james arkenau

bitemytongue-torchmydreams  asked:

can you please make a post in honor of James Arkenau? he was the lead guitarist for Forever Is Forever and he passed away Wednesday, January 5th. FIF is a band local to Northern Virginia and he was an incredibly huge part of the band and everyone who has gotten to know that band as a family. He will truly be missed

Omigoodness that is so sad. :( My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and his community. I lost my uncle suddenly this Christmas Eve, so my heart really goes out to everyone who knew him. Life is so short and shorter still for some. May his legacy live on in his music. Rest in peace, James Arkenau.


This is a tribute video to my friend James Arkenau who just passed away on January 5th 2012. He was crossing the street and was struck by a tractor trailor. 

Rest In Peace James.