james and lily forever


The five times James gave Lily flowers and the two times he didn’t; or, How Lily Evans fell in love with James Potter.

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On her first Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, Lily received lilies from five different people. She loved them because she knew her friends and that one boy from Hufflepuff had good intentions. She knew they thought it’d be cute to give Lily the flower she was named after. Everyone always thought it would be.

After going through it for so many years, Lily should have seen it coming and warned them. Perhaps she could have worn a sign around her neck starting a week prior that read: I do not like lilies.

But despite how unoriginal the flowers were, she carried them around proudly all day. They were beautiful after all. And she may have woken up too late to shower that morning so their sweet perfume was welcome.

That night she sprawled on her back on the floor by the fire with Mary and Marlene. They giggled about all the couples they had seen that day and the boy who had given Mary chocolates. Suddenly, James Potter’s face was looming above Lily’s.

“What on earth are you doing, Potter?” she exclaimed, bolting upright and nearly smacking her forehead against his. He muttered something incoherent before dropping a flower into her lap and bolting toward the boy’s dormitories.

“What was that about?” Marlene asked. Still lying down, she and Mary couldn’t see what James had given Lily.

“Nothing,” Lily said as she slipped the perfect pink peony into the billowy sleeve of her robes. How he knew her favorite flower was a mystery to her. But even more mysterious was the heat spreading across her face and the pounding of her heart. Stupid James had given her some sort of prank flower that made her feel sick. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.

Still. She kept the flower between the pages of one of her transfiguration books.

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Better with you

Regulus Black x Reader - imagine

Request/Summary: Anonymous requested - Can you do a imagine with Regulus Black where he and Lily’s younger sister are dating for some time in secret and one day when Snape or some other slytherin says something to her, instead of Lily or some of the marauders, he defends her before he could stop himself and then he kinda realizes he is in love with her?

Word Count: 2220

Warnings: Fluff :) 

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The cool breeze swirled in the air, spiralling out of control in tangled shapes all around as the hot summer sun blazed from high above. You laid down on the grass, hair tumbling out behind you as you kept your eyes closed and relaxed with a contented smile placed firmly on your dainty mouth as you allowed the warmth to soak into every inch of skin.

Vaguely, you could hear the chatter of your friends from around you; Lily’s voice piercing through the deeper tones of your male friends. You had been so jealous when Lily’s letter had arrived, some many years ago now. Not having been able to understand Petunia’s disgust with what their sister was, you kept in close correspondence with your sister throughout her time at Hogwarts in her first year, never allowing even a week to pass without a letter being sent.

