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Who’s your favourite royal?

It’s so great to see everyone realize how great a season BB17 was. It gave us so many great things like:

- Really great female players. 12 HOH wins were female and the highest percentage of competition wins was by a woman, Vanessa with 32%

- When we all thought that Johnny Mac was crack’d when really he’s actually a great guy just with a weird laugh.

- Everyone recognized that Jace was bad news Week 1 and backdoored him.

- BB Prom and everything that came with it.

- Da’Vonne figured out the twin twist and it was only Week 2.

- Becky’s train story

- When we all found out that Shelli’s twin brother looked like Clay.

- When Vanessa staged the fake fight with Jeff to have a reason to target him. (You must be like silly)

- The musical they came up with (THE MAYO ALLIANCE, WE KNOW ABOUT IT)

- Audrey’s whole entire four weeks in the house and she was the first transgender house guest.

- The Gronk party week with the shower party.

- When they abandoned the BB Takeover because the game play was that good.

- Clay’s mumbling compilation.

- When James nominated Clay and Shelli.

- Clay and Meg in the bathroom.

- The fight that happened before Clay got evicted (You’re either gay lovers or related. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.)

- The face James made when Becky got kale in her HOH basket

- When Becky nominated Vanessa.

- Every time Vanessa cried and we had no idea if the tears were real or not.


- Pot Ball

- James’ pranks, especially when he pranked Julia

-  Grandma Meg and her caretaker James

- BB Court where Austin and James ended up in jail under the stairs and Becky was the judge.

- When Vanessa evicted Austin and sent him out of the house with no shoes on.

- Jecky was the only good showmance and it wasn’t even a showmance.


- Oh, Romanoff, i didnt see you here

– You know that you can call me by my frist name right?

- Sorry, Roma-Natasha, it was just a nightmare

- You’re ok?

-Yeah.. i guess… isnt the first time

- Can i do something for you?

-I… huh… can you lie with me?

- You asking for cuddles?

- Yeah…

- Sure, follow me.

–But my room is the other way.

- I know, Y/N.

- come here, bring you  cute ass over here

- Thank you.

- Much better than your pillow, right?

- You have no fucking idea.

- Good night, Y/N

-Night, Natasha.


“…Beast Boy wears his heart on his sleeve so it’s natural for him to fall for Terra but although, we all know who he will end up with later…” -James Tucker, producer of JL vs. TT and TT: JC at WonderCon

Sounds like he’s hinting at BBRae in the next Teen Titans film in the DCAU? Ha.

Me: @bloody-bee-tea has a lot to read when she gets the internet back.

Me: I should write her something special!

Me: To add to the amount she has to read?


You could at least try to play hard to get, Jarvis said, idly licking a paw.

Tony stopped, looking stricken. “Am I—am I too desperate?

Jarvis’s fur stood on end. That’s—no. Don’t be a fool.

“But Sam’s gonna start his junior year of college and I’m just graduating high school,” Tony said, beginning to fret. “And—You’ve seen his Instagram. All those people he’s hanging out with. They’re—they have more in common with him.”

Jarvis swiped at him but only used a little claw, repeating, Don’t be a fool. He put those pictures up so you could be a part of his life.

“Riley always had something to say about it,” Tony said quietly, looking down at his feet. “Riley’s cute. Riley’s a Flier.”

Who cares? Jarvis smiled as if he’d just been given a bowl of cream. Sam thinks you’re adorable.

“Shut up,” Tony mumbled.

Then there was a knock on the door, and Tony nearly jumped out of his skin. He let out a startled noise and actually had to fight the urge to flee. But—he was an adult now. He had to control those urges.

Sam cautiously opened the door when no one opened it for him. “Hello?”

“Sam!” Tony squeaked and threw himself at him, being careful aim for the side that Redwing wasn’t perched on.

“Aw!” Sam laughed, pulling Tony up into his arms and spinning in a circle. “Hey, sweetheart! I think you might have missed me since you visited during spring break.”

Tony pressed his face into Sam’s neck, curling his fingers into his shirt. “No.”

Redwing let out a shriek, and Sam laughed again and said, “You’re right! We got ourselves a fibber here!”

