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Do the supergirl writers know that you can write a gripping storyline without

  • introducing a cishet white man
  • glorifying, normalising, and romanticising abuse
  • torturing lesbians
  • justifying slavery
  • traumatising women
  • pitting women against each other for no reason
  • sidelining black men
  • getting rid of black women
  • justifying fucking slavery
  • sidelining queer people
  • reducing women, especially the female protagonist, to a love interest
  • justifying fucking slavery
  • revolving the plot around said generic cishet white boy despite it not being his fucking show
  • further abusing abuse survivors
  • making characters OOC to fit your fucking plot

“I would stay up and think about what I wanted to be until 2 or 3 in the morning. Almost every night, I would just lay down and think about different options. I was always in my head. I had insomnia, and I would stay up all night and write poetry. I started reflecting on my past and looking toward the future and thinking in a way that was aspirational. I spent a lot of time having to put that on paper. It allowed me to get my thoughts out in a way that felt therapeutic but also had an artistic quality. And that was really my first relationship with the arts… 

Then at a certain point in grad school, being in that city and exposed to all these different ideas made me start questioning what I believed. I was around 23 or 24 years old when I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I was going back in time and trying to find out why I believed what I believed, and it always ended with my mother, and with what I was told — not my own epiphany or studies.I started reading a few books on everything from reincarnation — The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav — to As a Man Thinketh [by James Allen], to The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. I was taking in information that was beyond the canon of literature that I had been exposed to, to really take some ownership of my spiritual beliefs.”

~ Mahershala Ali 


Moonlight (2016)

Directed by Barry Jenkins

Cinematography by James Laxton

"Legends Never Die"

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