DAY 2652

Jalsa, Mumbai              July  16/17,  2015              Fri/Sat 1:50 am

Birthday - EF - Walaa Zakariya Mohammed Ahmed Ali … all our wishes for a happy day and with love and blessings .. how fortunate for your birthday to fall on Eid .. !!

Jamat - ul - Vida   !!


On this auspicious occasion of celebration and prayer and love and peace and forgiveness and blessings .. may the One Above, may Allah, give and bestow his very best for us all ..

What is it that provokes emotion and tears welling up on the playing of the National Anthem of the country .. what is it that unfurls within us when the flag of our respective nations, flutters against the wind, on the enthusiastic shoulders and hands of cheering crowds at events, at the moment of its presence atop national monuments and structures … what is it that spurs within us a desire to be strong and uplifted in the presence of even the worst adversary .. what ??

No matter where you hear it, in whatever condition in whatever situation, there is something about this song this anthem this composition, that brings the hair on end and leaves you with the power of national pride and place ..

For the opening of the ProKabaddi they ask me to render it live before the start of the first game in Mumbai .. they shall have it sung live for all the games throughout the tournament, by leading figures, choirs, orchestra’s and composers .. such a wonderful feel it leaves us all with .. to be a part of this privilege .. to be a part of national identity, national binding and national honour. Each individual in each and every part of the world and country goes through this extraordinary moment, singing in unison, each word each strain of the notes and words bringing incredible meaning and joy ..

The tune be the same the words unchanged, except perhaps in the United Kingdom, where the God saves the Queen now, but will come a time when it shall be altered to the King … the holding of the banner in military protocol, in respect and in its dignity .. it is beyond measure ..

There are anthems that have no words !! I saw it during the World Cup Football .. I was wondering why none of the players were singing the words as the Anthem played, only to be told later that that particular country did not have any 

words, just a tune, of respect and attention … fascinating !!

So the Kabaddi season starts, and the Jaipur Pink Panthers, Abhishek’s team, that won the championship last year plays the first match against UMumba ,, the very team they played first last year ..

The LOGO has changed for Jaipur, it is more attitudinal and relaxed and somewhat cool .. !! My limited vocabulary coerces me to usage of ‘cool’ .. a word I do not contribute to much .. 

The speed of conversation and the usage of abbreviated expressions in the vocabulary by this generation, shall be finding its way into the formal contributors of literature and alphabets .. in time all that looks to us to be insignificant or intemperate, shall become a part of knowledge books dictionaries, and the like that shall be our world wide reference points when sufficient time has lapsed .. the power of the human spirit .. the power of our existence and presence …

In life, time comes when we lament the absence of goods that spell ‘materialism’. We wonder why the other has and we not. We wonder if we shall ever get to that spot. We either reconcile our state and position, or determine within to achieve what we do not possess, to possess it .. and when we do possess what we needed to possess, we discover that what we had laboured so diligently to possess, is really a mere speck in what could possibly be achieved .. and so we begin that process and chase and ambition and persevere .. and we get there as well .. when we realise that its really too much to bear .. where shall we store it, what shall happen to it when we are gone .. will we leave it behind or leave it for others .. for family for relatives and friends .. for posterity .. what and where ? … we have no answers .. at least I do not ..

The end when it comes, shall leave us hopefully with the clothing that covers our naturalness … that is all .. that is all that shall travel to the cremation to the grave or wherever they shall put you .. and you shall be none the wiser of the belongings that you yearned and worked for the entire life …

Today a new shelf in the construct of my room, where I load books upon unread books, littered about on it, gives me the joy and the moment relief of having found space to be utilised in bringing order to the table desk and the room where I work .. tomorrow it shall fall short again, and newer space shall have to be created … 

Life is a shelf .. a shelf of unread books .. some partially reflected upon .. but mostly put up in ordered discipline, to define neat and tidy practice .. books that mount these shelves shall with time find their neighbourhood occupied by another of their clime .. they shall live shoulder to shoulder, in dust and grime and moth eaten pages and without care .. and then one fine day when far too much time has elapsed without attention, they shall fall apart and be a burden to that shelf that rack that storage … and be removed to the garbage as waste .. or given in instruction to those that survive age .. perhaps to be preserved or lost .. who knows .. for life would have removed you from the shelf permanently, without care or advise or instruction .. 

They could be offered to the alter of the funeral pyre, or the depths of the grave. Many do. Dress up the individual or that document of pages called ‘book’, with all that the departed cherished - reading glasses, general upkeep materials, belongings that were dear .. all ..

Books could find their way into the graves of the departed too .. of course ..

The glasses to read are there. The books are there. And there is only time. Time in endless presence, to spend and waste and READ …

At times there are strange stories of over possessiveness .. 

My Father used to tell me the tale of a very distant old relative of the bygone era, who valued beyond measure her monetary savings. There were no banks then, and obviously in her social standing no vaults either .. she carried the treasure around with her .. in a large tin box .. one rupee coins .. of silver !!

