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The Cast of Empire, Lee Daniels, Jourdan Dunn & The Weeknd | Vogue | September 2015

That moment after you disrespect your mother in an argument

Empire s2 e9

Anika the debutant chasing after Hakeem after previously being engaged to Lucious?

Carol being a junkie overnight?

Rhonda miraculously getting a baby bump after x episodes of nothing?

Guest stars galore but Tiana, Becky and Porsha barely getting any screentime?

Jamal being potentially bi (and I have nothing against bisexuality being porrayed on tv) and rendering his whole arc in s1 and ‘you’re so beautiful’ useless?

can s1 Empire come back please?

anonymous asked:

do you think what onew wrote about that ice bucket challenge was genuine from his heart or just a fabrication/fake?

A fabrication from WHO? 

From HIM? Lee Jamal Jinki? My boo? Are you serious?

Like people are seriously questioning that? Are YOU questioning that? Questioning it like that man ain’t have his entire throat ripped open earlier this year? That we haven’t heard a mumbling word from him since then? That it was probably ill advised for him to dump ice cold water over his head while recovering from surgery? So he can get a cold or some shit and fuck up his respiratory system which directly affects his throat?

Why would anybody think that was fake? Who the hell has that much time on their hands to come up with such an absurd ass conspiracy theory. What the fuck?

And come on, for all of the things for him to “lie” about, you think it would be about a damn ice bucket challenge?

Like this is the silliest shit I’ve heard of.