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Rude Boy (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2489

Warnings: SMUT. NSFW gifs (may have gotten carried away with those).

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Here ya go. Wrap it before you tap it kids.

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Part 1

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(1/?) You were very frustrated with your husband, Bucky missed your 4 year olds ballet recital. "Babydoll, I'm so sorry," he rushed, out of breath as he pressed kisses to your lips. "Bucky you said you'd make it!" You argued. "Sugar, there was a hold up at the bar," he reasoned, running a hand through his long hair. You huff frustratedly, eyeing the bruise around his eye. "Are you picking fights again?" You asked, smoothing his leather jacket. "Doll, you know how I feel when guys talk ya up."

(2/?) “Some hold up,” you grumble, cracking a smile at your husbands antics, “you drive me crazy, James.” You pull him off to the bathroom, sitting him on the toilet. “You have some explaining to do with Miss Barnes,” you scold, standing between his thighs as you wipe the cut on his brow with a wet towel. “Oh boy,” he sighed, “she’s gonna hate me.” “She could never hate her daddy, maybe just a little.” With that, he squeezed your sides playfully. “Cmere you stinker,” he says with a nose scrunch.

(3/?) You wriggled out of Bucky’s grasp, skipping to your shared room. You’d already stolen a shirt of his to sleep in, pulling the covers up to your chin. He discarded his leather jacket and jeans, slipping on a pair of shorts before climbing in with you. “How was she?” He asked softly, pulling you into him. “She’s got her daddy’s moves,” you grin, brushing the hair out of his face. “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?” He sighed. “More than that I’d say,” you tease, earning a playful pinch on the hip.

(4/4) You woke in the middle of the night to an empty bed, giggles down the hall. You got up, padding down the hall to find the source. From the doorway, you saw your large soldier, baby Barnes gripping his metal finger as she held the other just as tight, standing on his feet as they danced. “M'thinkin you’re a better dancer than me, Doll,” he giggled to her. “No way!” She squealed, making grabby hands. He lifted her up, swaying back and forth. “Yes way, babydoll,” he said, kissing her cheek.


Daddy Wednesday™

you drive me crazy (but i don’t mind)

Pairing: James Potter and Lily Evans

Description: Lily wears her boyfriend’s Quidditch jersey, he reacts like a dork, and their friends make bets.

Rating: T

Words: 1330

Also read it in: ao3

[A/N]: Hey there! It’s almost the end of jilytober, and I’ve been trying to get this fanfic out for a while. It’s just some fluffy jily since the saddest day of the year is upon us. I hope you guys like it!

He trips over nothing when he sees what she’s wearing, and she has to try very hard not to laugh. It was Sirius’s idea, of course – or rather, it was Sirius’s dare. He’d said he doubted she’d wear James’s clothes out in the open, and Lily had fallen for it immediately. She might have grown up, but she still was just as bad at resisting any challenges thrown her way as she was at the age of eleven. So, together with Marlene and Dorcas, she had started planning the perfect moment to steal her boyfriend’s clothes and wear them for maximum shock of the Hogwarts’ population.

Two weeks later, here they are. It’s the last Quidditch match Gryffindor’s playing, and it’s against Slytherin. James had spent the last month in the brink of a mental breakdown while also working the other players to exhaustion (which is partly the reason why Marley agreed to help Lily in this). He wants to win, not only because it’s Slytherin, but because it’s their last year in the school, and of James as Captain, so he’s working extra hard to get the Quidditch Cup. Lily understands it, this need of his for Quidditch, his last string of teenage life before entering the real world – and the war. She barely even complains when he’s fails at giving her all the attention she seeks from her new boyfriend, but she’s prepared to make him compensate for it once the match is over.

She may also be prepared to make him pay for it just a little bit now, too.

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If Harry Potter is about to turn 34, the Rita Skeeter article is set 16 years later, and Teddy’s snogging Victoire… three years before the epilogue… so…  

James…was evidently bursting with news. “Teddy’s back there,” he said breathlessly, pointing back over his shoulder at the billowing clouds of steam. “Just seen him! And guess what he’s doing? Snogging Victoire!”

He gazed up at the adults, evidently disappointed by the lack of reaction.

Our Teddy! Teddy Lupin! Snogging our Victoire! Our cousin! And I asked Teddy what he was doing–”… “And he said he’d come to see her off! And then he told me to go away! He’s snogging her!” James added as though worried he had not made himself clear. 

No shit, lack of reaction. This made national news three years ago, James, get your head in the game. 

