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I am so mad right now

I am watching Big Brother with my younger sister (she’s 11, almost 12) and can I just say that the way Paulie is treating all of the women in the house is absolutly repulsive. My sister is eleven years old. She is seeing someone treat women like this and thank god she realizes that it is completely unacceptable. He is being seriously disrespectful to Natalie, Zakyiah, and James. Paulie is absolutly disgusting and if you think that any of his actions are even remotely acceptable please unfollow me right now. 

headcanon in which james potter spent his entire childhood thinking (knowing!) he was going to play quidditch professionally and for puddlemere united and have his name appear beside the greats like joscelind wadcock and on trophies and paraphernalia and textbooks besides but ended up being the man who sired the boy who lived instead and that’s alright by him

“Forgotten” Try Me Series Installment. Summary.

After a freak accident in what was explained a simple mission Dubai, Bucky is left alone with his wife in a comatose state. Within weeks of waiting, Bucky discovers news he never thought he would hear - causing a revert state to anger, disappointment, and even blame. Not only blaming himself - he blames the one person who had a hand in all of it, his Best friend. After the news Bucky learns to adjust - placing himself back into the life of missions and action. It so happens through this time, something is revealed from his past he never thought would resurface. 

Stay tuned! SINCE this is something that I have constantly been asked to continue, this will be at the top of my list right now. Please don’t be upset, I will still post from my other series when it comes to me. in the mean time, buckle up and get ready for this ANGST FEST.

Sorry but people need to stop making the nomination about gender because it literally has nothing to do with it. No one is hating on Natalie because she’s a “strong woman making a big move” they’re hating on her because Paul and Victor are fan favorites who (especially Paul) have played very good games. (Also this isn’t me saying I like or support Victor because I think he’s a disgusting sexist pig but he has still played a decent game.) Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see a female win but I don’t want just any female to win the game, I want a female who has played a great game to win, and none of the girls this season have done that in my opinion. Even if Corey nominated Paul and Victor people still would hate on him because they are fan favorites who people want to win. I honestly don’t think anyone in the house besides Paul has played a good enough game that’s worthy of winning. So please stop making this about gender when it’s about gameplay.

my faves from (most to least) in the house

4. Vic(he’s pretty good tbh you gotta admit he’s a beast)
5. James (w-whatever t-the house w-w-wants)
6. Ratcole
7. goat burne- I mean Corey🙃

I'm nothing || Self-para
  • Participa: James Bloom.
  • ¿Donde?: Lluvia de estrellas.

Esa sonrisa risueña había abandonado su rostro por completo, tomó asiento junto uno de los arboles, pensando una y otra vez por qué era tan inútil— Si deseo no ser un idiota sería demasiado —dio un largo suspiro, bajando la mirada—. Quiero que Poseidon me aprecie, quiero que este orgulloso de mi, porque parece que todo lo que hago esta mal —guió sus ojos azules al cielo estrellado intentando no derramar lagrimas—. ¿Qué como estoy? Estoy mal, estoy roto, estoy triste, ¡Me siento como si solo fuera un pedazo de cuerpo caminando por este mundo de porquería!, ¿No es notorio todo el dolor qué tengo dentro? —puso ambas manos en su rostro y lloró, lo hizo como si nadie lo estuviera viendo, lloró como si el mundo se acabara—. ¡¿No ves qué soy inútil?! Por eso Malina no está enamorada de mi —recordó el rostro de la pelirroja rechazándolo un millón de veces—. Deseo poder servir para algo, deseo dejar de sentirme tan mal, deseo dejar de llevar esa falsa sonrisa a todos lados que voy.

When you want to stan Nicole for gameplay and not being on the block …. But also she’s surrounding herself with a final four of MALES WHO WONT TAKE HER/SHE COULDNT WIN AGAINSt and gOING AFTER MEECH WHO IS NO REAL THREAT TO HER ???????

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