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Okay, but answer me this.

Where are the fics where you have both Ryan and Jamal wondering about Eggsy and how’s he doing in his new “tailoring” job? I like to think that Eggsy’s friends were just as smart as him and loyal to him like he is to them. Where are the fics that have Jamal and Ryan be drafted into the Kingsman world by Eggsy? It’s not clear that they come from a broken home like Eggsy did, but if they did then I’m sure Eggsy would try to help them as best as he can. He can beg Harry (who’s obviously very much alive tyvm and Eggsy has him wrapped around his finger) to give them a chance to work for Kingsman. He can point out that the three of them stick with each other through thick and thin.

“You three are like Three Muskeeters then?”

“More like The Three Amigos.”

And ofc Harry will just sigh and tell Eggsy to bring them in. They may not be agents, but you can never have enough handlers! Or drivers!! What about them finally blooming under Merlin cauSE THEY WOULD TOTALLY INTERN UNDER HIM CAUSE DO YOU SEE ALL THOSE AWESOME GADGETS???

“Yeah, Harry–I mean Arthur is awesome for giving us these jobs, but do you see those things Merlin invents?” 

“Yeah, Arthur can shoot up an entire base, but who do you think gives him his badass gadgets?”

“Damn it guys. Harry is just as cool as Merlin if not cooler.”

“Just cause he’s your boyfriend, Eggsy.”

OR YOU CAN ACTUALLY HAVE THEM BE TAILORS TOO GUYS. You know for a damn fact that those tailors can probably kill you in about 78 different way with just a needle. Can you imagine them being badass tailors and somehow some baddies figure out where their base entrance is and they go in shooting, buT ALL THE GODDAMN TAILORS INCLUDING RYAN AND JAMAL FUCKING GOT THIS. Ofc all of Kingsman will be like BE RIGHT THERE. Esp Eggsy cause those are his mates only for all of Kingsman to be surprised that they have the baddies rounded up while giving them the look of WHAT TOOK YOU GUYS SO LONG.



tl;dr: We need more Ryan and Jamal in fics that has them helping out Kingsman in one way or another. Imagine the chaos of these guys showing that chavs can do it as well.

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Jamal Mayers tonight in the Postgame Live when asked about Kaner's maturation process: "He did it himself, realized he had to make some changes in his life, he had to get some people out of his life that were in there." Thought it was interesting.

Oh wow, haven’t seen that yet - that is pretty interesting. Thanks for the head’s up!