Never left it alone , never permitted anyone to be even remotely close to it .. just sat over it or slept on it, or clung to it when in bed, so no one would have access to it .. just she and her valued savings in one rupee silver coins  ..

And then … one day she fell desperately ill .. she lost health by the day and soon realised the end was now upon her ..

One late night she passed away .. without letting anyone know of her passing .. her last instructions were to the kitchen asking for a bowl of curds .. dahi .. !

When members of the family entered her room, the next morning, after long, they found her lying there in bed .. CHOKED ON HER OWN SAVINGS OF HER SILVER ONE RUPEE COINS … THE ENDS OF HER MOUTH BEARING TRACES OF LAST NIGHTS ORDERED CURDS ..


The curds were for that .. she died choked on her own saved coins which she was wanting no one to possess .. !!! 


Possessiveness can possess … but not for long !!

Since I have left eating sweets and all things bright and kheer - jalebi oriented ..I finish my dinner with a bowl of curd and sugar, as my daily sweet meat after meal .. and my Bank takes care of my rupee’s !!!

Good night 

Amitabh Bachchan 


“There is one large open prayer area at the Xi'an Xiaopiyuan Mosque built during the Khilafat of Uthman ibn Affan in 618 AD. I was very welcomed and no one had an issue with me praying at either masjid. During the actual Jamat, though they opened a separate room for the women.” Photos by Atifa Chiragh   

The Messenger of Allah (salAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) said:
“The group prayer is 25 degrees higher than the prayer in your house or the prayer in your place of business. Anyone who does wudu and goes to the masjid with no other object than to do the prayer, Allaah will raise him up a degree with every step he takes, 
and a wrong action will fall away from him. When he prays, the angels pray for him all the time he is in his place of prayer, ‘O Allaah, Forgive him! O Allaah, Show mercy to him!’ One of you is in the prayer as long as he is waiting for the prayer.”
~ [Bukhari]

Seeking asylum, need your help

Hello Tumblr, I am a homosexual. My name is waqar and This is my story.

I am a 21 year old student from Lahore, Pakistan. I came out of the closet about a year ago. Initially I told some close friends but it seemed that they failed to understand that it is not really a choice for me. I found out later that telling them was a mistake because since then I started receiving some threats on my facebook account and my email. Initially it was one or 2 messages that I did not pay much attention to but as it turns out the news spread from some of my friends to other people in my university where a local chapter of the extremist Muslim party (Jamat-ud-daawa) is very active. The first formal threat was issued 1 month ago when I was stopped in the university and taken to an empty place besides a campus building where I was slapped and pushed around and told to leave the university within 2 days. I went home that same day and came out to my parents looking for support. My mother since has been somewhat supportive however she fails to support me against my fathers wishes who feels I have betrayed him and my family and my religion and wont let me live in the house anymore. I have since stopped going to the university but the threats have increased up to a point where I cannot turn on my phone without receiving death threats in the form of text messages and phone calls. I have tried to contact the local authorities who have only subjected me to ridicule themselves and up till 2 days ago even refused to register an official complaint with the local police. I have tried to get in touch with some local members of the lgbt community but they cannot be of much help themselves. Everyone is afraid especially since the recent killings of people like me in the lgbt community in university campuses all over the city. I am afraid for my life and see no sign of support from friends family or the local authorities.

I have therefore decided to seek asylum.

I have sent countless emails, called and contacted many embassies, human right organizations and lgbt groups. I have heard many kind words of support however no instant way to get out of this place has been offered to me. The only possibility is to get asylum in Canada. Only embassy that has replied to me and will help me instantly. However they cannot help me until I get on a plane to Canada and reach there. Only then can I get asylum status.

I have been able to sell some belongings and scrape off some money to a total of 250$. However I need 1300$ atleast in total to cover a plane ticket and visa application. I am forced to ask all of you to help me in this scenario. I dont have paypal or any such services available where I am and no bank accounts are available to me. I have always been supported by my family and parents and never felt the need for that. Now that i have no one i’m at my wits end to figure out how to get this money. I am forced to plead to you and on other websites on the internet. The safest method and fastest to get money and buy a plane ticket with it I can think of right now is bitcoin.

This is the qr code. 

My wallet address is : 1MiAzGzWgqw4WWCcwMHq2CcfFJQtxZHhB1

If there is anything you can send, no matter how little please do. I will try to repay your kindness with whatever I can. In return if i can help you with something please message me, I will be grateful and gladly work to repay you. 

Thank you for taking the time out to read my story.

PAKISTAN, Islamabad : Pakistani activists of Jamat-ud-Dawa take part in a rally in Islamabad on May 28, 2014, on the anniversary of the country’s nuclear detonation. The day is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan on May 28 in commemoration of Chagai when Pakistan detonated six nuclear devices in response to India’s five detonations of Pokhran-II in 1998, 17 days after the incident. AFP PHOTO / FAROOQ NAEEM