james appreciation post

honestly though, james is so underrated.

he’s perfect, hilarious and gorgeous yet some people only ever think of the other boys and not him. scrolling through my dash, i barely ever see pictures and gifs of james which makes me sad because he’s a beautiful little muffin and i love him lots:(

therefore, i will post some pictures&gifs of my baby james because he’s perf x

james, i love you baby x

okay guys so I’m gonna be real for a second. James is probably the nicest, coolest, most genuine person I know on here. Like he has been there for me and talks to me all the time and he’s so nice to me an even if he asks for nudes like 100% of the time we’re talking he’s still like super respectful all the time and I love him so much. Plus he’s really hot. I know he wanted a post on his tag so here you go, babe! James appreciation post :)

AMERICAN VAMPETTES: You know how The Vamps are saying how they’re working on new music and stuff? And also how they didn’t announce an American tour yet? What if the new music is ready by the time they anounce the tour and we get to hear it first! Like we get a sneak peak because the wait was so long?

So I’m new to the James Spader fandom on here.  And I wanted to take a moment on the end of the James Spader Appreciation Week to post a thanks and some appreciation of my own.  

The Blacklist reintroduced me to James Spader, so it’s been really fantastic getting deeper into that show and the fandom around it- and then further into his work.  

Everyone’s been really kind, and I’m happy to have my dash filled with James Spader related stuff.  

It’s also been really great this week to see everyone’s posts on various characters and performances.  And I’m very happy I joined the fandom in time to be a part of that.  

I always think shows and actors enter your life at the right time and when they’re meant to- often like people.  So I’m late to the Boston Legal and Blacklist club, but I’m very enthusiastic to be here now for it as I also press forward into another phase of my life.  

I’ve already bonded with @starsaremyocean  which has been absolutely fantastic and I look forward every day to our chats.  So I’m also looking forward making even more Spader friends.  

anonymous asked:

I see a lot of James Spader appreciation posts on my dash and they are all either Boston Legal, The Blacklist or Secretary. Don't get me wrong, those deserve all the appreciation in the world... but... am I the only one who remembers James in the movie The Mannequin? He was adorable in that movie!!

No you’re not the only one I promise. I feel the same way about The Watcher. I love that movie for whatever reason and it’s definitely not among his most popular. But Anon that’s what the appreciation week is all about so give us a Mannequin post as a reminder;)