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College Overflow Housing AU

Alright kids here we go

  • So it was an accident and a mistake but it happened right?
  • because Lily’s first name and her last name were reversed and the poor exhausted older man who was in charge of relocating all of these students after three simultaneous pipes burst in the north campus dorm, causing an immediate evacuation, was exhausted and worn out.
  • The form said Evan Li, so it was cut off, and wrong, but Evan is definitely a blokes name, and her roommates name was Mac Mary, which was unusual, sure, but he was flustered and overworked and he filled out the paperwork and sent them on their way.
  • But it’s just James and Sirius, because Remus and Peter lived off campus and were just laughing at the poor blokes who had to move and relocate and get roommates. Suckers
  • Anyway, they show up at the on campus apartment where they’re meant to be living according to the paperwork, and they aren’t the only ones moving in, and it seems to be a co-ed floor which causes Sirius to wink at James who chuckles and knocks on the door.
  • A short brown haired girl answers the door with a smile that quickly turns into a look of confusion.
  • “Are Evan and Mac here?” James asks, checking the paper he was holding to make sure he had the right names.
  • “Evan and Mac?” She repeats back as though he’s speaking a different language. James narrows his brow but shows her the paper and she starts laughing. “You’re moving in here?” James and Sirius exchange looks and nod and she laughs some more. “Hey, Evans!” She calls.
  • Jame doesn’t understand what’s so funny until a girl with red hair walks around the corner, “They here yet?” She asked, then glanced at the boys at the door and joined James and Sirius in being confused.
  • “They’re looking for Evan and Mac.” Mary said.
  • “What?” Lily walks up and takes the paper and shakes her head. “Well, I’m sure it was an accident. They’ve been working over time to make sure everyone has a place to sleep tonight. We’ll call them tomorrow.” She puts the paper on the counter and sticks a hand out to James, whos still in the hallway with his pillow under his arm and his suitcase at his feet. “Lily Evans,” She says. “And this here is Mary MacDonald.” She added.
  • She lets them come in and James and Sirius are a bit unsure of what to do because they weren’t supposed to be rooming with a couple of girls, and Sirius keeps elbowing James in the side because James keeps staring at Lily when he thinks she’s not looking but Sirius and Lily have both noticed James’ staring.
  • and they sleep in the extra bedroom and they have two bathrooms in the apartment so there’s no issue there
  • and in the morning Lily calls and she get’s the voicemail like eight times before she shrugs and is like, we’ll try again tomorrow
  • But like, James and Sirius are awesome
  • And they think that Lily and Mary are awesome
  • And Sirius helps Lily make dinner and James teaches Mary how to play some obscure card game and within the hour she’s kicking his arse and Sirius turns on the game and it’s like they’ve all known each other for months instead of two days.
  • They have a movie marathon that night because James says that he’d never seen the star wars films and Sirius apologizes for his ignorance and Lily and Mary just shrug and pull out their dvds and put in some popcorn and blow James’ mind
  • Lily doesn’t call the next day but tells everyone she got the voicemail again
  • And Remus and Peter come over to visit and Remus and Lily find out that they went to the same primary school until year four, and then he helps Mary make dinner, which isn’t as good as the dinner Lily and Sirius made, but no body says anything, there’s only one look passed between Lily and Sirius that no one notices
  • And then classes start the next day and Lily actually does forget to call
  • when she finally get’s home from class, James has gone and cleaned the entire apartment and started dinner for everyone. Lily smiles at him and asks him about his day and they talk until Sirius gets home and he pulls out a couple of beers from the fridge and hands one to Lily and tells James to get his own.
  • Mary get’s home late that night with lipstick on her neck and Lily rolls her eyes and Sirius raises his brow and she tells them that she met someone to which lily responds “When don’t you?” And James chuckles and tells Mary there’s dinner in the fridge.
  • And no one thinks to call about the ‘mistake’ after that because they’re all friends and this arrangement is working for them
  • and I could write an actual fic about this
  • Seriously

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Asking to move in together and a few fluffy cute moments !!?! 😊😄😅😆 Wolfstar or Jily ??!! I admire your blog 😻


I’ll give you Jily because I’m better with them, I’ll leave Wolfstar to the more experienced and it’s from James’ POV because I’m more comfortable with him. Thank you for your lovely words :)

The war had taken it’s toll on everyone. Lily was falling apart, the girl James loved so much for being one of the strongest people he knew, was getting thinner and even her beautiful flame of hair didn’t burn like it used to. She was scared and James knew it, it wasn’t a secret that Lily and the Marauders were against Voldemort or whatever his name is, she was scared for herself and her parents, even her sister who hated Lily. James was scared, too but he wanted to take Lily’s fear, he wanted to make sure she’s okay, he would have taken it all in if it meant she would smile. How did I fall so hard for a girl who hated me for so long? James didn’t know but as graduation came closer his ideas about what he wanted to do became clearer and clearer.

He wanted to be an Auror, he knew that since he was 7 years old. He wanted to be taught by Alastor Moody, he figured that out when he met Moody during one of the balls Potters held. He wanted to marry Evans but they were so young. I want her around. He wanted her around as much as he could. Sirius’ solution was simple they could get a flat close to Ministry and live together. Easier said than done, Pads. James was so scared to ask because he was sure Lily would say no, he wasn’t even sure if Lily loved him as much as he loved her. James would have pretty much given an arm to be with Lily forever, have beautiful children with his hair and her everything. James found himself startled by a soft voice calling his name. 

“James?” said Lily Evans with a worried look on her face.“Are you alright? You’ve been staring at that wall for 5 minutes now.”

“Oh, oh yeah sure I’m fine. I was– just thinking about some stuff” James’ hand shot up to his neck nervously. Shit, Potter now she knows something is wrong. 

“Do you maybe want to talk about it Jamie?” said Lily as she sit down on the arm of the chair James had been sitting for the past hour.

Just take the shot Prongs, she said no to you like gazillion times before. 

James shifted so he was face to face with Lily, God her eyes are like emeralds, focus Potter. , “Do you have any idea about life after Hogwarts Lils?” James literally blurted out so fast, Lily had a hard time understanding.

“I– There’s a war going on you are aware right Potter?” Lily’s eyes were looking right into his soul, James knew it.

“I know, I just, um, I just want to know where you’ll go when the school is done” James was looking down, he was scared to look at her because he knew she would see right through.