Take it Off - James Van Riemsdyk

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Some good ol JVR!  Big fan, big fan!  Anyways, I love these prompt things cause you can go so many different ways with them so feel free to keep requesting them!!  Enjoy!  Much love pals! <3

Word count: 601

Warnings: smut (not full blown, but it’s more than just steam)

Request: “#35 with James van Riemsdyk please ❤” - @mattsmartsmarns

Prompt: “You heard me. Take. It. Off”

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You and James and gone out to dinner with a couple of his teammates and the entire night he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes or hands off of you.  You were pretty sure that it had something to do with the fact you were wearing one of James’ favourite dresses.  It was just a simple long sleeved, black dress but it hugged every curve on your body and dipped down dangerously low in the back.

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Camren used the captions from James Miller song "Lost in Love". "You drive me crazy, I'm so into you...Tell me baby, do you feel it too?And the taste of your lips got me feeling high...Girl, I swear you're an angel in disguise...Just one look in your eyes got me hypnotized....I'll never be the same".. My delusions are triggered big time now!!! :D

i can actually feel myself getting more delusional. what are these girls doing to us??

The Carolers

A/N au idea comes from this post… i might do them all… we’ll see

Jily, I really hate carolers but you’re kind of cute, go ahead, keep singing AU

Lily hated Christmas carolers… perhaps hated was too strong a word. She knew that they meant well, trying to spread Christmas cheer and all that crap. However, it was only December 6th and she was already sick of them.

When she was a child, she and her family would occasionally get a group of carolers at their door around the holidays. She remembered that they even went out to join them as they made their way around the neighborhood once. It had been a fun experience and she had enjoyed the excitement of it all. Until last year.

Last year, during the first week of November, she rented a house with Mary, Marlene and Dorcas. It seemed like the perfect neighborhood. It was close to Dorcas and Marlene’s jobs and the university Mary and Lily attended was around the corner. No one warned them about the insane amount of Christmas caroling the neighbors liked to do.

All it took was last December. One month of non-stop Christmas caroling to make her dread the sound of her doorbell. A large group of neighbors made the rounds at least twice a week from December first all the way up to Christmas Eve. It had driven her mad. Mary and Dorcas felt the same way but Marlene had loved it. She even joined their bloody group!

Well Lily wasn’t giving in. She would never again like Christmas carolers.

“Why do they have to ruin this bloody holiday for me?” Lily murmured to Mary as they slowly made their way to the front door where there was a group of people singing that ridiculous da hoo doray song from The Grinch.

“Let’s just humor them,” Mary sighed.

“We humored them yesterday.”

“If Marlene finds out we were mean to her caroling group…”

“I still can’t believe she let that guy take her out on a night when she’s supposed to be caroling.”

“Neither can I.”

Mary opened the door and they gazed out at the small group of singers. Lily was surprised. There were far fewer than yesterday- only about six. They finished the song and beamed at them. Lily knew that they were expecting some sort of permission to sing a few more. She was about to wave good night and shut the door but then something caught her eye.

Someone caught her eye.

He stood in the back of the group, but was tall enough that she could see most of his face. The fairy lights on her house reflected in his glasses and his dark, messy hair stood out against the stretch snow that was behind him. And that smile. The excitement and eagerness of that smile melted her heart and tugged at the corners of her own lips.

Without realizing it, Lily nodded for the carolers to continue.

“What are you doing?” Mary hissed in her ear.

“Admiring the view.”

Mary followed her gaze to the bloke in the back. She shook her head at Lily but there was the trace of an amused smile on her face. She waved goodbye to the carolers and snuck back inside but Lily remained for three more songs. All the while she stared at the cute stranger.

After the third song when the leader of the group, who Lily knew sort of well through Marlene, asked if she’d like to come out and join them for the rest of their rounds Lily surprised even herself when she said yes. But it was worth it because when she did, she could have sworn the smile on cute guy’s face grew.

Perhaps she would grow to like Christmas carolers.

Spring Playlist ☀🌷☀ Top Down- Fifth Harmony// Candy- Mandy Moore// Adore- Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande// Come on Over- Christina Aguilera// Credit- Meghan Trainor// Fuck Time- Green Day// Little Red Wagon- Miranda Lambert// Something Good can Work (RAC Mix)- Two Door Cinema Club// Work this Body- Walk the Moon// Shut up and Dance- Walk the Moon// You Drive me Crazy- Britney Spears// Jessie James Decker- Clint Eastwood// Wild Heart- Bleachers// Uncle Cracker- Follow Me// Aliens Exist- Blink 182

If wish I could infect people with my inexplicable confidence, lack of self-consciousness, and optimism - things that drive James crazy about me at times.

Then, we could all get up and live/love fearlessly and make the world what it should be.

Observation: Compassion for others is nearly impossible without compassion for oneself.