Tony blushed a little. “’m not fibbing.”

“You didn’t miss me?” Sam asked skeptically, trying not to smile. “So I should just go visit Steve instead?”

“No!” Tony exclaimed immediately, leaning back, and then pouted when Sam grinned at him victoriously. “I might have missed you. But just a little!”

Sam stroked his thumb over Tony’s cheekbone lightly. “Yeah? I’ll take just a little.” He waited for Tony to smile before leaning down to kiss him.

It always felt like the first time, when Tony had been so eager, had clutched at him as if he was scared Sam would move away—Tony was always eager to kiss him. And Tony always smiled when they kissed. Sam thought Tony maybe didn’t smile enough.

Tony snorted when he felt Redwing begin to preen at his hair. “Redwing! That tickles!”

Redwing let out an amused chirp and then glided over to Jarvis, hopping closer to the cat to preen him instead. Jarvis tried to look like he was above the attention but he couldn’t silence his purr.

“Aw,” Sam said, amused, then leaned down for another kiss, fingers pulling the brunet’s shirt from his pants. “Don’t worry. I know Jarvis is all talk and no show. Otherwise Redwing would be missing some feathers.”

“Dear,” a distinctly feminine voice answered, making Sam yelp and jump away from Tony. “Tuck your shirt in, you look like a child.” Maria walked past him, pausing only to press a kiss to the top of his head. “And don’t let your boyfriend pull it back out.”

“Ma’am,” Sam said, strangled, as Tony merely went about tucking his shirt back in.

Maria smiled and waved a hand at him. “Sam, I told you to call me Maria.”

“Yes, well, I’m terrified of you, so.”

The tiger at her side chuffed in amusement. Maria snorted as well. “Oh honey. Well, dear, you have fun at your friend’s graduation party. I do wish you’d let us throw one for you.”

“Yeah, but then Jan would have taken over and it would have been her party anyway,” Tony pointed out.

“I do adore Janet,” Maria admitted, pressing another kiss to his forehead. “Have fun, dear. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Tony blinked up at her. “Weren’t you a flower child?”

Maria tilted her head thoughtfully as her tiger chuffed again. “…Hmm. Sam’s in charge of you tonight. He won’t let anything happen to you.”

Sam couldn’t help but stand straighter, unable to help feeling proud that she believed he could protect Tony.

“Just make sure to use condoms,” she added.

Ma’am,” Sam sputtered as Tony blushed brightly and covered his face.

Maria frowned. “Hmm. I see why you call me ‘ma’am’ now, actually.”

“What the hell there’s more alcohol here than most bars,” Sam blurted out, and then— “Is Jan doing a keg stand? She’s smaller than the keg!”

“Can I get something fruity?” Tony asked the bartender, ignoring him.

“And nonalcoholic,” Sam added icily, but Tony just shrugged.

Jan appeared a moment later, hugging Tony tightly, and somehow she didn’t even smell like beer. Sam was inexplicably jealous about this.

“We’re graduated!” Jan squealed, squeezing Tony tight and lifting him up off the ground.

“Yup,” Tony wheezed. “Congrats.”

“I’m so sad we’re going to be so far awaaaay!” she continued. “Me at Parsons, you at MIT!”

Tony squirmed in her grip. “It’s only—four hours!”

“Yeah,” Jan said, pouting. “But now your weekends are gonna be about seeing your stupid boyfriend. No offense,” she added to him.

Sam shrugged. He’d made his peace with the fact that Jan was… the way she was. “I’ll make sure to leave one of his weekends free.”

“EEEEEEEE,” Jan squealed, and turned to squeeze Sam as well.

“So what’s her deal?” Sam asked, rubbing his ribs where he was certain he now had a spectacular bruise. “Steroids? Genetic mutation? Protein?”

“I’m pretty sure she just harnesses the sun as her power,” Tony replied before taking a sip of something that looks like it had more fruit in it than liquid.

Orion bashed into Sam before Steve could. Sam could not tell if that was a good thing or not.

Tony quickly gathered up Jarvis and let Redwing settle on his shoulder. “Jesus Christ.