“I won’t go back to live with my parents if that’s why you are asking, I can’t risk it. I’ll probably move in a flat with one of the girls and–”

“I was wondering if you wanted to move in with me instead of the girls?” James was in shock but Lily was shocked even more. She’s going to say no

“I– What?” Lily’s voice was a little higher than usual.

“I want you to live with me after Hogwarts ends, I want to have you around Lily as much as I can and since you’re not going back and we’re a wee bit to young to get married I–” Married Potter really? She’s going to freak out, I’m so done.

“You– you want to marry me?” Lily’s eyes were glistening with tears.

James took her hands into his “Of course I do, you’re the best thing that happened to me Evans, I want to marry you and have so much children we can have a Quidditch t–” James never finished that sentence because Lily launched herself on to him and started kissing him like she never did before, pausing every few seconds to say “Yes”.

James pulled himself back because neither his head or heart understood what just happened. Did she just agree to marry me? Lily Evans said yeS TO ME BUT YES TO WHAT? “Lily, yes to what?” James asked a little too hopeful.

“Everything, yes to everything you just said” Lily was smiling like she did before the war started. “But like in near future not right now, we’ll move in but get married later and I need you to ask me formally–”

“Lils, are you rambling?” James was grinning.

“You are an idiot Potter but unfortunately I’m completely in love with you.”


i need more music + marauders headcanons
  • remus’s mom being a huge music buff and influencing remus
  • her having tons of records that she eventually gives to remus
  • the only thing he wanted for his birthday one year was his own record player
  • he brought the records and the record player to hogwarts with him because even if he didn’t have friends, he’d still have his music
  • he was so wrong
  • he becomes friends with sirius, james, and peter and they eventually ask him what the weird contraption on his bedside table is
  • he tells them and shows them some of his favourites songs
  • they get hooked on muggle music and many nights of karaoke ensue in their dorm up until they leave hogwarts
  • remus having a soft spot for elvis songs because he’s his mother’s favourite
  • james, sirius, and peter absolutely loving everything elvis presley (especially sirius)
  • sirius listening to hound dog and laughing hysterically
  • sirius convincing remus to teach him the elvis hip movements but they never get past the first lesson because “remus how is it possible to move your hips like that, oh my god that’s sexy, remus let’s forget this lesson, no shhh, remus shut up and kiss me”
  • remus introducing them to Queen, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, Bee Gees, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, and multiple other popular artists, along with artists that his mom grew up with
  • remus working at a muggle record shop over the summer holidays
  • remus taking the other three to various records shops and them asking what’s good and what’s popular and the person behind the desk being so confused because how could they have missed out on so much pop culture?
  • remus laughing at them from the back of the shop
  • you better believe that they performed many of these songs in front of everyone if only for shits and giggles (in the common room, in the great hall, in the corridors (the acoustics are great), everywhere
  • sirius hearing remus in the shower singing let’s get it on by marvin gaye and just “padfoot, are you ok?” “james, i think i’ve died and gone to heaven”
  • (sidenote: lily is in love with these songs too. remus and lily bonding over muggle music. yes)
  • remus’s favourite song is american pie by don mclean because his mother has taught him so much about music and it’s such a large part of his life
  • remus having a secret obsession with swing music because his mom loved swing
  • marauders making muggle music references throughout the day and many teachers and students being confused except for the occasional muggleborn and halfblood
  • mcgonagall understanding one of their references (cue shocked marauder expressions)
  • wolfstar duet of don’t go breaking my heart by elton john
  • marauders listening to kung fu fighting by carl douglas and just jumping around their dorm pretending to be ninjas
  • end of seventh year quidditch game, gryffindor vs. ravenclaw, marauders get everyone in the gryffindor stands to sing we will rock you by queen
  • james singing we are the champions later in the common room at the after party with remus, sirius, and peter as background singers
  • after hogwarts they continue to love music, often meeting up at bars and singing karaoke
  • sirius and remus moving in together and filling multiple shelves with records
  • all of them continuing to use remus’s record player, which has held up all this time
  • the war tightening it’s hold on all of them, but they still have their music
  • james and lily’s wedding i don’t even know where to start with that
  • the amount of karaoke that happened
  • james and lily dying, sirius being sent to azkaban, and peter “dying”, leaving remus alone with the music
  • remus hearing lean on me by bill withers for the first time in ages when he enters a muggle shop, and having to leave immediately because his heart lurches in a way that he can’t handle and tears gather in his eyes
  • sirius coming back and lie low at lupin’s happens
  • remus going to grab him clean clothes, unknowingly leaving sirius alone with his record player
  • remus suddenly hearing music throughout his home and when he appears back in the same room as sirius he freezes because it’s love of my life by queen
  • they just stare at each other because that was the last song they played on the record player all those years ago, before everything went to shit, and remus couldn’t be bothered to move it back into it’s case
  • both of them bursting into tears and comforting each other and loving each other again
  • relistening to all the songs that they listened to back then and crying, but they do it anyways because they love these songs and they love james and lily (and even peter, before he betrayed them)
  • just…the marauders and music, man.
The Flowers in James's Ribs

