dressing a galaxy: Picnic Gown & Slave Bikini

“The Picnic dress itself was made from fifty yards of hand-embroidered old-gold silk organza to create, as Biggar said, "a sense of movement and romance, the skirt flowing in the breeze.” Multi-colored ribbons were tied around the lower sleeves while a bodice was worn over the dress. The bodice was made from silk cloqué, and decorated with computerized filigree embroidery in seven colors and bled stitching. The roses on the bodice were taken from the tulle shawl and appliquéd on, as a way to unite the different fabrics"

It was Princess Leia’s Organa’s most memorable wardrobe choice — albeit chosen by Jabba the Hutt — the brief brass bikini worn while chained to the bloated gangster in Return of the Jedi. Developed in sketches by Nilo Rodis-Jamero, it was actually the ILM Model Shop that was tasked to construct the real costume worn by actress Carrie Fisher. It was the bikini from hell. Like steel, not steel but hard plastic”

The origin of Lando’s helmet from Return of the Jedi.

“"I remember every Friday afternoon, we used to run off to the ranch and we would play baseball. I remember jokingly putting a baseball glove on engineer Wade Childress’s head, and that was the birth of Lando Calrissian’s disguise,” recalls Nilo Rodis-Jamero. Childress posed with the glove, and Rodis-Jamero promptly outlined the rest of the helmet directly onto the Polaroid. Plastic designer Richard Davis holds the final helmet for comparison.“ 

-From the Star Wars Insider (156)