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Last night I started to cry after looking at a pic of James Wilson and if that doesn’t fully describe me as a person, I don’t know what does.

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Can you list every founding father? I know that's probably time consuming sorry aa

  • Andrew Adams
  • John Adams
  • Samuel Adams
  • Thomas Adams
  • John Alsop
  • Abraham Baldwin
  • John Banister
  • Josiah Bartlett
  • Richard Bassett
  • Gunning Bedford Jr. 
  • Edward Biddle
  • John Blair
  • Richard Bland
  • William Blount
  • Samuel Boerum
  • Carter Braxton
  • David Brearley
  • Jacob Broom
  • Pierce Butler
  • Charles Carroll
  • Daniel Carroll
  • Richard Caswell
  • Samuel Chase
  • Abraham Clark
  • William Clingan
  • George Clymer
  • John Collins
  • Stephen Crane
  • Thomas Cushing
  • Francis Dana
  • Jonathon Dayton
  • Silas Deane
  • John De Hart
  • John Dickinson
  • William Henry Drayton
  • James Duane
  • William Duer
  • Eliphalet Dyer
  • William Ellery
  • William Few
  • Thomas Fitzsimons
  • William Floyd
  • Nathaniel Folsom
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Christopher Gadsden
  • Joseph Galloway
  • Elbridge Gerry
  • Nicholas Gilman
  • Nathaniel Gorham
  • Button Gwinnett
  • Lyman Hall
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • John Hancock
  • John Hanson
  • Cornelius Harnett
  • Benjamin Harrison
  • John Hart
  • John Harvie
  • Patrick Henry
  • Joseph Hewes
  • Thomas Heyward
  • Samuel Holten
  • William Hooper
  • Stephen Hopkins
  • Francis Hopkinson
  • Titus Hosmer
  • Charles Humphreys
  • Samuel Huntington
  • Richard Hutson
  • Jared Ingersoll
  • John Jay
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
  • Thomas Johnson
  • William Samuel Johnson
  • Rufus King
  • James Kinsey
  • John Langdon
  • Edward Langworthy
  • Henry Laurens
  • Francis Lightfoot Lee
  • Richard Henry Lee
  • Francis Lewis
  • Philip Livingston
  • William Livingston
  • James Lovell
  • Isaac Low
  • Thomas Lynch
  • James Madison
  • Henry Marchant
  • John Mathews
  • James McHenry
  • Thomas McKean
  • Arthur Middleton
  • Henry Middleton
  • Thomas Mifflin
  • James Monroe
  • Gouverneur Morris
  • Lewis Morris
  • Robert Morris
  • John Morton
  • Thomas Nelson, Jr.
  • William PacaMaryland
  • Robert Treat Paine
  • Thomas Paine
  • William Paterson
  • Edmund Pendleton
  • John Penn
  • Charles Pinckney
  • Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
  • Peyton Randolph
  • George Read
  • Joseph Reed
  • Daniel Roberdeau
  • Caesar Rodney
  • George Ross
  • Benjamin Rush
  • Edward Rutledge
  • John Rutledge
  • Nathaniel Scudder
  • Roger Sherman
  • James Smith
  • Jonathan Bayard Smith
  • Richard Smith
  • Richard Dobbs Spaight
  • Richard Stockton
  • Thomas Stone
  • John Sullivan
  • George Taylor
  • Edward Telfair
  • Matthew Thornton
  • Matthew Tilghman
  • Nicholas Van Dyke
  • George Walton
  • John Walton
  • Samuel Ward
  • George Washington
  • John Wentworth, Jr.
  • William Whipple
  • John Williams
  • William Williams
  • Hugh Williamson
  • James Wilson
  • Henry Wisner
  • John Witherspoon
  • Oliver Wolcott
  • George Wythe

If there is anyone you believe I forgot, tell me and I will edit and add them in if I believe they are a founding father. 

#OTD 4/18/1970 - President Nixon awarded highest civilian award that can be presented in the United States of America, the Medal of Freedom, to Apollo 13 astronauts James Lovell, Fred Haise, and John Swigert at the Honolulu International Airport.
From his remarks: “As we look at what you have done, we realize that greatness comes not simply in triumph but in adversity. It has been said that adversity introduces a man to himself. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you three men who have been introduced to themselves as much as anybody in the whole history of men.” (Image: WHPO-3371-02A)

  • Jordan: So. Who broke it? I’m not mad. I just want to know.
  • Intern Joe: I did. I broke it...
  • Jordan: No. No, you didn’t. James?
  • James: Don’t look at me. Look at Aleks.
  • Aleks: What?! I didn’t break it.
  • James: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Aleks: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
  • James: Suspicious.
  • Aleks: No it’s not!
  • Spencer: If it matters, probably not... Stef was the last one to use it.
  • Stef: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
  • Spencer: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Stef: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Spencer!
  • Intern Joe: Alright let's not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Jordan.
  • Jordan: No. Who broke it?
  • Aleks: [whispering] Jordan, Dan's been awfully quiet...
  • Dan: Really?!
  • Aleks: Yeah, really!
  • Jordan: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.


gOSH I never realised how hard pixels are to do, but its done now! I’m gonna post these to the forum soon! :D

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(April 1970) — These three astronauts are the prime crew of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Apollo 13 lunar landing mission. Left to right, are James A. Lovell Jr., commander; John L. Swigert Jr., command module pilot; and Fred W. Haise Jr., lunar module pilot. Apollo 13 will be the United States’ third lunar landing mission.


Alexander Skarsgård as Sgt. Brad Colbert in GENERATION KILL (Part 7 - Bomb in the Garden) #67 of GK Tuesday

Also pictured: Bjorn Steinbach as  Cpl. Michael Stinetorf,  Jonah Lotan as Naval Hospitalman 2nd Class Timothy ‘Doc’ Bryan,  Sydney Hall as Cpl. Teren ’T’ Holsey,  Langley Kirkwood as Sgt. Steven Lovell,  James Ransone as Cpl. Josh Ray Person, Pawel Szajda as Cpl. Walt Hasser, Billy Lush as Lance Cpl. Harold 'James’ Trombley, Eric Ladin as Cpl. James Chaffin, Rich McDonald as Cpl. Anthony 'Manimal’ Jacks, Justin Shaw as Sgt. Michael 'Budweiser’ Brunmeier, and Rudy Reyes as Sgt. Rudy 'Fruity Rudy’ Reyes.

sources: HBO’s Generation Kill Blu-ray, my screen caps


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