A/N :  Mentions suicide so if that isn’t your thing then the next thing will be happier, promise. For  @picassowasblue because she likes badass Lily as much as me  ///

Eliza Potter is not stupid.

She’s almost seven now, and can put the bread in the toaster without Sirius picking her up, so she can see that James is friends with the pretty new neighbour. 

And she is pretty, as in, interesting pretty. Like she looks like she could punch someone in the mouth, which Eliza actually saw her do one time to Jimmy Ogden during school when he told her to turn around for him. Eliza isn’t scared of her though, because once she fell over when she was riding her bike on the sidewalk outside the house and the pretty girl ran over and helped her up. The girl said that her name was Lily and helped Eliza inside. James smiled when she opened the door even though Eliza’s knee was bleeding into her sock.

James smiles a lot when she’s around, Eliza’s noticed. She tells Lizzy, her best friend, and Lizzy snorts, and says seventeen year old boys don’t smile a lot. And Lizzy would know, she has twin brothers who are seventeen and is the only one in the class who has a raincoat without any mud on it. Lizzy just understands these things. But James really does smile a lot when the girl- Lily- is around. Like when he was mowing the lawn and she waved at him from where she was picking flowers in her yard. James nearly took his foot off when he tried to wave back and Eliza remembers Mummy yelling at him to watch her flippin’ hydrangeas.

But Lily really is nice, plus she has cool hair. Eliza once asked who poured all of that red paint on her head and Lily laughed while James glared and told her not to be such a nerd. But it really did look like paint on Lily’s head, and when she told Eliza that it was just how her hair was. Eliza got annoyed; because she wanted hair that looked like blood so that she could scare sway stupid Fabian Weasley who keeps staring at her in class. Lily laughed again and said that she liked Eliza’s black hair, that black hair was really cool. James smiled really hard when she said that.

Lily is painting her fence on Saturday and James gets out of bed at nine in the morning (he never gets up that early, not even for cartoons) to help her. Eliza brings them sandwiches that she made herself and when she walks over James is talking, “…Yeah but that technically didn’t count as a suspension because Mum never found out about it, she would have fucking shot me if- oh, hi, ‘Liza”. Lily is grinning when Eliza hands her the pickle and jam sandwich. If she really thinks about it, Lily smiles a lot when James is around too. 

Lily also has a sister, but Eliza doesn’t like her at all, because she yells at her when she’s riding her bike on the road and she made Lily cry that one time, when they were outside and the mean sister said that she hated her. Lily cried and Eliza wanted to hit the other girl, because she didn’t have nice red hair or pretty eyes and she hurt Lily. But she didn’t, because mum said she shouldn’t eavesdrop anymore and she was meant to be practising her printing.

But she can tell Sirius about Lily, because Sirius is the best at listening and he likes her pickle and jam sandwiches. Sirius grins so big his face might fall off and says he won’t tell anyone, but she hears him teasing James about it later. Oh well, James deserved it. He called her a nerd.

Lily comes over a lot more now, sitting on the couch watching TV with James and sometimes he even lets Eliza watch with them. Lily leans on James’s knees and Eliza leans on Lily’s knees and it’s like a cool kneeling train. She likes it, because she gets to see James and Lily, who are her favourite people in the whole world. Along with Padfoot, Moony, Wormy and Mummy, of course. Eliza thinks her Dad might have been one of her favourite people to, even though he’s in the ground with the stone on top. Mummy says he was really sad and couldn’t take it anymore. Eliza still doesn’t know what ‘it’ is, but she’s going to find out and punch it, because it makes Mummy sad and James all quiet whenever they talk about Daddy.       

