stuff I’ve heard people in the trans community say recently (transphobic edition)

- transitioning medically is transphobic

- having gender dysphoria (in general) is transphobic

- you can choose to be trans

- people are trans because they don’t fit societies gender roles

- people are trans because of how their parents raised them

- binary trans people are just “submitting to the cisheteropatriarchy”

- gender and gender roles are “literally the same thing”

- All gnc people are trans

- All drag queens/kings are inherently trans

- “being trans is just a political movement”

- being a stealth trans person is transphobic

I have no joke heard trans people say this. People who actively participate in the community have said this, guys. On this note, lately lgbt stuff has been really tiring. I love running this page, I love posting positivity and resources, and I’m not going to stop, but I do want to ask that everyone really look into the community and try to identify the toxic things going on that no one is pointing out. Recently, a lot of problems have arisen to the point where it feels like we just went full circle. I’ve been in the community, actively, for about 6 years now and it has started to really worry me that people are adopting such damaging ideas. We need to start talking about this stuff. We need to start communicating. We need to start realizing that yes, trans people can be transphobic. It’s insane some of the mainstream ideas I have seen in this community lately, and I’m tired because this isn’t just a political identity to me, this is my life. We need to stop treating this as a joke. Anyway, I don’t know how to end this other than to say I’m really drained about everything going on recently. So yeah. Thanks for reading.


This counts as a little time skip because newborns are boring in ts4 sorry lol - James and Dominic aaaa i’m so happy Dominic came out with purple skin!!!! yEs!!!! James is clingy and Dominic is fussy.

Their eyes are supposed to be yellow like Blair’s so i edited them on photoshop BUT i don’t have the eyes for toddlers so i’ll probably end up forgetting to edit them on screenshots lOl


What the fuck is this


I haven’t drawn these losers in YEARS, but here they are, James, Chem, and Zak (left to right) Three teenage monster boys who are quite rude & annoying. If they were loitering around on your front lawn I’d recommend having your phone on hand just in case you gotta call the cops on these hooligans for reading your mail or setting your shrubs on fire.