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Raw Power was released on 7 February 1973.

Credited to Iggy and the Stooges, it was the first album recorded after the dissolution of the original Stooges.

Iggy Pop had relocated to London, trying to control his heroin habit, but failing to find suitable musicians, Pop reformed the Stooges with James Williamson and Ron and Scott Asheton.

Pop produced and mixed the album himself, with disastrous results. David Bowie was enlisted to remix the album. Bowie recalled “the most absurd situation I encountered when I was recording was the first time I worked with Iggy Pop. He wanted me to mix Raw Power… [h]e had the band on one track, lead guitar on another and him on a third… . He said ‘see what you can do with this’. I said, 'Jim, there’s nothing to mix’. So we just pushed the vocal up and down a lot. On at least four or five songs that was the situation, including “Search and Destroy.” That’s got such a peculiar sound because all we did was occasionally bring the lead guitar up and take it out.”

The album failed to find an audience in the US, peaking at #182 on the Billboard chart. The band was dropped by both their record label and management company and broke up again in Feb. 1974.