HELLO FRIENDS!! i meant to do this earlier but here it is

bolded are ppl i consider friendos or are mutals (which are friendos) and also hover over the lil x for a lil message to u and if u click on it u get pictures of cute dogs!! (srry I’m p sure the hovering only works on the computer!!)

ok well here goes nothin


01chill x 


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K-O (hahahahahah get it like k.o.)(I’m a weeb)

k-kissumi x kinderlove x knightlegendnoir x lackingstability x lambhorns x littlestfern x lonelybuds x lovelylor x mabeob-sonyeo x malinconie x mangotosh x misato2 x moss-kid x mzcah x nervousghosts x niobivm x o-utgrown x of-23 x ohhaiduckie x oldslothgrandma x 


pan-dda x pastel-cutie x pixielocks x pokemon-battling x pondors x princelykei x princess-peachie x punkrockisdeadandimpunkrock x pyrosol x qxeenofkawaii x reaperskin x rottinggalaxy x russstable x s00tgremlin x satansbitontheside x saturnsad x shirtnapkin x sighberghost x snauce x snowkiid x spacecatboy x spacetragedy x spoookachtig x starrycutie x  sunsafe x toudou2 x 


undergroundghosts x unit12 x vamp-kid x vesand x weetaeil x wild-blooms x witchypunks x zirconias x

okay thats probably not all but if you’re not on here 1. i probably meant to put u on here but this literally took me abt 3 days and all the urls started to look the same and it got confusing and i am sorry and i still love u and u can totally tell me and ill put u on here!!(esp if were mutals u were meant to be on here but it was so hard for me to do this!!) 2. we probably just started followin each other and i don’t really know u!! sorry!! 

i love u all!! even if ur not on here!!! 

godzi1la’s follower forever!!!!

best buds are bolded 

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im sorry if i forgot anyone!!! this was kinda rushed..