She tells Lily this while she’s waiting for James to get back from Remus’s house and Lily gets really sad, so Eliza tells her not be and gives her a hug, because she doesn’t like it when Lily is sad, it makes her hurt inside.

James comes to her that night and asks if she’s ever sad about Dad, so Lily must have told, but Eliza doesn’t mind because she and James stay up all night talking about him, and Eliza likes that because talking to James is nice. James is her favourite person to talk to ever, she thinks. She tells him so and he hugs her. James is the second best huger, next to Sirius, of course.

She tells Lily this and she says she must test that theory sometime. Eliza doesn’t know what a theory is but she sees Lily hug James a few weeks later after they do their big people school homework in his room. That makes James smile a lot, and he doesn’t even yell at Eliza when she tells him she broke his headphones by accident.

On the day that they always go and visit Daddy’s grave Lily comes with them, Mummy never goes. She just stays in bed and won’t make Eliza breakfast like normal, so James does it. But he’s really quiet and puts too much milk on the cornflakes, so it’s not the same. They borrow Peter’s car because it’s nicer and they drive to the rock in the ground with “ROBERT ELLIOT POTTER’ written on it in big letters. Eliza gets to put the flowers that they brought down, and she arranges them in a smiley face so that maybe, wherever he is, Daddy won’t be so sad anymore. Lily holds James’s hand and Eliza holds Lily’s other hand and it’s like when they kneel on each other on the couch but not fun. Not fun at all.

Lizzy tells her James wants to kiss Lily and Eliza tells her that’s gross, because kissing is yuck and you aren’t allowed to do it until you’re at least twenty-one. That’s what James, Padfoot and Moony all told her. Lizzy tells her she’s just a big baby and Eliza punches her in the mouth just like Lily did to Jimmy Ogden, because Lizzy’s always calling her a baby now and just because she wears a raincoat without mud on it doesn’t mean she’s the queen of the world. And she still doesn’t feel bad about it when she’s sent home early and Mummy yells at her. She tells Lily what Lizzy said and Lily goes really red and mixes up all her words, which is weird because Lily never does that.

One night the phone rings in the middle of the night and Eliza answers, because the phone is on the desk right outside her room and it’s Lily on the other end. She’s crying a lot and tells her to just go get James please and Eliza is really scared because she sounds really sad and what is she’s so sad that she leaves like Daddy. Eliza doesn’t want to see Lily’s name a stone in the ground so she runs to get James really fast. James is mad when she wakes him up but Eliza shoves the phone at him and watches him as he talk to Lily. He says things like, “Calm down” and “I’ll be right there” and then he’s putting on his t-shirt and running for his car. He says he won’t take Eliza and that makes her mad because she wants to see Lily and give her a hug and tell her to not leave, please, because Lily is hers and she loves her a lot. She tells James not to let Lily leave forever and James looks at her real hard and promises he won’t. And then it’s okay, because James doesn’t lie to her, ever. So it’s okay.

Eliza asks Remus why Lily was crying when he comes over the next day because Remus is smart and knows how to explain things so that they make sense, he always helps her with the stupid math homework so he will help her understand why Lily called in the middle of the night. Remus looks at James for a minute and James just gets up and leaves, which is confusing. Remus tells Eliza that Lily had been at a big people party and one of the boys had tried to hurt her, so she called James to come and get her. Eliza asks if James punched they boy and Remus smiles, saying he doesn’t know, but he should have. Remus then makes her promise to tell him or Peter or Sirius or James if a boy ever tries to hurt her and Eliza does, because why wouldn’t she tell? Peter, Remus, Sirius and James are her best friends, even better than Lizzy. Remus hugs her when she tells him this and she hugs him back, because Remus is the third best hugger of all time.

Lily gets a rabbit and Eliza likes to go over and pet him, but when James tries the bunny bites him and Lily laughs so hard that she falls into her pool. She pulls James in by his foot and he yells and gets really wet. Eliza laughs because they’re laughing and then James is pushing Lily’s head under the water and Lily is splashing him and Eliza is grinning and grinning because her older brother is laughing and Lily wasn’t lying about her hair, because the paint doesn’t come out in water so it must be real.

James gets asked by Lily to go to her mean older sister’s wedding and when he leaves in his fancy pants and jacket, Sirius stays and watches cartoons with her. Watching cartoons with Sirius is fun, because he yells funny things at the characters and makes popcorn. Sirius says that James might be in love with Lily. Eliza doesn’t know what that means, because she loves Sirius, so is she in love with him? Sirius laughs and pauses the Power Puff girls. Then he looks at Eliza real hard which means he wants to tell her something really important so she looks back at him and tries to look like she’s listening really hard, because she is.

