A white man drove to NYC to kill black people. The ‘Daily News’ reported his victim’s arrest record.

  • The New York Daily News published a story Wednesday about James Harris Jackson, a 28-year-old white man from Baltimore who allegedly traveled to New York City, encountered a 66-year-old black stranger named Timothy Caughman and stabbed him to death Monday night.
  • Police said the crime was racially motivated, and that Jackson surrendered at a New York Police Department substation in Times Square two days after the killing. “I’m the person you’re looking for,” Jackson told officers Wednesday, according to WNBC.
  • “He knew what he was doing when he was coming up here,” Det. William Aubrey added, citing Jackson’s history of hatred toward black people. 
  • Yet the Daily News’ report — co-authored by Rocco Parascandola, Aidan McLaughlin and Graham Rayman — went out of its way to highlight the arrest record of Caughman, the black victim. Read more (3/22/17)

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Darren on the Late Late Show with James Corden - March 21, 2017 [720p | Darren only edit]

Please don’t hate on Katie/Lena because you’re pissed about the show in general. The producers are obviously responding to the fans’ enthusiasm over Lena by making her a regular which is great.

Maggie already is a regular but I agree she definitely needs more screentime and to be treated better. Same with James, though I don’t know if he’s a regular this season?

Anyway, there is no need to hate on this decision because it is not related to the others, really. Tweet the producers and network and tell them what you want, but don’t hate on the actress or a character that is actually decent.

(Also I’m not sure if Mon is confirmed for season 3 or if he was just previously confirmed as a regular for the rest of THIS season. But definitely let the writers and network know how pissed you are about what they’re doing with him and Kara because it’s BULLSHIT!)


The Vamps on why they love Taylor Swift and April Fools’ Day 

Interviewer: What or who inspired you the most when you were growing up?

James McVey: I like Taylor.

Interviewer: I mean Taylor Swift is so important to you, isn’t she?

James McVey: She was for our second album, definitely. I think that 1989 kind of revolutionized the industry at the time, so yea. Wake Up, our second album, was influenced heavily by that album. I genuinely love Taylor. This is not a joke.

Interviewer: Every time I see you, at some point we talk about Taylor Swift.

James McVey: Yea, well, she’s a serious part of my life.

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What would their pet-peeves be? Like, just something they CANNOT stand.

Alex: Being interrupted

James: Getting a phone call during a meal

Thomas: Last-minute changes to plans

Burr: People leaving lights on when they leave rooms

Angelica: When people cut in line.

Eliza: When people don’t smile back.

Peggy: Being ignored

Lafayette: People faking accents

Hercules Mulligan: People in ill-fitting clothing

John Laurens: When people change lanes to get in front of you and then drive really slow

George Washington: Unexpected visits