Jameel Prize 4 - V & A Museum London.

Jameel Prize 4 – V & A Museum London.

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The V&A has announced the shortlist for the Jameel Prize 4. Eleven artists and designers have been shortlisted for this year’s £25,000 prize, which is awarded every two years in partnership with Art Jameel. They are:

David Chalmers Alesworth
Rasheed Araeen
Lara Assouad
Cevdet Erek
Sahand Hesamiyan
Lucia Koch
Ghulam Mohammad
Shahpour Pouyan
Wael Shawky
Bahia Shehab


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Opening address and tour of the Jameel Prize 3 Exhibition at the National Library in Singapore. A wide array of Islamic art was on display ranging from a variety of mediums such as paper, fabric, digital and mixed media. Simply beautiful.




The exciting exhibition, Jameel Prize (3) at the V&A presents some beautiful Islamic-inspired art and design.

On show includes Nada Debs’ gigantic ’Concrete Carpet’, Dice Kayek’s a collection of garments ’Istanbul Contrast’ and Mounir Fatmi’s Video ’Modern Times: A History of the Machine’, alongside more traditional media.

Typography features heavily in this, the third year of the competition, with works from Nasser Al Salem and Pascal Zoghbi as well as many others. Modern Arabic typeface design is catching up in a big way with its Roman counterpart. 

No need to have any knowledge or experience of Islamic art to appreciate this beautifully-curated collection of contemporary art.

Afruz Amighi en lice pour le Jameel Prize

Afruz Amighi est une jeune artiste iranienne vivant à New York. Son œuvre s'inscrit complètement dans son époque par plusieurs aspects: l'affranchissement de la création artistique du medium par l'intermédiaire d'installations uni/tri-dimensionnelle  (tantôt le sol, tantôt par des sculptures pendues), l'audace quand à la liberté prise dans ses représentations, par exemple la figure de l'ange ci-dessous n'est pas sans rappeler la traditionnelles miniatures persanes. 

Le travail de d'ombres et de lumières des installations est tout simplement impressionnant. Je vous invite aussi à aller voir son site officiel. Pas étonnant donc qu'elle se constitue aussi rapidement un  CV aussi prometteur, et qu'elle soit en lice pour le prix Jameel récompensant des grands artistes internationaux de l'art islamique. Vous pouvez aussi passer voir son travail à la galerie Nicelle Beauchene, New York.

V&A Museum - Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art and the Jameel Prize

V&A Museum - Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art and the Jameel Prize
is my latest article on Suite101.com. 

The article describes the new Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art and gives the criteria for entry to the Jameel Prize, a two-yearly competition that celebrates Islamic art and culture.

The 2011 short-listed artists have just been announced and their work will be on display at the V&A from 21st July to 25th September, after which it will embark on an international tour. Further details will be announced shortly.


28/03/2014 - Jameel Prize 3 Exhibition, V&A

Last Friday I went to see the Jameel Prize 3 exhibition at the V&A. I’d never heard of it, but I love the V&A, I had an afternoon to kill and it was free so I thought why not. The prize is an ‘international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition. Its aim is to explore the relationship between Islamic traditions of art, craft and design and contemporary work as part of a wider debate about Islamic culture and its role today’ (V&A).

The exhibition was a lot more interesting than I originally thought it was going to be. There were a few pieces based on typography and experimenting with the Arabic alphabet. '29LT Fonts Collection’ by Pascal Zoghbi was my favourite (the second image). The design of Arabic fonts is now a growing field, but the challenge is to devise fonts that stay faithful to the conventions of the Arabic script while matching contemporary needs.

Photos of artwork in order: 'Istanbul Contrast’ - Dice Kayek (this year’s winners), '29LT Fonts Collection’ - Pascal Zoghbi, 'Kul’ - Nassar Al Salem, 'Concrete Carpet’ - Nada Debs, 'Forming Spaces IV’ - Waqas Khan, 'Oiling’ and 'Tradition in Pixels’ - Faig Ahmed


14.2.14 - Jameel Prize *Not my images*

Making the most of the late opening times at the V&A on a Friday night, I visited the Jameel Prize exhibition.

Not knowing much at all about Arabic culture I didn’t know what the expect from the Jameel Prize. I really enjoyed the different medias on display. Ranging from textiles to video each piece reflected a little of the culture.

One of my favourite pieces from the exhibition was the ‘Istanbul Contrast’ by Dice Kayek (2nd image down). The pieces are from sisters who are designers in Istanbul but also work in Paris to create works. The three pieces blend the two cultures together creating high couture. 

Another favourite piece is the one as you go to enter the exhibition. Mounir Fatmi's Technologia is a video that combines Arabic Caligraphy and inspired by Marcel Duchamp's Rotoreliefs. During the video an image pops up on the screen for a brief second before the next image pops up. The brain cannot retain the information showed to us so quickly. The piece reflects modern society’s demand for technology and production, 

Visit the Jameel Prize 3


Time lapse video of print made from Ten stencils by Laurent Mareschal installing his piece ‘Beiti’ for Jameel Prize 3. 

Jameel Prize 3 shortlist announced


Last year, Kalimat was delighted to be invited to nominate artists and designers for the Jameel Prize. There were over 270 nominations for the £25,000 award from countries like Algeria, Brazil, Kosovo, Norway and Russia.

The 10 artists and designers shortlisted are:

  • Faig Ahmed 
  • Nada Debs 
  • Mounir Fatmi 
  • Rahul Jain 
  • Dice Kayek 
  • Waqas Khan 
  • Laurent Mareschal 
  • Nasser Al Salem 
  • Florie Salnot 
  • Pascal Zoghbi 

The work of the shortlisted artists and designers will be shown at the V&A from 11 December 2013 until 21 April 2014. The winner of the prize will be announced on 10 December 2013 at the V&A.

For more information visit the website