You've got a heart as loud as lions

Summary: Greg and Louis meet during the radio one, one direction takeover and Greg decided Louis is beautiful. I CAN’T DO SUMMARIES OK

Word count holla: 2,687

Warnings: None at all. You won’t find any smut here sorry 

also the title as no relevance to the fic but I feel like it is the perfect line to describe Louis so yeah that is why I used it BECAUSE I LOVE LOUIS (and that song)

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A couple of previews from my upcoming Grouis (with side Gryles) fic, The Start of the Future:

Because it’s getting really long and I really have to do homework so I have no idea when I’ll actually post it:

The band was buzzing as they climbed into their waiting van in the bowels of Wembley Arena, fresh from their first performance of Live While We’re Young, and three wins at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. As the van passed through the gate and onto the road, Louis turned to Harry, his cold voice cutting through the laughter and general joviality of the others.

“You’re actually fucking him, aren’t you?”

“Whoa, Louis,” Zayn said, “That’s a bit outta line.”

Louis ignored him and continued to stare at Harry, who met his eyes and nodded slowly, “yep.”


Greg found Nick talking to Gemma. “You were right,” he said.

“When aren’t I?” Nick replied.

“What about?” Gemma asked.

“People are ‘shipping’ me and Louis Tomlinson.” Greg said, his tone indicated that he was still rather confused by the whole thing. Gemma burst out laughing.