“Hi Sam!” Steve said cheerfully, helping to drag him up off the ground. “Hi, Tony. Thanks for inviting us! You’re sure Jan’s okay with it?”

“Um, hmm, yes?” Tony said, looking everywhere but at Sam in embarrassment.

“Tony invited us so we could see you,” Natasha explained when Sam gaped at him. “Since it’s been so long. By the way I can’t tell you what I’ve been doing otherwise I’d have to kill you and I want you to live long enough to marry Tony so I can see Bucky cry as one of your groomsman.”

“I wouldn’t cry!” Bucky exclaimed, outraged, as Sam exclaimed, “Who says he’s gonna be one of my groomsman?!”

Tony turned and looked up at Steve. Steve just shrugged before saying, “Ooh, what’s that? It looks gross. I want one.”

“It’s a mock Tim Collins with kiwi and dragonfruit,” Tony said. “It’s pretty good without gin.”

“Yuck,” Steve said, and turned to the bartender. “I want one of these.”

“Tony, tell Natasha she can’t be your maid of honor!” Sam told Tony, spinning toward him, because Tony was a groom too, technically he’d also have a best man.

Tony looked up at Natasha guilelessly. “Sorry, Natasha, but Jan’s been my planned maid of honor since we became friends.”

Sam wanted to be mad, but Natasha was visibly struggling not to laugh as she assured him it was fine, so he let it go.

“So why couldn’t I drink?” Tony asked, scratching under Redwing’s chin. “Not that I’m complaining, I like being sober to hang out with you, but—Oh!” He squeaked when he felt Sam’s hand slip into his right back pocket and give his ass a squeeze.

“Sloppy drunk make-outs are nice, but I like it when you’re sober so I can take you apart properly,” Sam replied, and Redwing let out an amused trill. “What are you so happy about? You don’t get to come into the bedroom with us. You left that bruise on Tony’s ear.”

Tony giggled, flushing a little. “Aw, Sam. Come on.”

“No, he’s a dick. Always making fun of how I like watching you spark when you like what I’m doin’—”

Tony flushed darker. “Sam!

Sam scoffed, sliding his hand up so his arm was wrapped around his waist, tugging the brunet up against his side. “Come on, all those light blue sparks? You’re beautiful like that. And how come you get to go on and on about my gold but I can’t say I like watching you spark your baby blue?”

“I’m—it’s embarrassing!” Tony mumbled, covering his burning cheeks. “Besides, your magic is much prettier, especially when you make your wings.”

“I’m going to tell you this and it might come as a surprise,” Sam began. “But I think your magic is prettier, especially when you’re on your broom or elbow deep in a robot.”

Tony made a distressed sound and turned to try and hide his face better. “Sam!”

“…Or when I’ve found your prostate,” Sam added.


“…’m kinda scared,” Tony mumbled, tracing patterns on Sam’s chest that glowed blue for a moment before fading. “I’ll be at MIT. You’ll be joining the air force after college. What if we don’t make it?”

“We’ll make it,” Sam told him, not even pausing to think about it. He smiled a little when he heard Jarvis begin to purr, running his hand up and down Tony’s back, gold sparks fluttering over his spine. “We will.”

Tony was silent for a few minutes, just enjoying the affection, before whispering, “You can’t know that for sure.”

“Tony,” Sam said firmly. “I showed off my skills to you and took dating advice from an actual bird. We’ll make it.”

Tony couldn’t help a giggle, glancing over at Redwing, who was currently pecking at his own reflection aggressively. “I dunno, he seemed like he was doing pretty well. It was you having trouble asking me out.”

“Shut up,” Sam ordered fondly. “We’re gonna make it, Tony. I won’t let us be pulled apart.”

“Okay,” Tony said, still somewhat disbelieving.

You’ll make it, Jarvis said over his purr.

Tony unconsciously relaxed. Jarvis usually didn’t have much to say about Tony’s relationships except for dry wittiness. It was… comforting, knowing that Jarvis thought they would work.

Redwing pecked the glass of the mirror and let out a startled screech when it shattered, flailing away from it.

“GOD DAMN IT REDWING HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF AN AFTERGLOW?!” Sam bellowed as Tony hid his head under a pillow and giggled.