Sirius says being in love and loving someone isn’t the same, because Sirius loves her but isn’t in love with her. Eliza still doesn’t understand and wishes Remus was there to explain it, but Sirius keeps talking. He says that being in love with someone is when your ribcage feels like a flower garden whenever the other person is around. Eliza doesn’t know what a ‘ribcage’ is but she likes flower gardens and hopes that James has one in his body always, so she says she doesn’t mind if James is in love with Lily, just as long as they don’t kiss until they’re  twenty one, because that is illegal. Sirius smiles and tells her she’s right. Then he makes popcorn and uses lots of salt, just like how he knows she likes it.

When James gets home later Eliza walks up to him and tells him it’s alright if he’s in love with Lily. James stares at her for a minute and then throws his wallet at Sirius’s head, who catches it and smiles, chewing on the nice mint gum that he gave Eliza a piece of.

A lot of days later, she sees James and Lily kissing on the sidewalk. But she doesn’t call the police, because James is smiling when he pulls back and Lily flicks him on the nose and laughs. Eliza lets them do it this one time, but next time she really will call the police. Because she’s not stupid and Peter told her that if she kisses anyone before she’s twenty-one she will have to go to jail. And Remus said they don’t have the Power Puff girls in jail. And that would suck.  

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for this anon, jayne, and nai, about this textpost

It starts, like it always does with the pair of them, with a truly spectacular disagreement.

Come on, Evans, just this once! I swear, I won’t ask it of you again.”

No! Merlin, how badly are you trying to embarrass me?

“It can’t be that bad! Sirius said it was worth it!”

“Oh, well if Sirius likes it so much, why doesn’t Sirius do it?”

“People are staring,” Sirius himself interjects, grinning. “Besides, only works for newcomers.”

James pouts. Lily scoffs.

“Lily, love, light of my life, my reason for living, please. Think of the Galleons we could save!”

“We? You mean you. I, Potter, am a respectable ex-Head Girl, one who has no interest in contraband Zonko’s products.”

“You set off a Dungbomb in the Slytherins’ Quidditch locker room during Seventh Year, after Mary Yaxley made fun of your hair,” Peter points out. Lily glares at him.

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you know what ? let’s imagine the marauders in afterlife.

afterlife is supposed to be forever, right ?

james is here. sirius is here. lily is here. remus is here.

you know who else is here ?


peter is stucked forever in the same place as the people he betrayed.

who used to be his best friends.

how do you think that would go ?

do they just stay in different corners of afterlife forever ?

do they come in contact after like, 2134 years of afterlife ?

do they at some point forgive him ?

and i know you’re all saying “whaaaaaat no he betrayed them” and maybe you’re right who knows BUT

remus forgave sirius for betraying his secret to severus snape of all people

so after a lot and a lot and a lot of time and apologies and explainations, why not peter ?

( @jilylicious it seemed like this would interest you. also sorry i’m writing this really fast and am bad at explaining but you have the main idea )

Communication Issues

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders)

Word count: 2179

Characters: James x reader, Lily

Warnings: Reader reacting badly to a misunderstanding, jealousy issues

Summary: The reader sees something that upsets her, and doesn’t talk to anyone about it.

The first rule of best friendship was never to fall in love with your best friend’s man.

When you were both children it was easy. As simple as breathing. Lily was your best friend. You had met on your very first night at Hogwarts, because you shared a dorm. But you had only really become friends after both of you got lost in Hogwarts’ ridiculously complicated corridors, and ended up finding the kitchens by mistake. After that, no one could have separated the two of you.

James Potter was different. And not in a good way. James Potter was irritating in the obnoxious, immature way only an eleven-year-old boy could be, and Sirius Black was no better. So the vow you and Lily made to avoid ever dating either of them was really no problem.

But that was when you were eleven.

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Can you do this one pleeeease? :) "we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”

jily + muggle/modern AU

“Shit,” says James, shivering. “We’re out of blankets.”

Lily’s green eyes peer up at him from amidst fluffy white hills of duvet. “Come on, then,” she says, nose pink. “Bed’s big enough for two.”

James just manages to stop himself from shivering again, albeit for an entirely different reason. “No,” he says, trying to steel himself. “I’ll take the couch. There are more blankets in the closet.”

Lily just blinks at him. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Oh, and how easily his resolve breaks.

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