken’s surprise Season 2 renewal, the drama’s ensemble is undergoing a dramatic overhaul, with six series regulars on their way out.
By Michael Ausiello

That’s no bueno. So much diversity gone. And I was hoping the show would give Asha more story in S2.

I’m not happy about this news. This is reminding me of Sleepy Hollow S2 and we saw how well that worked out.