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How about the mysterious package that arrives at 221B on January the 6th - a birthday present for Sherlock from his half brother Martin. And of course John demands to know what's going on. I don't know what pairings you ship/like.

I’ll give most pairings a go. =) How about this? 

It is the most sticky tape John has ever seen on one package. He picks it up slowly, wondering what it could possibly contain. It’s not heavy but not feather light either and he can make out newspaper through the mass of sticky tape.

Bemused he slowly climbs the stairs to his flat, barely watching his steps. He ignores Sherlock, who is sulking on the sofa and places the package on the coffee table.

“Bored!” Sherlock calls as a greeting when John fails to acknowledge him. 

“Hmm? Oh. Call Lestrade. He was at me during my break for your help.” John says, still distracted by the package. He notices a note in the tape and starts to go about removing it without ripping it.

“What’s that?” Sherlock asks, still facing the wall.

“Package.” Grunts John, finally getting a bit of the damn tape off the..card? And there’s the address, with Sherlock’s name on it. John feels a bit of admiration for the post office for managing to deliver this.

“That’s for me.” Sherlock has rolled over and is getting to his feet.

“Well, yes. Just found that out. There’s a lot of sticky tape on it.” John says, now working on opening the card.

“No, it’s for me!” Sherlock snatches the card from John’s hand.

“What?” John cries. “I open your mail all the time! What’s different about this one?”

Sherlock looks down for a moment, his way of apologising. “It’s…for me? Martin sends it every year, with increasing amounts of tape.”

“Martin?” John asks as Sherlock huffs a laugh at the card.

“Martin.” He confirms, pulling a photo from the card. It’s of a bunch of bare chested men with two pilots, lifting a fire truck. Sherlock points to the ginger pilot as he speaks. 

“What is that?” John laughs.

“A story. Martin loves to share them.” He nods at the package. “He’s worried my birthday gift might have been broken in the mail.”

John frowns. “Your birthday is next week.”

“He was also worried it was going to be late.”